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Gold in Lost Ark is different from Gold in other MMORPGs. It is much more precious and rare. While Silver is used for many day-to-day expenses, Gold is required to trade with one’s fellow players, upgrade items and Strongholds, buy premium currencies, and more. Farming Gold is considerably harder than in other titles. While there are many activities that offer some Gold, amassing a large amount of Gold would take a great deal of effort over a long period. Buy Lost Ark Gold from CakeBoost, however, and this problem would go away. Our boosting team knows how to farm and deliver Lost Ark Gold efficiently and reliably, leaving our customers free to spend it as they please without any hassle.


  • Chosen amount of gold
  • Fast & Safe Delivery


  • 1-3 days


  • Lost Ark account

Lost Ark Gold Carry Service: How It Works?

Anyone wishing to purchase a Lost Ark Gold farming service from CakeBoost should simply follow those instructions:

  • Make sure the account meets the requirements of this carry service;
  • Choose the intended amount of Gold, then click on the “buy” button;
  • Head on to the shopping cart to confirm the order;
  • Pick a messaging program out of a list. It shall be utilized to establish a dedicated channel for real-time updates and other communications regarding the boost;
  • Pay with Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Arrange the schedule, special requests, and clarify any other relevant points with our support staff once they get in touch;
  • Wait for the booster to complete the delivery to the client Lost Ark account via the Auction House;
  • Please do not forget to leave a review of this service on TrustPilot! It will help us improve our Lost Ark Gold services, as well as other boosting offerings in Lost Ark and beyond.

Why Buy Lost Ark Gold From Us?

Gold is a truly invaluable resource that is absolutely necessary to get the complete Lost Ark experience. Its most notable use case is trading with other Lost Ark users, whether directly or in the Auction House. While there are many other currencies in the game, none of them may be used for this particular  purpose. Without Gold, there is no way to engage with the player-driven economy that is a vital part of any MMORPG. In Lost Ark, that means losing access to the quickest, most convenient source of rare purchases ranging from combat equipment, consumables, and crafting ingredients to cosmetics.

There are still more uses for Gold in Lost Ark. Apart from trading, Gold is also needed to craft new items, upgrade gear, build up player Strongholds, or buy parts for ships used in seafaring adventures. The Knowledge Transfer system allows the owners of Strongholds to spend Gold to level up their secondary characters. Finally, it can be exchanged for Crystals, the premium currency of Lost Ark, enabling buyers to acquire exclusive products from the Lost Ark shop. That can include appearances, pet creatures, and other prestigious cosmetics.

Fortunately, there are quite a few sources of Gold in Lost Ark. The currency may be farmed by clearing dungeons and raids. Certain time-limited events yield the currency, as do sailing adventures. Quests and exploration in some locations could be another source. Earning sufficient Rapport with NPCs also results in Gold rewards. Naturally, enterprising users can also sell various items to other players. The problem with all of those methods is that they tend to be very slow and inefficient unless the user knows exactly what to do. Instances have weekly or daily resets that limit player ability to earn Gold. Open world sources require grinding. Trading calls for strategy and knowledge of the Lost Ark market.

The fastest and easiest way to overcome those problems is to use a boost. Experienced gamers who play Lost Ark for a living know the best methods for farming Gold quickly. They can tap any or all of the aforementioned sources in the optimal manner. This expertise should enable them to collect Gold as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, playing Lost Ark full-time will let them do it much more quickly than any casual player. Buyers will not need to do anything while the Gold is being farmed. They would only need to receive the delivery at the Auction House once the boost is finished. Afterwards, they will be free to spend their prize on anything they want.

There is one more difficulty, however. While there are many individuals and companies offering to sell Gold farm services for Lost Ark, not all among them are equally capable or trustworthy. Some supposed Lost Ark farmers are outright scammers. Others may be legitimate, but slow or unreliable. Sloppy service, poor communications, flawed security - all of those all-too-common issues means that gamers buying a boost may simply end up exchanging one problem with another. At CakeBoost, we seek to avoid this outcome by offering the finest, most dependable Lost Ark Gold farm carry service around. We promise our clients the following:

  • A reputation they can trust - and verify. CakeBoost has started selling boosting services for various games back in 2015. Since then, we have grown, both by bringing our services to more games and by continuously refining every part of our boosting model. Today, there are hundreds of overwhelmingly positive reviews on TrustPilot attesting to the service’s effectiveness and reliability. Our company is not some quick attempt to cash in on the popularity of Lost Ark, but a successful, well-established enterprise committed to serving our clients. This reputation is on the line with every one of our services, so it is in our best interests to not let new buyers down;
  • Peace of mind, thanks to guaranteed safety. The boost works by sending Gold to the client account, without any need for our employees to pilot it. We will never ask for more details than what is necessary to transfer the currency to our clients and will not pass them on to anyone other than the boosters who are directly involved. Cutting-edge HTTPS encryption will further ensure the anonymity and safety of our customers. Our employees do not use bots, cheats, or third-party programs to farm, so no suspicion will fall on them or the clients. Boosting services or CakeBoost will not be mentioned in chat to maintain secrecy;
  • Truly helpful customer service. Our support team is available for questions or consultations at all times. Prospective customers can contact it over e-mail or the site chat. After buying a Gold farm boost or any other carry, clients will also gain access to a dedicated support channel in a chat program of their choice. In addition to answering queries regarding an ongoing boost, our support specialists can consult clients about CakeBoost’s other Lost Ark offerings. Replies are as prompt as possible. Any issues that they cannot address are immediately forwarded to boosters or superiors;
  • A flexible service model. We are prepared to go out of our way to accommodate our clients. Whether they want 5,000 or 50,000 Gold, our boosters will gather the desired quantity as quickly as they can. We will likewise attempt to fulfill any special requests that can be reasonably combined with the boost, such as alternative methods of transfer. Our services are available in every Lost Ark server and region, all over the world. Buyers can pay us in US dollars or Euros, choosing their payment platform out of several trusted providers;
  • Fast, thorough, reliable delivery. Our Lost Ark boosting team consists of true gaming professionals. Each of them undergoes background checks and tests before being hired, allowing us to vouch for their trustworthiness and competence. In addition to their general Lost Ark skills, we pay attention to their specializations, which allow us to assign the most suitable booster available to each task. That means our Gold farm tasks are granted to those boosters who are the most familiar with optimal sources and routes for completing them. This approach allows us to quickly amass reserves on any server and forward the current to our clients without any complications;
  • Reasonable and consistent pricing. We seek to keep our Lost Ark services affordable for normal gamers. At the same time, we must maintain their high quality by providing adequate compensation to our boosters. The price of each Lost Ark boost reflects its difficulty and the time investment involved. It may be lowered if we find easier and faster ways to do them. Even so, the prices on our Gold farm and other services are fully competitive and compare favorably to those of our competitors. We also offer frequent discounts, special offers, and repeat customer bonuses to drive the price down further.

What You Will Get?

Those who order a Lost Ark Gold carry from CakeBoost will receive the exact amount of Gold ordered, assuredly and with the greatest possible speed. The Gold is farmed and delivered by our own trusted boosters. The booster will use the most efficient means available to reach the goal. Note that those means may vary depending on the situation, such as the target number, current regional reserves, and server events. Issues outside of our control, such as server maintenance and lag, may also affect the speed of the boost, so any ETA given must be approximate. Nonetheless, our boosters shall keep any such forced delays to a minimum.

Once the delivery is completed, the buyer will be free to spend the Gold however they please. Buying gear, consumables, and other useful or interesting items in the Auction House is just the beginning. They can also improve their equipment and Strongholds, acquire ships for sailing, and purchase premium currencies and items, expanding their experience of this MMORPG. Being able to swiftly level up secondary characters with Knowledge Transfer will help them try out more of Lost Ark’s distinctive classes. There are also opportunities to play the economy. Most importantly, they will not have to spend any of their time on grinding for Gold!

Our clients can also get a boost to help them with many other aspects of Lost Ark. For example, Lost Ark Leveling eliminates the other major cause to grind in Lost Ark - collecting XP to level up a character and unlock most of the game’s content. With this service, players could engage with all content at their preferred pace and without any hassle. Lost Ark PvE Character Boosting lets buyers outsource repeatable and repetitive PvE content to our professional boosters, while Lost Ark PvP Boosting Services helps clients climb the ranks in PvP. Check out our Lost Ark Boosting Services catalog for more details on these and other helpful services!

Gold in Lost Ark is different from Gold in other MMORPGs. It is much more precious and rare. While Silver is used for many day-to-day expenses, Gold is required to trade with one’s fellow players, upgrade items and Strongholds, buy premium currencies, and more. Farming Gold is considerably harder than in other titles. While there are many activities that offer some Gold, amassing a large amount of Gold would take a great deal of effort over a long period. Buy Lost Ark Gold from CakeBoost, however, and this problem would go away. Our boosting team knows how to farm and deliver Lost Ark Gold efficiently and reliably, leaving our customers free to spend it as they please without any hassle.

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Secure Payment
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Account Safety
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    In order to secure your account we ALWAYS use VPN accurately within your city and country. Secondly, since we use the most reliable ways of security you may be sure that your gold and miscellaneous achievements are properly stored. Thirdly, we never ask our client’s secret question for the account. And finally we do not pay our coaches until your order has been completed.

  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

  • 03 Do I lose the access to my account during the order process?

    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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Money-Back Guarantee

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High Trust Score

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