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Lost Ark Custom Weekly & Daily Activities Bundle

Lost Ark Custom Weekly & Daily Activities Bundle
2 Chaos Dungeons every day
2 Guardian Raids every day
3 Daily Una's Tasks every day
3 Weekly Una's Tasks
Abyss Dungeon Option
0 options selected
All Dungeons Normal Mode
All Dungeons Hard Mode
Abyss Argos Raid Option
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Phase 1
Phase 1+2
Phase 1+2+3
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Buy Lost Ark Custom Weekly & Daily Activities Bundle

There are many things in Lost Ark that players must do on a weekly basis if they do not wish to fall behind. Repeatable activities and quests form a core part of the endgame. Running them as often as possible is necessary for heroes to obtain better equipment and gain access to further content at a reasonable pace. Trade Skill and NPC Rapport progression must be worked on frequently as well. The resulting grind can be very discouraging and time-consuming. Buy Lost Ark Weekly Activities runs from CakeBoost and we will handle any and all required activities on a weekly schedule. Our boosters will clear them regularly and efficiently, leaving our clients to enjoy the spoils and the game!


  • Subscription for one week of grinding selected activities;
  • A lot of unique rewards and upgrades;
  • All recources received during the boost.


  • 7 days

Lost Ark Custom Weekly & Daily Activities Bundle Carry Service: How It Works

Those planning to use a boost from CakeBoost to handle their Lost Ark Weekly Activities should simply follow those guidelines:

  • Decide which Lost Ark Weekly Activities should be included in the boost and make sure the participating character meets their individual requirements;
  • Select the Weekly Activities and any other wanted options on this page, then press the “buy” key;
  • Move along to the buyer’s cart to verify the order;
  • Select a chat program to be used for update and communications about the Lost Ark Weekly Activities boost;
  • Pay using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • The support team will make contact. Arrange any remaining details, such as the boosting schedule and additional goals, with them;
  • Grant our employee access to the account as scheduled;
  • Wait until all the required Weekly Activities are taken care of. There will be regular progress updates. Free streaming is available for anyone wishing to check up on the boost’s progress in more detail;
  • Leave feedback about the Lost Ark Weekly Activities service on TrustPilot. It will be used to further refine our Lost Ark service process.

Why Should You Buy Lost Ark Weekly Activities From Us?

The Lost Ark endgame is filled with repeatable quests and activities. Upon completion, all of them grant some important benefits that become available again after an hourly, daily, or weekly reset. The most popular activities of this kind include:

  • Una’s Tasks: Three daily and three weekly quests that involve completing tasks in different locations and instances;
  • Chaos Dungeons: Enemy wave-based instances for one or more players that may be farmed twice a day;
  • Guardian Raids: Timed monster hunt instances for one or more players that may be farmed twice a day;
  • Procyon: A collection of daily events available on specific days in each weekly rotation, each allowing players to earn different rewards.

The rewards offered by those Lost Ark weekly activities are all important for player progress. They can make characters stronger directly, provide them with equipment to bolster them further, and allow them to interact with additional mechanics or content. Such activities are joined by less formally structured actions on every dedicated Lost Ark player’s weekly checklist. For example, Trade Skills are upgraded by performing relevant actions with work energy, which gradually regenerates up to a cap. Similarly, there is a daily cap on using emotes to increase Rapport with NPCs

Making proper use of all those weekly opportunities threatens to become a second job, which not all Lost Ark players want. Many of those activities can be quite challenging, potentially requiring multiple attempts before success. They can also become very tedious if repeated day after day. Just planning one’s weekly schedule to exploit all activities and quests in an optimal manner can be a challenge in its own right. Furthermore, not all players can afford to play Lost Ark daily or even weekly, let alone spend hours farming the same content.

Luckily, those who lack the opportunity or the enthusiasm for weekly farming are not doomed to fall behind their fellow players. They can get a boost that would let them keep up without any effort on their part. Hired boosters could spend all day farming daily and weekly repeatable content, ensuring that their customers do not miss out on any rewards. Their expertise should keep any complications or delays to a minimum, as they would use efficient routes and foolproof tactics for every encounter in all activities. By sticking to a carefully-designed Lost Ark Weekly Activities plan, boosters should be able to deliver rapid and reliable results while saving their clients from the grind.

To outsource Lost Ark Weekly Activities farming to boosters, players must be prepared to give them access to their Lost Ark accounts. While there are many individuals and companies offering Lost Ark boosting services out there, not all of them are trustworthy enough for such an arrangement. Some of them are dishonest or unreliable, while others rely on dangerous software or have poor security. Scrupulously avoiding such mistakes makes CakeBoost a company that customers can trust with their accounts. Those who would contract our boosters for Lost Ark Weekly Activities services can count on the following key strengths:

  • A lengthy and verifiable track record. CakeBoost began offering boosting services in 2015. In the years that followed, we helped thousands of customers in over a dozen popular multiplayer titles. Their reviews on TrustPilot speak to our commitment to client satisfaction. New buyers can rely on our good name. Additionally, we have made good use of our experience to streamline and improve every side of our service model. As a result, our Lord Ark Weekly Activities boosts are particularly smooth and reliable;
  • Thorough and tested security practices. Our carry services are kept strictly confidential thanks to frequently-updated HTTPS encryption and VPNs set to our clients’ locations. Customers do not need to provide any information other than their account log-in details, which are only provided to their respective boosters. All Weekly Activities are handled personally, without resorting to bots, hacks, or third-party services that may compromise the account. Boosters are instructed not to talk to our clients’ friends in Lost Ark and will never mention boosting or similar topics;
  • Professional customer service. Clients may consult with our customer support team at any time and expect a prompt response. CakeBoost’s support specialists can suggest the ideal Weekly Activities options or other Lost Ark services for each customer’s needs. They also communicate in real time about ongoing boosts. Any questions they cannot answer are immediately passed on to others in the company who could help. Clients can get in touch with the support team via e-mail or site chat. Once the order has been placed, they could also use one out of several popular chat programs chosen by them;
  • Completely flexible boosting. We grant our customers as much power as possible over our Lost Ark Weekly Activities boosts. They are free to decide what weekly or daily activities our boosters will clear for them, how often, and for how long. Clients may also add special requests, such as the completion of specific instances or farming certain resources. Options not included on the page may still be discussed with our support team and incorporated into the boost if they appear feasible. Our Lost Ark boosting offerings are available in all server regions and may be paid for with US dollars or Euros, over several platforms;
  • Versatile and qualified boosters. By now, we have assembled a large and capable Lost Ark boosting team. Before joining our booster roster, gamers must pass through a series of background checks and tests designed to establish their trustworthiness and competence. We also pay attention to their specializations and assign boosters to orders that play to their strengths. Accordingly, Lost Ark weekly activities are entrusted to boosters who specialize in PvE farming and are closely familiar with the activities involved. We also seek to match boosters with their preferred classes. This approach allows us to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal complications during Lost Ark Weekly Activities boosts;
  • A reasonable pricing policy. To maintain our quality standards, we must pay our boosting talents adequately for the services performed. Our prices reflect the difficulty and length of each boost. At the same time, we seek to keep our services as affordable as possible for ordinary Lost Ark fans. The cost of each Lost Ark Weekly Activities carry service depends on the specific activities and options chosen. It is cheap compared to many competing services and will save buyers a lot of hours and effort in the long run. Additionally, it will be reduced on many occasions by special offers and repeat customer bonuses.

What You Will Get?

Those who purchase a Lost Ark Weekly Activities service from CakeBoost will receive a piloted boost. Within it, CakeBoost’s booster will log in as the selected adventurer and complete all selected activities, quests, and other actions on a weekly basis. The boost can be repeated every week to ensure a steady progress towards the client’s goals. It may also be done once or for a limited number of weeks, to save the client from missing out on rewards when they are otherwise preoccupied. Other options, such as farming repeatable activities until a desired threshold of resources or other rewards has been reached, may be discussed as well.

The benefits of the Lost Ark Weekly Activities boost depend on the chosen activities, as well as other customer-defined parameters like length and frequency. However, they are likely to include various items that increase character power, currencies required to engage with the game’s economy, and means of accessing advanced Lost Ark content. Leveling up Trade Skills by using them weekly will make them more efficient, which would help players build Strongholds and create helpful new items. Raising NPC Rapport up to a certain threshold yields valuable prizes such as Gold or Skill Point Potions.

CakeBoost’s Lost Ark Boosting Services are by no means confined to repeatedly farming Weekly Activities. Lost Ark Leveling enables rapid character Combat Level progression towards the MMORPG’s endgame, helping get them in position for those activities and more. Lost Ark PvE Character Boosting Services may be used to benefit from PvE content in a more narrowly-tailored fashion. Customers may also purchase Lost Ark PvP Boosting Services to help them reach higher ranks in competitive PvP, whether they wish to face tougher challengers or simply collect the PvP weekly rewards.