New World Gear Score Watermark (Expertise) Boost

Players who wish to improve their loadouts quickly and without worrying about loot mechanics should buy New World Gear Score services from CakeBoost. Our boosters will collect increasingly stronger items to reach the desired Gear Score with maximum efficiency, leaving buyers free to take on the world with their new equipment.


  • Chosen Gear Score for your character
  • Watermarks upgrade
  • All resources received during the boost


  • up to 4 weeks (depending on options selected)


  • 60 Level Character
  • New World Account

New World Gear Score Watermark Carry Service: How It Works?

  • To get a boost for Gear Score in New World from CakeBoost, just follow these instructions:
  • Check whether the account that will receive the boost meets the New World Gear Score service requirements;
  • Choose the intended Gear Score and any other options, then buy the boost;
  • Proceed to the shopping cart to verify the order;
  • Decide what chat program will be used as a dedicated communications channel for updates and questions about the service;
  • Pay for the boost via Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Discuss any remaining details, such as the preferred schedule or extra requests, with the support team;
  • Allow our booster to pilot the account at the prearranged time;
  • Wait for the New World Gear Score boost to be completed. Optionally, follow its progress with free streaming to make sure everything is done as promised;
  • Remember to leave feedback about this service. It would help us improve it and other New World boosting services.

Why Buy New World Gear Score  Watermark From Us?

In New World, Gear Score is more than just a comparative rating. It has a major gameplay effect, beginning with the basic stats of weapons or armor. Characteristics like weapon damage or the armor’s protective effectiveness are directly modified by Gear Score. That also goes for character attribute bonuses. While an item’s perk count is ultimately determined by its rarity, items with a higher score stand a better chance of receiving superior perks that offer much more consequential bonuses. As such, getting items with a superior Gear Score is both essential to the New World character progression and has a visible effect in combat.

A player’s ability to improve their Gear Score is limited by another New World system called Expertise.  Most items whose Gear Score exceeds the Expertise in their slot have their effective Gear Score lowered to the current Expertise. Expertise also determines the Gear Score range of drops. Raising Expertise requires looting (not buying or crafting) items with a higher Gear Score than any that dropped previously for that slot. While this process may seem relatively simple at first, eventually one would have to resort to farming elite zones or instances to make meaningful progress. Advancing past the rating of  590 also requires an endgame currency called Umbral Shards, adding to the grind.

Sooner or later, the process of gearing will turn into a grueling and repetitive grind in a few endgame activities. Few players enjoy such activities, and even those who normally do might be put off by the New World grind’s length - or unable to spare the necessary hours. Luckily, people who wish to avoid it can still use a boost to attain a desirable equipment rating. Hired boosters can make much more rapid progress by farming for superior loot without distractions. If they are real professionals, they can also draw on their familiarity with the best gear farming methods, sources, and routes to progress more efficiently. Customers would only need to relax and wait until the boost is finished.

To be effective, a New World Gear Score carry service must be done as a piloted boost. However, many New World players are justly concerned about entrusting their accounts to strangers. The community has been targeted by scammers from the start. It can be difficult to know who to trust. Even legitimate boosters and boosting companies can be difficult to work with due to problems like lacking support, delayed orders, or flawed security. CakeBoost seeks to offer a truly trustworthy and high-quality New World Gear Score service on the basis of the following company strengths:

  • An established reputation. CakeBoost has been in operation as a boosting company for several years before the New World launch. Since 2015, we have helped thousands of players across dozens of titles achieve their goals, with services from gear farming to raising their performance score. This track record can be confirmed on our TrustPilot page. Customers can trust us as a known company with a long-term interest in maintaining its reputation. Our experience has also helped us improve our service quality, resulting in a truly polished New World Gear Score service that avoids many common problems and mistakes;
  • Foolproof security. We go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our clients’ accounts and identities. Each boost is kept completely secret with the help of HTTPS encryption and VPN redirection to the client’s current location. When arranging a boost, the customer will need to volunteer their New World account details and nothing more. This information will be shared exclusively with their booster. The New World Gear Score farming service will be executed manually, without the assistance of third-party services or programs that may compromise the client’s account or cause it to get banned. The customer account will never be used to advertise our services;
  • Responsive customer support. Customers can write to our support team at any moment and expect a quick response. Communications can be handled using the site chat, e-mail, or a popular chat program chosen by the client while arranging the boost. Support specialists can answer questions about the New World Gear Score boost and help arrange any custom requests. Furthermore, they will provide information about its progress. They may also recommend other useful New World services by CakeBoost. Any questions they cannot address will be immediately forwarded to superiors or boosters;
  • A flexible approach. We seek to accommodate our customers’ needs as precisely as possible. They can customize many parameters of the New World Gear Score boost, starting with their intended gearing target. Our team will also do their best to fulfill any special requests that may be combined with the boost, such as going after specific types of equipment or focusing on a particular slot. Even if desired service options are not available on the page, it never hurts to ask our support team about them. Our boosts are available without restrictions in all New World regions and servers. For user convenience, payment may be sent in US dollars or Euros over one of five chosen payment services;
  • Qualified boosters. We can vouch for every member of our New World boosting team. They are all experienced and dependable gaming professionals who have passed through a rigorous testing and selection process. In addition to player skills and knowledge, we pay attention to boosting candidates’ professional ethics. Our deep talent pool enables us to specialize. The boosters we assign to New World Gear Score services are experts at farming gear specifically. They know the most promising sources and the most efficient methods for gearing progress, allowing them to achieve rapid and reliable results for our clients;
  • Reasonable prices. CakeBoost’s pricing policy is to keep our services affordable to the average New World player while maintaining high quality boosting by giving our employees adequate compensation. The prices of New World Gear Score carries reflect the required investment of work hours on the part of our boosters. Accordingly, boosts from a higher starting position or with a lower target cost less. If subsequent patches make this process substantially easier, we will look into lowering the price. Nonetheless, we keep prices as low as this concern allows, with further reductions in the form of frequent discounts and regular customer bonuses.

What You Will Get?

People who buy the New World Gear Score carry from CakeBoost will receive a piloted service in which a booster will play on their account to reach the target rating in all slots. At its conclusion, they will have a full set of items at the chosen level. They will receive all other rewards gained during the boost as well. Naturally, that will include an Expertise rating to equal their Gear Score, ensuring that their items are at full power. It also means that all subsequent drops will be at their current score or better. Along the way, boosters will collect other loot, recipes, materials, currencies, and more, which will likewise remain with the customer unless used up.

Barring a special request, the high score items will be otherwise random. However, even if not all of them are God Rolls, they will still make for a formidable arsenal. Purchasers of this service will benefit from higher combat stats, significant attribute bonuses, and some of the mightiest perks in New World. Depending on the Gear Score ordered, they should be ready to take on progressively more advanced content, up to and including Mutated Expeditions and Chaos Breaches. This boost can make a real difference in PvP modes too, empowering wielders against their human opponents. As a result, adventurers with a known high Gear Score are always welcome in PvE and PvP parties, enriching their experience in the New World endgame.

Buy New World Gear Score Watermark (Expertise) Boost

Gear Score is the most important equipment stat in the New World MMORPG. It increases all of an item’s other characteristics, from basic combat stats to attribute bonuses. Loot with a higher score  is also likely to drop with superior perks. The system for acquiring items with a higher Gear Score is rather complicated and gear farming can be monotonous and drawn-out.

CakeBoost offers many other New World boosting services to complement this one. The New World 1-60 Leveling boost is ideal for reaching the endgame quickly and comes highly recommended as part of the set-up for the New World Gear Score service. The New World Legendary Gear boost helps those who are after the highest Rarity or particular perks on their equipment. New World Weapon Mastery boosting helps unleash the full power of high-score weapons by granting access to their full skill trees. We can help players farm repeatable content with the New World Daily Quests Boost and the New World Expeditions Boost. The New World Outpost Rush boost ensures victory in PvP and various exclusive prizes.

Players who wish to improve their loadouts quickly and without worrying about loot mechanics should buy New World Gear Score services from CakeBoost. Our boosters will collect increasingly stronger items to reach the desired Gear Score with maximum efficiency, leaving buyers free to take on the world with their new equipment.

New World Gear Score Watermark (Expertise) Boost
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Choose current and desired watermark gear score level
500 - 510

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Secure Payment
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Account Safety
  • 01 Are there any risks?

    In order to secure your account we ALWAYS use VPN accurately within your city and country. Secondly, since we use the most reliable ways of security you may be sure that your gold and miscellaneous achievements are properly stored. Thirdly, we never ask our client’s secret question for the account. And finally we do not pay our coaches until your order has been completed.

  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

  • 03 Do I lose the access to my account during the order process?

    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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Money-Back Guarantee

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High Trust Score

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