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Outpost Rush is the New World MMORPG’s endgame PvP mode with PvE elements. The action takes place in a separate map and pits two groups of twenty players from rival Factions against each other. There are many rewards to be claimed in this dynamic and complex competition, including Coins, Azoth, Faction Tokens, Gypsum, and assorted powerful gear. While completing the match is enough to claim most rewards, one must still meet a score threshold, and winners get the most prizes. CakeBoost can help those who buy New World Outpost Rush services from its website overcome their enemies in this mode. They would collect all the precious Outpost Rush rewards without doing more than they want.


  • Desired amount of Outpost Rush battles
  • All rewards received during the boost


  • up to 3 days


  • 60 Level

New World Outpost Rush Carry Service: How It Works?

Players seeking to get a boost for farming Outpost Rush from CakeBoost should follow those steps:

  • Check whether the character meant to benefit from this boost meets our New World Outpost Rush service requirements. Otherwise, consider using our New World leveling boost first;
  • Select the intended amount of Outpost Rush wins and other wanted options, then press the “buy” button;
  • Enter the shopping cart to confirm the New World Outpost Rush boost order;
  • Pick a chat program that will be utilized to set up the primary communications channel for this service;
  • Use Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy to transfer the payment;
  • Negotiate the preferred boosting schedule and other details or requests with our support staff once they get in touch;
  • Allow our booster to assume control over the character in the prearranged timeframe;
  • Wait until the New World Outpost Rush boost is concluded. Optionally, watch the service using our complimentary free streaming;
  • Review this New World Outpost Rush service on TrustPilot. We value our customers’ feedback and use it to improve our offerings in New World and beyond.

Why Shoul You Buy New World Outpost Rush From Us?

Outpost Rush presents a refreshing alternative to New World’s other PvP mode, the massive Faction Wars. Although it also involves fighting between New World Factions, it is considerably smaller and has lower stakes. There is no Gold cost to join this battle. Instead, all Faction members who have attained the maximum character level can participate. There are no durability losses in case of defeat. So long as the character and their team meet a minimum score threshold before the conclusion, they will receive some rewards, although victory is more profitable. The Outpost Rush prize pool is very impressive, with plentiful precious currencies and chests containing equipment with high Gear Scores.

These characteristics might make Outpost Rush seem like an ideal New World endgame farming activity. To some extent that impression would be correct, but there are some hindrances farmers would need to overcome. Outpost Rush gameplay is complicated by design, with participants needing to fortify and defend their outposts and seize the outposts of the enemy to score points. Upgrading defenses necessitates gathering resources from the environment, adding PvE elements. There are also several potentially game-changing map features. A competent and well-coordinated team is necessary to balance those concerns effectively and achieve victory.

Trying to farm Outpost Rush can easily turn into an exercise in frustration, especially due to the human factor. Players who have reached level 60 but might have nothing else in common can be unpredictably difficult opponents or flawed teammates. It is possible to queue up for Outpost Rush solo or with up to four other New World players, but the rest will just be random faction members. Not everyone can farm reliably under those conditions. Also, some people simply do not enjoy PvP or cannot spare the hours for long matches, but still want the rare rewards. The solution in all those cases is to use a boost and let professionals farm Outpost Rush instead.

The standard New World Outpost Rush carry service relies on account sharing. By controlling the customer’s character, the booster can make full use of their PvP expertise to guide their side towards victory. Yet, not all New World players are eager to grant access to their accounts to strangers. Sadly, one can encounter many scams targeting the New World player community. Even genuine boosting service providers might prove unreliable, with problems ranging from unaccountably slow service to glaring security flaws. To everyone looking for assistance, CakeBoost can promise a truly professional New Word Outpost Rush service based on several essential strengths:

  • Lengthy and rich experience. CakeBoost started selling carry services in 2015, gradually expanding to cover over a dozen different multiplayer games. On behalf of our clients, we completed countless highly varied tasks, covering both PvE and PvP activities. We began offering services for the New World MMORPG as soon as it came out, leaning on what we learned in years of work in other titles to deliver top-quality services from the start. Thanks to this experience, we are ready to deal with any problems that may come up in New World Outpost Rush services. Prospective customers can trust this expertise,which is confirmed by our TrustPilot reviews;
  • Safe boosting methods. We do everything possible to safeguard our clients’ accounts and information during New World Outpost Rush boosts. All data on our site is protected with regularly updated HTTPS encryption. Customers only need to provide us with their account log-in details, which are given solely to their piloting boosters. Boosts are conducted in great secrecy with the use of VPNs set to customer locations. Pilots do not mention boosting in chat and make no attempts to speak with customers’ friends. Above all, they never resort to cheats or bots that may lead to client accounts being banned or otherwise compromised;
  • Timely customer support. Our clients can contact the support team whenever they wish and expect a prompt reply. Support specialists can consult them on the New World Outpost Rush service and available options, as well as other CakeBoost New World carry services. Once the boost has commenced, they will answer all questions about its progress and provide frequent updates. Any issues they cannot address effectively will be immediately relayed to boosters or superiors. The customer support team may be reached over e-mail, site chat, and any of a number of popular chat programs chosen by the user while arranging the boost;
  • Versatile service model. Buyers are encouraged to customize New World Outpost Rush boost services according to their needs. They can ask for any number of matches to be completed, as well as for guaranteed victories that may take longer but would result in greater prizes. Although piloted boosts are more efficient for Outpost Rush farming, it might also be possible to arrange selfplay boosts on request. In that case, the client would participate in Outpost Rush matches directly, fighting alongside our booster team. Our standard services are always available in all New World server regions. We accept payment in US dollars or Euros, sent using several trusted platforms;
  • Elite PvP boosters. Our New World boosting roster consists of professional gamers with proven skills and ethics. All of them have undergone meticulous background checks and tests. It is our policy to assign boosters based on their specializations and preferences in terms of gameplay activities. As a result, New World Outpost Rush boosts are always handled by New World PvP veterans who are thoroughly familiar with the mode and with PvP tactics in general. Those elite cadres can use any endgame-ready client build to best effect, ensuring successful and efficient performance in Outpost Rush;
  • Competitive prices. CakeBoost’s services are meant to be affordable for ordinary New World players. We do our best to ensure this remains the case while also delivering adequate compensation to our boosters for their efforts. The expense of each New World Outpost Rush boost depends on how long it will take and the typical difficulty of the requested task. Thanks to the modular nature of the service, our clients can avoid paying for things they do not need. They can also save money by relying on our recurring special discounts and registered customer bonus points.

What You Will Get?

Ordering New World Outpost Rush boosts from CakeBoost guarantees the required amount of Outpost Rush match completions or victories. While unpredictable server conditions might delay the completion of the boost, we will do everything possible to finish it within the ETA. Unless a selfplay carry has been arranged, the boost will be done by piloting the client character. The booster will fight to secure victory using the most efficient methods available. The customer will receive all due rewards for Outpost Rush participation or victories without the prolonged grinding or frustrating attempts at teamwork.

Outpost Rush participants can claim the following rewards, with the winners simply receiving larger portions:

  • Coins, the primary New World currency that is employed to trade with NPC vendors and other players, along with other use cases;
  • Azoth, a secondary currency used for fast travel, enhancements in crafting, and respecialization;
  • Faction Tokens, which may be used to purchase exclusive gear, components, and consumables from Faction Stores;
  • Ruby Gypsum, which may be shaped into Gypsum Orbs and used to reliably improve slot Expertise and effective Gear Scores;
  • Outpost Rush Caches, which contain random high-tier equipment with Gear Scores that go up to 600 and Rarities up to Legendary. Each Outpost Rush completion yields a cache, giving increased chances of acquiring some of the deadliest weapons and most protective armor pieces in New World.

Depending on the amount of victories obtained during the carry, customers may also earn unique Outpost Rush achievements.

Eager to experience Outpost Rush personally? CakeBoost offers several New World boosting services that could help. Firstly, our New World 1-60 Leveling boost would be just the thing to meet the Outpost Rush level requirements without any delays. New World Gear Score and New World Legendary Gear boosts ensure that our customers are properly equipped. Alternatively, the New World Faction Tokens service allows its purchasers to secure the finest early endgame PvP sets very quickly. New World Weapon Mastery carries are a must-have for those who have not yet unlocked all weapon skills. Such characters would be at a serious disadvantage in this mode, but we can correct this deficiency swiftly.

Outpost Rush is the New World MMORPG’s endgame PvP mode with PvE elements. The action takes place in a separate map and pits two groups of twenty players from rival Factions against each other. There are many rewards to be claimed in this dynamic and complex competition, including Coins, Azoth, Faction Tokens, Gypsum, and assorted powerful gear. While completing the match is enough to claim most rewards, one must still meet a score threshold, and winners get the most prizes. CakeBoost can help those who buy New World Outpost Rush services from its website overcome their enemies in this mode. They would collect all the precious Outpost Rush rewards without doing more than they want.

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