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Powerleveling in Lost Ark can be a complicated, tedious, and prolonged process. Buy Lost Ark Powerleveling 1-50 from CakeBoost, and our boosters will complete this process speedily and efficiently, preparing the boosted character to face the endgame.


  • Desired amount of levels in Lost Ark;
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • up to 2 days


  • Lost Ark account

Lost Ark Leveling Carry Service: How It Works?

Visitors who want CakeBoost’s assistance with powerleveling in Lost Ark should follow those steps to get a boost:

  • Decide which character should receive this boost;
  • Set the starting and intended final levels for powerleveling, pick any other necessary options, and buy the boost;
  • Verify the Lost Ark Powerleveling order purchase in the shopping cart;
  • Select the chat platform that would serve as the dedicated communications channel regarding the boost;
  • Pay for the boost using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Communicate all additional requests or details to the support team and arrange the schedule;
  • Allow CakeBoost’s booster to take over the Lost Ark account according to the schedule;
  • Relax and wait for the service to be completed. Optionally, follow its progress via free streaming;
  • Leave feedback about the Lost Ark Leveling service on TrustPilot. It will help us improve our Lost Ark boosting services.

Why Shoul You Buy Lost Ark Leveling From Us?

Powerleveling in video games refers to using optimal routes and techniques to reach a higher level as quickly as possible. It can be especially helpful in Lost Ark, since many of the MMORPG’s activities only open up after reaching Combat Level 50. Furthermore, one of the main draws of Lost Ark is its spectacular class powers. By rapidly improving stats and yielding the majority of Lost Ark’s skill points, powerleveling allows players to unleash their chosen class’ potential more quickly. Some people might prefer to take things at a more leisurely pace. Yet when they start to hunger for full class powers or want to run endgame content like raids or towers, powerleveling will get them there.

Ordinary gamers can do Lost Ark Leveling by themselves. However, they might soon discover that it is more complicated than it seems. Leveling up requires XP, but the numerous XP sources in the game do not have equal value. Playing through the main story quests is optimal for powerleveling, but some sidequests can be rewarding as well. Hunting mobs is seldom worthwhile, but there are efficient ways to squeeze XP out of them too. There are many other tricks to it as well, but to sum up, powerleveling requires careful planning and a tolerance for grinding. Depending on one’s available playtime and applicable gaming skills, advancing to 50 in Lost Ark can take days, weeks, or even months.

Some people do enjoy powerleveling, but to others, the thought of grinding for levels must be discouraging. Besides, some players simply cannot spare the hours to do it. Thankfully, they can just use a boost to get others to handle Lost Ark Leveling for them. Professional boosters who play Lost Ark for a living can make much swifter progress. Simply having fewer distractions to deal with is already a major advantage. Yet they also have knowledge of the best powerleveling methods and experience of having used them in the past. In competent hands, the path to 50 should be a breeze. Boost clients can simply relax and wait for the Lost Ark endgame’s gates to be opened for them.

Lost Ark Leveling carry services are performed by having a booster access the customer’s account to pilot their character. Such an arrangement requires considerable trust on the customer’s part. While offers of paid Lost Ark Leveling are not difficult to find online, many of them appear dubious, and often with good reason. Lost Ark boosting scams abound, and even legitimate providers can have unacceptable problems with security. When presenting its Lost Ark Leveling services, CakeBoost stands out among the competition because it can promise its clients the following:

  • A proven service with a known reputation. CakeBoost began providing boosting services for clients in different games in 2015. We have continuously refined our service model by learning from our successes and mistakes. This has allowed us to bring still more excellent services to newly-emerging titles like Lost Ark. Our Lost Ark Leveling services build on the expertise we built up with similar services in other MMORPGs. In addition to relying on our expereince, customers can put their trust in our track record of success, as attested by hundreds of positive TrustPilot reviews; 
  • A meticulous approach to security. We take great care to protect our clients’ accounts and data. When arranging Lost Ark Leveling carry services, customers do not have to give up more information than is strictly required for powerleveling to take place. Their log-in details will only be shared with their boosters, who will complete the necessary work by hand and without reliance on third-party programs or services. Boosters conceal boosts by using VPN technology and not mentioning boosting or speaking with clients’ friends in Lost Ark chat. Our cutting-edge HTTPS encryption will help protect the customer’s identity and information;
  • Dependable customer support. To ensure maximum customer satisfaction, CakeBoost employs a professional support team that can swiftly address most client concerns. Any issues the support cannot resolve are immediately forwarded to boosters or management. Support experts can advise clients on our Lost Ark Leveling offerings, answer questions regarding their current boost, or suggest other useful Lost Ark services from our catalog. Clients can contact the team at any moment over site chat, e-mail, or a chat program picked while arranging the service;
  • A flexible service model. Our customers can determine many of the parameters of their individual Lost Ark Leveling services. They do not have to pay for levels they already reached or ones they prefer to attain by themselves. Plenty of additional services can be incorporated in the boost upon client request. For example, boosters can collect Skill Points from sources like sidequests and instances, acquire better gear, or farm currencies for an extra charge. Some other requests, like using specific quests or builds, may cost nothing if they do not inconvenience the booster and fit in with their leveling plan. Players in all Lost Ark servers and regions can benefit from our boosting services. Payments can be sent in US dollars or Euros over multiple payment platforms;
  • Powerleveling expert boosters. CakeBoost’s Lost Ark team is composed of professional gamers who have passed our every test. We can trust them with the customers’ accounts and our reputation. Thanks to our deep talent pool, we can afford to assign boosters based on their specialties and preferences. Thus, Lost Ark powerleveling services are handed over to boosters who can use all the tricks to best effect and have done it before. We also try to assign boosters who specialize in the classes of our clients’ characters and can handle their individual challenges best. That way, we can ensure the fastest, smoothest, most satisfactory conclusion to all services;
  • Reasonable prices. We assign prices based on the difficulty of the boosting task and how long it takes to complete. If quicker, easier ways of doing a task are discovered, we would lower the cost. In the meantime, the cost of Lost Ark powerleveling services must reflect our boosters’ investment of effort and work hours. That is necessary to sustain our quality standards. Nevertheless, we also strive to keep our prices as competitive as possible and affordable for ordinary Lost Ark players. Clients may also benefit from special deals and bonuses given to registered users.

What You Will Get?

Customers who purchase a Lost Ark Powerleveling carry service from CakeBoost will receive a speedy piloted boost. Our boosters will take over their accounts and level up characters using the best available powerleveling knowhow and methods, elevating them to the intended level. In the process, those characters will gain access to all appropriate level-locked content. In the default assumption - powerleveling to 50 - that means unlocking all endgame activities, including Towers, dungeons, raids, and repeatable world quests. The heroes will also become much more powerful, receiving increases to all their stats and extra Skill Points. Note that builds can be adjusted later.

We allow clients to request additional services that our boosters will execute alongside the main order, helping get characters ready for the Lost Ark endgame. That may include completing certain quests, gearing up, or farming Skill Points and currencies. Whether those options are selected or not, clients will collect all the benefits from the content completed during powerleveling. That is likely to include all the main story quests and many of the more profitable side quests, as well as open world activities that happen to be on the way. The resulting rewards will go far beyond XP to include the following:

  • Skill Points needed to upgrade skills by attaching extra effects;
  • Currencies including Silver (used for most products and services sold within the game world, such as repairs) and Gold (necessary for trading between players and certain equipment and stronghold upgrades);
  • Assorted ingredients required to construct new items or upgrade existing ones;
  • Appropriately-leveled gear, which is also needed to access some activities;
  • NPC Rapport, which may be used to earn special prizes including Skill Point potions, Gold, and rare items.

Buy Lost Ark Leveling

Players who wish to explore all of Lost Ark’s content must have powerleveling to 50 as their priority objective. Many important quests and activities are gated behind leveling requirements, with the endgame only becoming available after reaching level 50. Also, raising the character’s Combat Level increases their stats, enables them to enhance skills, and increases their overall power.

Once this powerleveling to 50 service is wrapped up, consider getting more Lost Ark Boosting Services from CakeBoost’s catalog. Lost Ark Leveling includes other services to help players improve their characters, including powerleveling to levels beyond 50, which yield additional Skill Points. Alternatively, powerleveling for secondary characters would be ideal for gamers in a hurry to try out the powers of other classes. Lost Ark PvE Character Boosting Services help buyers profit from all the activities that unlock after Combat Level 50 is attained. Meanwhile, Lost Ark PvP Boosting Services allow clients to climb the ranked ladder without any frustrations or delays.

Powerleveling in Lost Ark can be a complicated, tedious, and prolonged process. Buy Lost Ark Powerleveling 1-50 from CakeBoost, and our boosters will complete this process speedily and efficiently, preparing the boosted character to face the endgame.

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