New World Currencies

New World Currencies for sale from CakeBoost can give players a crucial advantage as they explore this MMORPG, while saving them from its dull resource grind. Our Coin offerings enable customers to easily cover their expenses for everything from gearing to crafting and taxes. Azoth farming ensures that clients always have the resources for travel or advanced crafting. Endgame gear upgrades may be fueled by Umbral Shard farming, while Faction Tokens give access to factional inventories.


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Our clients can use the Bonus System to get up to 10% Cake Coins cashback for each order. We also can offer a personal discount by contacting us at Discord or Skype.

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Our company has a Refund Policy that you can check here.

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We have a huge team of experienced and reliable boosters for each game we provide services for. Booster is chosen for you after payment by our operator team depending on the requirements of your order.

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Secure Payment
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Money-Back Guarantee

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High Trust Score

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About  Currencies Carry Offers

In Amazon Games’ New World, there are several currencies that are absolutely essential to the player experience. Some of them, like Coins, are necessary to interact with the MMORPG’s elaborate economic system. Others play a crucial role in the equipment progression, especially in the later parts of the game. Developing settlements and trading with other players is part of the unique appeal of New World, while acquiring better gear is key to the entire genre.

It is easy to see why currencies are important. Acquiring them in sufficient quantities to achieve one’s New World goals is more difficult. Farming any of the currencies can take a long while, requiring patience and luck. Yet, there is no need to put up with the grind. Those who buy New World Currencies farming services from CakeBoost can just relax while our expert boosters farm their desired currencies on their behalf. We will deliver the required amount of any currencies swiftly and reliably!

What Can I Get With New World Currencies Boosting Services?

Purchasing New World currencies boosting services from CakeBoost ensures the acquisition of desired currencies in specified amounts. They will be collected as quickly as possible and without the buyer needing to do anything. Some of them can be delivered without any risks or hassle by a CakeBoost trader using the Trading Post system. Other currencies require our booster to take over the customer account and farm them with the character that must benefit from the boost. Either way, the customer will be able to relax while this tedious part of the gameplay is handled by professionals. Once it is over, the currencies may be spent at the owner’s discretion.

Keep in mind that New World is still a new game. It remains in very active development, with many parts of gameplay undergoing significant changes from one major update to the next. The economy is no exception, as the introduction of new currencies like Gypsum and Umbral Shards has shown. If more currencies are added to the title in the future, we will probably implement boosting services for them as well. Furthermore, if our customers require currencies-related services we do not currently offer in our catalog, they may still be able to arrange a custom boost with our support staff to serve their needs.

At present, CakeBoost provides the following New World currencies farming services:

  • New World Coins Selling. Coins (often referred to as Gold) are the most versatile currency in the MMORPG. They are used for the majority of its transactions, including repairing items, reassigning attributes, buying gear or housing, paying taxes, and trading with other players. Huge amounts of Coins are needed to invest in Town Projects. We can simply deliver as many Coins as necessary to the customer through the Trading Post network;
  • New World Azoth Farm. The most popular use for Azoth might be accessing the Fast Travel mechanic. However, it may also be employed to attach major bonuses to equipment while it is being crafted or to reassign points in weapon talent trees. We will farm Azoth from our customers’ accounts;
  • New World Faction Tokens Farm. Each Faction provides Faction Tokens in exchange for completing certain missions. These currencies can then be spent to purchase exclusive factional gear, which is the best equipment heroes can receive until later in the endgame. As Faction Tokens may only be obtained by the Faction members themselves, this will also be a piloted boost. The hero’s Faction reputation will also be improved in the process, unlocking superior items;
  • New World Umbral Shards Farm. Umbral Shards are necessary to upgrade high-level items to any Gear Score above 600, including the current highest score. In the process, they raise Expertise to the higher level as well. We will farm Umbral Shards by partaking in various difficult activities during a piloted boost;
  • New World Gypsum Farm. Gypsum is used to craft Gypsum Orbs, which, in turn, allow adventurers to reliably increase their Expertise and effective Gear Score. They can also serve as a source for Umbral Shards. Our piloted boost will exploit several different repeatable activities to farm and process Gypsum efficiently;
  • New World Trade Skill Resources Farm. Resources refer to the materials collected with Gathering trade skills. There are many types of resources, but all of them can be used to produce useful items. By farming specific resources in a piloted boost, we can not only collect them efficiently but also also level up the trade skills involved. There is a chance of acquiring some rare ingredients as well!

All of those currencies and resources can help players progress faster and more easily. Coins and Azoth offer consistent utility from start to endgame. Trade Skill Resources also never cease to be useful for those wishing to interact with the trading and crafting systems. The other currencies are irreplaceable in the higher-level gearing scramble. In addition to those rewards, the customers of New World currencies piloted boosts will also receive all other benefits acquired during their boosts. That can include random loot with scores appropriate to the boosted content, other currencies, XP, and Faction and Territory reputations.

We offer quite a few other New World boosting services, all of which are likely to yield certain currencies in addition to accomplishing their main purpose:

  • The New World Leveling Boost allows buyers to decide what level they want to start with and skip past the leveling grind;
  • The New World Weapon Mastery Boost can unlock all skill points for any weapon type;
  • Gathering Skills, Refining Skills, and Crafting Skills boosts offer access to the full range of harvesting or crafting options for any trade skill;
  • Covenant Reputation, Marauders Reputation, and Syndicate Reputation boosts allow players to quickly unlock the full benefits of their chosen Faction;
  • The New World Daily Quests Boost lets customers outsource the regular completion of repeatable Faction Missions and Town Project Quests;
  • The New World Expeditions Boost helps buyers farm those challenging endgame instances;
  • The New World Gear Score Boost and Legendary Gear Boost services make it easy to acquire the equipment necessary to take on any content content;
  • The New World Territory Standing Boost improves the purchaser’s local reputation to unlock multiple useful bonuses;
  • The New World Outpost Rush Boost ensures the acquisition of prizes and other rewards from this endgame PvP mode.

Why Should You Choose Сakeboost?

Acquiring some quantities of the majority of the previously mentioned currencies is necessary if one is to ever reach the New World endgame. Certain player objectives - like trying to play the market or building an impressive house - can call for a lot of Coins or materials. Crafting in particular can be very rewarding in the long term, but it requires a large early investment. Having a lot of currencies stashed away can also simply make the progression go more smoothly and conveniently, as players would always be free to purchase whatever goods or services they need. They will not have to worry about harvesting currencies at the last moment.

Whether a player wishes to assemble such a handy stash of currencies, start a trading empire, or merely progress through the game, they would have to deal with farming. Currencies in New World come from a variety of sources, including quests, instances, and (particularly in the case of resources) open world sources. Acquiring them may seem easy at first, as it would occur naturally while playing the relevant content. But gathering a large amount of any of the currencies quickly requires a lot of effort, planning, and tolerance for repetitive gameplay. Not everyone enjoys grinding for resources in MMORPG, and not all players can afford the hours needed either.

Buying New World boosts for currencies seems like the obvious solution to those problems. Paid farmers can concentrate on collecting the required currencies full-time, without any distractions getting in the way. Boosting experts know the optimal methods, sources, and routes for acquiring any New World currencies. As a result, they should be able to collect them much more swiftly and efficiently than ordinary gamers. Their customers would be able to enjoy the spoils of their efforts and enjoy New World’s gameplay without any unwanted grinding elements.

The trouble lies in finding trustworthy New World currencies service providers. New World players have already witnessed numerous scams, some of which had to do with trading currencies. Moreover, most New World currencies boosting services require customers to be willing to share their accounts with boosters to be effective. Even if an individual offering to sell or farm currencies is not a scammer, there is no guarantee of reliability. The same applies for New World boosting companies, which can have major problems with security and delivery speed. CakeBoost can promise a superior service for any New World currencies thanks to the following advantages:

  • Long experience. CakeBoost started selling farming carries for currencies and other in-game services years before New World came out. Since 2015, we completed thousands of boosts in over a dozen very different titles. This extensive and varied experience has allowed us to create the smoothest, most efficient farming service for New World currencies. Every side of the service, from customer support to execution, has been polished using our hard-won knowhow. Our clients can also trust our reputation, as confirmed by hundreds of positive TrustPilot reviews;
  • Guaranteed safety. We never ask for more information than is necessary for the service to take place. For piloted boosts, that is limited to log-in details which are shared solely with the pilot. Trading boosts only require in-game contact information. All of our New World currencies farming is done manually, without resorting to bots or third-party services that may put customer accounts under suspicion. While piloting, our boosters will never talk to their clients’ friends or advertise selling currencies in New World chat. Client data is further protected using HTTPS encryption, while VPN redirection preserves the secrecy of piloted boosts;
  • Reliable support. Our support team is always ready to address customer queries. They can help arrange a New World currencies boost, advise clients on boosting options, or recommend other New World services. Likewise, they will answer all questions regarding an ongoing boost’s status as promptly as possible. Any issues they cannot address themselves will be immediately forwarded to others in the company who can. Customer service may be contacted over the site chat, by e-mail, or using a chat program chosen by the customer when ordering the boost;
  • Flexible approaches. Buyers have many options when ordering New World currencies services from CakeBoost. They can ask for any amount of any available currencies, including specific materials or Gypsum from varied sources. Our farmers also try to accommodate any special requests that are compatible with the main task, including alternative currencies farming or transfer methods. We offer those currencies farm services in all realms and world regions, and accept payment in US dollars or Euros sent through a payment platform of the buyer’s choice;
  • Assured quality. All CakeBoost farmers undergo scrupulous background checks and tests before they are added to our roster. We pay attention to their professional ethics as well as competence and familiarity with the nuances of New World farming. The employees assigned to complete orders for currencies are always up to date on the latest optimal farming routes and sources. As a result, even when we cannot simply trade Coins from our reserves, we will be able to deliver the desired currencies speedily and without complications for our clients;
  • Reasonable pricing. We strive to keep our offerings affordable for the average New World player. At the same time, we must pay our farmers adequately to maintain our high service quality. The prices we offer for New World currencies are determined mainly by the difficulty of acquiring them. If that difficulty changes, as seems likely with the frequent updates, the price may change as well. Even with that consideration in mind, our prices tend to be highly competitive. We also provide frequent special deals and offer bonuses to registered customers.

How Does the New World Currencies Boosting Service Work?

To purchase any of CakeBoost’s farming services for New World currencies, follow these instructions:

  • Select the desired service from the New World currencies section of our website;
  • Make sure the account used meets the service requirements:
  • Set the target amount and confirm any other intended options, then click “buy”;
  • Proceed to the buyer’s cart to verify the New World currencies order;
  • Decide which chat program should be used during the bost;
  • Send the payment via Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Speak with the support team regarding relevant details such as the preferred boosting schedule and additional objectives;
  • If using a piloted boost, allow the booster to take over the account as arranged and wait for the completion. An optional stream is available at no extra charge ;
  • If using a trade boost, simply log in when prompted and receive the trade;
  • Don’t forget to leave feedback to help us refine our services further!

Buy a New World Currencies Boost Right Now

We give our customers plenty of ways to save real money while buying New World currencies. Those who never bought any CakeBoost services before may be entitled to a special one-time bonus for purchasing this one. Registered users could spend CakeCoins to afford more of whichever New Wolrd currencies they need. Those who want to save more could wait for one of our regular special offers to buy up currencies in bulk. On that note, we may also eventually present bundle deals for specific amounts of certain currencies.

FAQ About New World Currencies Services

Q: What is the currency in the New World MMORPG?

A: New World contains many currencies. Coins are the main currency for everyday use, but other currencies like Umbral Shards or Gypsum have their uses too.

Q: How do I get Coins in New World?

A: Coins can be obtained by completing quests, looting foes, or trading with other players. However, the most dependable method is to buy New World Coins from CakeBoost!

Q: How do I get Azoth in New World?

A: There are several Azoth sources in the MMORPG, including Corrupted Breaches and Expeditions. CakeBoost’s New World Azoth Farm is the most efficient way of harvesting this currency.

Q: Why buy New World resources from CakeBoost instead of a Trading Post?

A: The New World Resources Farm not only delivers the desired materials at a reasonable price, but also advances the character’s trade skills and may provide bonus materials