Shadespire Tower Boost

Shadespire Tower is an essential activity in the early endgame of Lost Ark. It is a solo challenge consisting of fifty floors, each of which has its own objectives and rewards. To take on Shadespire Tower, characters must reach level 50. The first character to clear its floors will collect items that increase their personal power. Subsequent characters from the same roster receive invaluable crafting materials instead. Overcoming Shadespire Tower can take a lot of trial and error. If it becomes too frustrating, players can buy Lost Ark Shadespire Tower carries from CakeBoost. Our carry experts can clear any or all floors in Shadespire Tower swiftly, delivering all rewards to the customers.


  • Selected Floors completed;
  • Skill points potions on 20 and 50 floors;
  • Chance to get card packs and other useful items.


  • 1-3 days


  • 50 level
  • 540+ Item Level
  • Acc-sharing

Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Carry Service: How It Works?

Gamers wishing to buy a Lost Ark Shadespire Tower carry service from CakeBoost should proceed according to those instructions:

  • Determine whether the account that should be boosted meets the carry requirements, as well as the Gear Score prerequisites of the specific Shadespire Tower floors involved;
  • Choose the target Shadespire Tower floors and other options, then click “buy”;
  • Confirm the Lost Ark Shadespire Tower order through the shopping cart;
  • Pick the messaging service that will be used for real-time updates and communications regarding the Lost Ark Shadespire Tower boost;
  • Pay for the service using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once CakeBoost’s support staff reach out, negotiate the boosting schedule and special requests (if any);
  • Permit our booster to assume control over the player account during the previously determined boosting intervals;
  • Wait until the Shadespire Tower carry is concluded. Optionally, request free streaming to follow its progress;
  • Please remember to leave a review on TrustPilot for this Shadespire Tower carry order! Customer feedback helps us refine our Lost Ark services further.

Why Should You Buy Lost Ark Shadespire Tower From Us?

After hitting level 50, Lost Ark characters enter the endgame. For many players, that is where the game truly begins. There is a wealth of endgame activities and content to experience in Lost Ark, perhaps even more so than in other MMORPGs. Yet, most endgame activities here require players to meet a minimum Gear Score requirement. Also, even if one is eligible to enter an activity, effective performance calls for the character to be fully powered up. Lost Ark includes numerous ways for heroes to become stronger other than leveling or gearing, but none of them are easy.

Shadespire Tower plays a vital role in the Lost Ark endgame progression. It can be accessed relatively easily by level 50 characters, with the lowest floor becoming available at Gear Score 302 and the highest going no further than 540. Since Shadespire Tower is solo content, there is no need to gather a party. The first clear of a Shadespire Tower floor per roster (server group of Lost Ark characters belonging to one player) yields various items that increase an adventurer’s power, such as Skill Point Potions. Other characters from the same roster are rewarded with materials that may be used to upgrade equipment. Running Shadespire Tower is necessary to jumpstart the endgame.

Yet despite its accessibility, Shadespire Tower can become an obstacle to player progress. Every floor comes with a challenge that must be cleared before the timer runs out. Some challenges simply invite the adventurer to slaughter hordes of monsters, while others involve invincible foes that must be evaded or bosses with tricky mechanics. Victory depends on clever tactics and the careful application of items and abilities, while a simple error could result in failure. Difficulty increases as the adventurer draws closer to the top of the Shadespire Tower. Sooner or later, it may become too difficult or frustrating to continue.

Lost Ark players who have despaired of clearing Shadespire Tower themselves but do not wish to pass up its prizes can get a boost to entrust this task to professionals. Boosters can clear Shadespire Tower much more efficiently and dependably thanks to their experience, both with Shadespire Tower itself and Lost Ark gameplay in general. Because they play Lost Ark for a living, focusing on Shadespire Tower challenges would be much easier for boosters than for casual gamers. They could progress through Shadespire Tower much more quickly and soon deliver the full spoils to their customers, who would then be free to enjoy the rest of the endgame.

To use a boost for Shadespire Tower, gamers must be willing to entrust a stranger with their Lost Ark account. That can be a daunting proposition. While there are many individuals and companies offering Lost Ark boosting services online, not all of them are trustworthy. Even legitimate carry services often have problems with delivery speed or security measures that could undermine the purpose of getting a Shadespire Tower boost. CakeBoost seeks to solve this problem by offering the customers of its Shadespire Tower carry services several decisive advantages:

  • A long-standing reputation as a dependable boost service provider. CakeBoost started selling boosting services in assorted titles back in 2015. Those services helped thousands of customers achieve their in-game goals, as shown by overwhelmingly positive reviews on TrustPilot. Our Lost Ark Shadespire Tower boosts aspire to the same standard of excellence. Furthermore, our experience with boosting in other titles enables us to deliver particularly well-polished boosting in Lost Ark, avoiding commonplace mistakes and optimizing every part of the service.
  • An approach to safety based on proven techniques and sophisticated technologies. We use HTTPS encryption and VPN redirection to preserve our customers’ anonymity and secure their data. Each Lost Ark Shadespire Tower boost is carried out by hand. We avoid using third-party programs, hacks, or cheats that might compromise customer accounts or cause them to get banned. Customers only have to share their Lost Ark log-in information with the boosters working on their orders. Boosting and similar topics are never mentioned within Lost Ark;
  • Responsive and reliable customer support. CakeBoost’s support team is always online and strives to answer every customer query promptly. Clients may contact it by e-mail, over live-chat, or using a popular messaging program chosen while ordering the boost. Support specialists can consult customers about the Shadespire Tower service, answer questions about an ongoing boost, or give consultations about other Lost Ark services of interest. Any problems that they could not address effectively are immediately relayed to superiors or boosters;
  • A flexible approach to boosting. We seek to meet our customers’ demands as fully as we can. CakeBoost’s Lost Ark Shadespire Tower service is modular, allowing clients to choose for themselves how many floors they need a booster to clear. Additional conditions that do not stray too far from the boost parameters may be added to the order by request. Our team can provide services for characters belonging to any classes and any Lost Ark server regions, following whatever schedule is most convenient for the customer. Payments for services may be sent in US dollars or Euros using a chosen platform from our list;
  • A dependable team that is best-suited for the service. Before players can join our Lost Ark boosting team, they pass scrupulous background checks and tests. We look for honest, competent boosters with a professional attitude, and we find them. Our Lost Ark talent pool is large enough for boosters to specialize. By deploying boosters who excel at solo PvE gameplay and are familiar with the Shadespire Tower to Lost Ark Shadespire Tower boosts, we ensure quick and trouble-free delivery every time. Whenever possible, we also assign boosters who specialize in the customer’s class;
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing. Our mission is to provide affordable boosting for normal Lost Ark players, and the prices reflect that. We keep our boosts as cheap as possible. Naturally, we need to pay our Lost Ark boosters adequately to sustain the quality of our services. The cost of Lost Ark Shadespire Tower services is determined by the hours of effort that go into completing them. It would be lowered if we found a substantially quicker and easier way to execute those boosts. Even so, our boosts are some of the cheapest one could find, especially considering our regular discounts and frequent buyer bonuses.

What You Will Get?

The customer may specify the completion of some or all Shadespire Tower floors during their boost. Our booster will assume control over their account and clear the specified content with maximum efficiency and speed. Once the service is complete, control over the account will be immediately returned to the customer. They will receive the full rewards from completing the Shadespire Tower floors in question, as well as the ability to revisit them freely in the future. The specific prizes acquired for the client depend on the chosen floors and whether or not this was the first completion of those floors on the account in this Lost Ark server.

After the first clear, Shadespire Tower floors yield loot that may be used to increase character power, such as:

  • Skill Point Potions, which are the only means of getting more Skill Points that enhance skills and the damage they do;
  • Stat Potions, which improve specific combat stats and their associated passive benefits;
  • Engraving Recipes of various types, used to create Engravings that provide bonuses for various characteristics;
  • Creation Fragments, which can modify the bonuses that card sets provide to all characters in a roster.

Buy Lost Ark Shadespire Tower Boost

Heroes can also receive rare collectibles, consumables, and mods, not to mention Rapport Chests with gifts for NPCs. Raising Rapport can result in reciprocal gifts including more Skill Point Potions or Gold. On second clear, the main rewards are plentiful high-level crafting materials used for upgrading gear. Since such a large part of Lost Ark endgame has Gear Score requirements, those resources are downright necessary for later player progression.

CakeBoost’s Lost Ark Boosting Services include many other ways to help our clients achieve their objectives. Lost Ark Leveling carries are ideal for reaching level 50 swiftly, getting buyers ready to take on Shadespire Tower and what lies beyond. Lost Ark PvE Character Boosting Services help players farm any types of PvE content, accelerating their progress while reducing the grind. Meanwhile, Lost Ark PvP Boosting Services assist competitive players in climbing the ranked ladder. Since Lost Ark boosting is still new among CakeBoost’s offerings we will surely add more offerings in the months to come!

Shadespire Tower is an essential activity in the early endgame of Lost Ark. It is a solo challenge consisting of fifty floors, each of which has its own objectives and rewards. To take on Shadespire Tower, characters must reach level 50. The first character to clear its floors will collect items that increase their personal power. Subsequent characters from the same roster receive invaluable crafting materials instead. Overcoming Shadespire Tower can take a lot of trial and error. If it becomes too frustrating, players can buy Lost Ark Shadespire Tower carries from CakeBoost. Our carry experts can clear any or all floors in Shadespire Tower swiftly, delivering all rewards to the customers.

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