New World Legendary Gear

Creating them using crafting is a more reliable method, but it requires a lot of grinding and still depends on luck. Players who want to get quality Legendary items without any hassle or delays should buy New World Legendary Gear from CakeBoost. They can get items crafted according to their specifications and traded to them right away!


  • Legendary Weapon questline completion of your choice
  • Light / Medium / Heavy Armor of your choice
  • Spcific stats & perks
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • up to 7 days


  • 60 Level

New World Legendary Gear Carry Service: How It Works?

Clients wishing to buy New World Legendary Gear from CakeBoost should follow those steps:

  • Make sure they meet the New World Legendary Gear boost requirements and that their characters would be able to use the intended equipment;
  • Select the Legendary Gear they want and any other options, then click the “buy” button;
  • Finalize their New World Legendary Gear order in the shopping cart;
  • Choose the chat program that will be used for communications and status updates regarding the service;
  • Send a payment using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Wait for the support team to reach out and arrange any remaining details or special requests;
  • Accept the Legendary Gear transfer at the Trading Post once it is ready;
  • Leave a TrustPilot review about this experience. We are keenly interested in user feedback and use it to enhance our New World services!

Why Should You Buy New World Legendary Gear From Us?

In New World, gear is a major source of character power. In addition to their combat stats, weapons and armor can provide major attribute bonuses, making their wielders and wearers much more effective in several ways. Stronger items can also receive random perks, which can provide buffs for a wide array of stats in specific situations (such as a damage bonus after being hit). Rarity is a crucial characteristic in gear. It ranges from Common to Legendary, with rarer items exhibiting more perks. Legendary gear has three perks, typically drawn from the highest tiers and granting the strongest buffs. Legendary items are also guaranteed to have around 600 Gear Score, giving them substantial combat bonuses.

Depending on their random rolls, Legendary items have the potential to be the deadliest gear available in New World. Given the right perks and high stats, they can make a huge difference to how characters perform in high-end PvE content. Furthermore, having a high average Gear Score makes it more likely that their wielder would get invited into endgame player groups seeking to take on such content. Gear Score also has an impact in PvP, making gear of such rarity practically necessary to participate in the truly competitive parts of PvP gameplay. In brief, those items will enhance the quality of the user’s participation in all high-level content and activities.

Yet acquiring Legendary gear with the right stats is a long and frustrating process. Bosses, Expeditions, and open world sources can drop Legendary items, but the rate is low and the results are unpredictable. Crafting offers more control, including the ability to select the enhanced attribute and one of the perks. Creating Legendary gear requires maximum relevant trade skills, a large amount of special, hard-to-get materials, special recipes, and, potentially, multiple attempts before success. Such a steep difficulty explains why many players prefer to use a boost for their New World Legendary Gear needs, trusting professional boosters to acquire the equipment they desire for them.

Using a trustworthy boosting service really is the perfect solution for obtaining Legendary Gear. It can save players weeks of tedious in-game work. By focusing on their task and drawing on their knowledge of optimally effective and speedy crafting methods, boosters can finish the job much quicker. The problem lies in finding boosters one can trust. Sadly, the New World player base has been the victim of numerous scams. Even honest boosters or companies can fall short with their security measures or completion speed. At CakeBoost, we offer a safe, reliable, and quick New World Legendary Gear service. Its success is ensured by the following strengths:

  • CakeBoost’s long experience. Since starting out in 2015, our company has expanded its boosting services to more than a dozen titles, with New World as one of the newest additions. In that time, we completed thousands of boosts to help our customers achieve their in-game goals. Overwhelmingly positive TrustPilot reviews confirm the company’s track record. Our boosters have dealt with everything from gear farming to running the latest raids. The resulting breadth of experience has allowed us to establish the most flexible and polished New World Legendary Gear service one could find;
  • Absolutely safe operations. The New World Legendary Gear carry service works by having a fully-leveled crafter character controlled by one of our boosters create the required Legendary weapon or armor piece. This Legendary item is then traded to our customer through the Trading Post system. There is no need to grant anyone access to the New World account. We will not need or ask for information that is unnecessary to make the delivery. No bots, cheats, or third-party programs are used at any point, so our client will not face even indirect suspicion. Any data they do give us will be shielded using cutting-edge HTTPS encryption;
  • Professional customer service. Our support team is available for consultations at all times. Support specialists can help decide which New World Legendary Gear boost options to choose and answer all related inquiries. Any extra requests should be related through them as well. They can also recommend other New World services of interest. We pride ourselves on their quick responses. If there is anything related to the boost that they cannot answer, they will immediately pass on the question to boosters or managers. The team may be contacted via the site chat, e-mail, or a dedicated messaging platform chosen while ordering this service;
  • Versatile delivery. Buyers can customize the New World Legendary Gear order to their heart’s content. They can choose any kind of Legendary weapon or armor and specify the one guaranteed perk. For an additional fee, they can ask for a bonus perk. Our boosters will honor that and any other feasible requests to the best of their ability, although they may result in additional fees or a longer duration. Our services are available in all realms and parts of the world, though they may take longer in some servers depending on availability and queues. We accept payment in US dollars or Euros, sent over one of several trusted payment platforms;
  • Best quality and speed. CakeBoost’s New World Legendary Gear service is handled by competent and dependable boosters. Before adding a candidate to our New World booster roster, we put them through extensive background checks and tests. Their professional attitude and ethics are just as important to us as their gamer skills. We also pay attention to specializations, which let us assign the most efficient crafters to this type of service. In addition to controlling fully leveled crafter characters, they would know and use the optimal methods for acquiring materials and crafting the required Legendary items. That would ensure a speedy and effective service;
  • Intelligent pricing. We offer fair prices for New World Legendary Gear services. To us that means keeping them as cheap as possible while also maintaining our level of service quality. Achieving the latter objective means paying our boosters adequately for their hours of effort. Our New World Legendary Gear carry prices reflect the difficulty of creating such items and may be reduced if this process becomes easier in future patches. Even with this caveat in mind, our current prices are fully competitive and often lower than those of other companies. They are reduced further by regular special deals and bonuses earned by registered users.

What You Will Get?

Customers who decide to get a boost for New World Legendary Gear from CakeBoost shall receive a Legendary item or items of their choice. We supply Legendary weapons belonging to all categories, as well as Legendary armor of all types and for all slots. Buyers may specify an attribute that will receive a bonus from the Legendary gear, as well as one perk. Another specific perk will require a special fee as it will likely call for multiple attempts. Being able to customize an otherwise unlikely perk combo can definitely make it worthwhile. The item will have a Gear Score of 600. Note that it may be temporarily scaled down if the receiving character’s Expertise is lower than that.

Buy New World Legendary Gear

Legendary Gear stands at the top of the gearing pyramid in New World. Those weapons and armor pieces have the highest stats and Gear Scores in the MMORPG. They also tend to receive its strongest perks. Acquiring such formidable items is not easy, however. Heroes have a small chance of looting them from endgame instances or containers in high-level areas.

The New World Legendary Gear service is performed by crafting the item on a specialized crafter character and trading it to the client’s character. In addition to being safer and less discomforting for many people than a piloted boost, this method is much faster. Its actual speed depends on the specific Legendary Gear options chosen and the availability of required Legendary crafting materials on that character and server. Luck can affect duration as well, especially if two guaranteed perks are requested. Regardless, the ordered Legendary gear will be delivered to the client assuredly and in a much shorter timeframe than if someone had to level up trade skills and grind for materials first.

Buyers may also be interested in some of CakeBoost’s other New World boosting services. A New World Gear Score boost is a versatile service allowing customers to acquire an entire set at the desired level. New World Weapon Mastery boosting ensures that wielders would be able to get the most out of their freshly-bought Legendary weapons with potent skills. Trade skill boosts, and especially the New World Crafting Skills boost, is a must-have for those seeking to craft some equipment of their own some day. Last but not least, the New World 1-60 Leveling boost is indispensable for players in a hurry to reach the endgame, where such weapons and armor sets truly come into their own.

Creating them using crafting is a more reliable method, but it requires a lot of grinding and still depends on luck. Players who want to get quality Legendary items without any hassle or delays should buy New World Legendary Gear from CakeBoost. They can get items crafted according to their specifications and traded to them right away!

New World Legendary Gear
Quantity: 1
Service Customization
Choose Legendary Weapon
Umbra's Reach
Umbra's Reach
Glimmering Mercy
Prime Resolve
Last Argument
Glamorous Vox
Rampant Conviction
Azure Ravager
Frozen Lament
Boundless Ward
Rook's Defence
Twilight's Fall
Choose Legendary Armor
0 options selected
Head with 1 perk
Chest with 1 perk
Hands with 1 perk
Legs with 1 perk
Feet with 1 perk
Head with 2 perks
Chest with 2 perks
Hands with 2 perks
Legs with 2 perks
Feet with 2 perks

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