New World Faction Tokens

During the New World MMORPG’s main storyline, all player characters join one of three Factions: Covenant, Marauders, or Syndicate. Faction Tokens are the primary currency used to purchase items from the chosen group’s store. It may be used to acquire unique and powerful gear for the early endgame, as well as a variety of useful consumables and components, some of which are exclusive to this source. Acquiring them requires players to participate in PvP or complete Faction Missions. Both methods can be unreliable and time-consuming. Buy New World Faction Tokens from CakeBoost to receive a guaranteed income swiftly and without having to do anything.


  • Desired amount of faction tokens
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • up to 1 day


  • 30+ Level
  • Faction Selected

New World Faction Tokens Carry Service: How It Works?

Visitors who wish to get a boost for farming New World Faction Tokens from CakeBoost should follow these instructions:

  • Ensure that the adventurer who will benefit from the boost can meet our New World Faction Tokens carry requirements. If not, our other New World offerings can prepare them;
  • Choose the intended quantity of Faction Tokens and any other options, then click the button to buy the service;
  • Confirm the order in the buyer’s cart;
  • Pick a chat program for a list to be used as the main communications channel regarding the boost;
  • Send a payment via Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Work out the boosting schedule and any other relevant details;
  • Let our booster take control of the character at the prearranged hour;
  • Wait until the New World Faction Tokens service is completed. If required, we can provide streaming at no extra charge;
  • If it is not too much trouble, write a review about this New World boosting service. Client feedback is vital to our efforts to continue improving our New World services.

Why Buy New World Faction Tokens From Us?

Joining a Faction is necessary to progress in New World’s main quest. However, it also brings numerous other benefits, such as joining Companies, taking part in New World’s iconic PvP activities, and securing privileges in Territories controlled by the chosen grouping. One further benefit is the ability to purchase exclusive goods from the Faction Shop in exchange for Coins and Faction Tokens. Those items include some of the most powerful gear available to characters before the later parts of the endgame. Those stores also present a rich selection of consumables and crafting ingredients. Some of them may not be obtained anywhere else in New World while offering unique uses.

Whether one is interested in crafting, instances, or PvP, Faction Tokens can clearly be useful. However, earning those tokens in sufficient amounts can prove difficult. Advanced gear is a one-time investment with a steep price, while relying on store-bought consumables and components for their special benefits requires a steady stream of tokens. One way of earning Faction Tokens is by taking part in PvP, whether by killing members of other Factions in the open world or through more structured PvP modes. Another, more reliable approach involves farming Faction Missions, which can be both PvE and PvP. Either way, assembling large quantities of Faction Tokens involves long bouts of grinding.

What if some players do not wish to grind for Faction Tokens, but still want the full benefits of belonging to a Faction? Apart from player preferences, it can also be a matter of lacking available playtime or a good team that could reliably partake in PvP content. Thankfully, such players can use a boost to have someone else farm Faction Tokens for them. Professional boosters can collect Faction Tokens without being distracted. They know the optimal locations and activities for gathering tokens efficiently. By acting in a team with other boosters, they could avoid any mishaps in PvP. Taken together, those advantages make booster deliveries of Faction Tokens much faster than casual farming.

New World Faction Tokens may not be traded directly. They must be farmed by the character after joining the Faction. As a result, New World Faction Tokens boosts must be done as piloted services, giving boosters control over client New World accounts. That calls for trust which understandably is not always present in a community that has been plagued by scammers since the New World launch. Even when dealing with legitimate New World boosting companies, there are often problems ranging from poor communications to security failures. CakeBoost promises a reliable and high-quality New World Faction Tokens boosting solution based on several factors:

  • Relevant expertise. CakeBoost started executing boosting services in 2015. Over the years, we completed thousands of orders in over a dozen extremely varied titles. Many of those services involved farming various currencies and tokens, while some of the others focused on PvP goals. We began offering New World services practically as soon as the game came out, bringing our accumulated expertise to this new field. Every side of our New World Faction Tokens farming services reflects our experience. Customers can rely on this knowhow and on the company’s reputation, which is supported by overwhelmingly positive TrustPilot reviews;
  • Intelligent security. We take all practicable measures to minimize risks to our customers’ accounts and identities. When arranging New World Faction Tokens boosts, clients only need to share their account details, which are then forwarded to their boosters and no one else. The boosts are done by the boosters directly, without involving any third-party services or software that could trigger a ban or otherwise compromise our customers’ accounts. Boosters use VPN software to disguise the fact of piloting. They do not communicate with their clients’ friends and never mention topics like boosting. Regularly updated HTTPS encryption further ensures the anonymity of each service;
  • Helpful customer service. CakeBoost’s support team is ready to respond to customer inquiries at all times. Its members can advise clients on every aspect of the New World Faction Tokens carry service, as well as recommend other New World services from our website. They also provide updates and answer questions regarding ongoing boosts. Any issues that support staffers are not equipped to handle are immediately relayed to superiors or boosters, as needed. Customers can communicate with the support team over live chat, by e-mail, or through a chat program chosen while ordering the boost;
  • Maximum flexibility. Our New World Faction Tokens service is versatile by design. Customers can request any volume of the currency. We will satisfy their requirements as precisely and as swiftly as possible, whether they need a few thousands of tokens to buy a particular armor piece or many more as a long-term reserve. Likewise, our boosters will endeavor to fulfill any special requests Our services are equally available for the currencies issued by all Factions. While their starting rank and server status may affect service duration, we support Adepts and Commanders alike. We complete carries in all New World realms. We accept US dollar and Euro payments sent across several platforms;
  • Dependable boosters. Our employment and assignment policies guarantee swift, efficient, trouble-free New World Faction Tokens boosts. All potential employees are carefully screened and tested before being admitted into the New World boosting roster. We only cooperate with professionals that we and our clients can trust, in terms of both their skill and their ethical conduct. Our deep talent pool enables us to specialize. Assignments to farm Faction Tokens are given to expert farmers of this currency type. Those boosters are intimately familiar with the best currency farming locations and methods, ensuring the desired outcome;
  • Fair pricing. The prices for our New World Faction Tokens services are determined by the difficulty of this service. Our intention is to keep them as low as possible without undermining our service quality. That means the standard prices must allow us to pay boosters adequately for their hours of effort. Nevertheless, they are fully competitive with those of other services. The modular nature of the carry service allows our clients to avoid overpaying for resources they do not feel they need. They can also save money by taking advantage of our special deals and repeat customer bonuses.

What You Will Get?

After customers purchase our New World Faction Tokens carries, we assign employees to control their adventurers. Those boosters then farm the Faction Tokens of the adventurers’ respective Factions with the utmost efficiency, utilizing optimal routes and approaches. When the boosts are wrapped up, our clients end up with the quantity of Faction Tokens they requested. They are then free to spend those tokens however they wish and without worrying about this particular source of New World grind. Along with the tokens, they would receive lal other benefits earned during the boost. That can include other currencies, gear, components, experience, and regional and group reputations.

While all New World Factions have their own tokens and shops, the benefits they offer to members of each grouping are identical. Here are some of the things players can spend their Faction Tokens to acquire:

  • Weapons and armor with Gear Score 520 or 535. While this equipment does become obsolete in the later endgame, it is objectively superior to other gear available at its score. Part of that is due to potent guaranteed perk combos and empty gem sockets enabling customization. The items also have notably high stats. They are ideal for later-game leveling or entry-level PvP;
  • Material Converters, unique reagents that turn resources of one type into another;
  • Runes of Holding, which are required to make bags with maximum carry capacity;
  • Various types of Chisels, necessary components in the Tuning Orbs used to access specific Expeditions;
  • Potent consumables, including Blight Elixirs, which remove Blight debuffs and allow characters to resist getting it again for a while.

Buy New World Faction Tokens

We can suggest a number of complementary New World boosting services in CakeBoost’s catalog. Together with the Faction Tokens boost, our New World Coins service will allow customers to buy anything from the Faction Shop. Anyone falling short of our boosting requirements can use our New World 1-60 Leveling boost. Our Covenant Reputation, Marauders Reputation, and Syndicate Reputation carries allow customers to easily reach higher tiers and additional shop offerings. Our New World Daily Quests Boost services can help farm Faction Missions for their rewards. Similarly, New World Outpost Rush boosts are indispensable for anyone seeking to farm this elite PvP mode for tokens and other prizes.

During the New World MMORPG’s main storyline, all player characters join one of three Factions: Covenant, Marauders, or Syndicate. Faction Tokens are the primary currency used to purchase items from the chosen group’s store. It may be used to acquire unique and powerful gear for the early endgame, as well as a variety of useful consumables and components, some of which are exclusive to this source. Acquiring them requires players to participate in PvP or complete Faction Missions. Both methods can be unreliable and time-consuming. Buy New World Faction Tokens from CakeBoost to receive a guaranteed income swiftly and without having to do anything.

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