Territory Standing Boost

Territory Standing is a New World mechanic that provides permanent bonuses to adventurers while they remain in particular Territories. Those bonuses can include anything from an increased XP gain rate or currency awards to lowered taxes. A minimal Territory Standing is also needed to buy a local house. Territory Standing is gained by earning XP within the Territory. With 300 levels of Standing available in each New World Territory, earning them to unlock maximum bonuses can easily become a chore. To avoid that, buy New World Territory Standing services from CakeBoost. We swiftly earn the desired Standing and bonuses for our customers, enabling them to settle in properly and without any hassle.


  • Desired standing level
  • Various upgrades and quests completed
  • All loot received during the boost


  • up to 20 days


  • 25+ preferable
  • Access to desired territory

New World Territory Standing Carry Service: How It Works?

Anyone wishing to use a boost from CakeBoost to raise their New World Territory Standing should proceed according to this checklist:

  • Make sure the adventurer that will be used in the boost meets the New World Territory Standing service requirements and the recommended level for the Territory in question. If they do not, our New World leveling service could help;
  • Select the target New World Territory and intended Standing, then click the “buy” button;
  • Verify the New World Territory Standing order in the shopping cart window;
  • Decide which messaging program form our list will be used to establish a dedicated communications channel for this boost;
  • Pay for the service using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Once our staff makes contact, work out the boosting schedule and relay any additional requests;
  • Permit our booster to assume control over the chosen adventurer according to the schedule;
  • Just relax and wait until the New World Territory Standing carry service is completed. If desired, we can provide free streaming to prove that everything is being done as promised;

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Why Should You Buy New World Territory Standing From Us?

Aeternum, the setting of the New World MMORPG, consists of several Territories. Each Territory offers PvE content in its own level range. Settlements always belong to specific Territories, which may be controlled by Companies and Factions. Whether they engage with New World’s elaborate settlement, economy, and group mechanics or just concentrate on PvE content, players will always find something to do in various Territories. Higher Standing, or Reputation, will help them do it. Upon gaining higher Standing, players are asked to choose reward cards from random hands. All cards offer bonuses to specific mechanics within the Territory, such as leveling, currency income, or homeownership.

Territory Standing is obviously useful for most New World players. While the bonuses might be minor, they stack and can grow after additional cards are gained, albeit with diminishing returns. Gaining a high Standing is especially valuable for those planning to settle down in a Territory or spend many New World hours there for other reasons. Standing is gained simply by earning normal character XP within the Territory’s boundaries.  Completing quests, killing monsters, and other activities all contribute to Standing. This system may appear straightforward, but after a while, progress within it is liable to transform into a grind. Higher levels are especially painful due to steep XP requirements.

The grind may be part of the MMORPG experience for some New World players, but farming the same Territory over and over again is bound to become stale for most people eventually. Furthermore, the necessary activities may have nothing to do with one’s goals. If a player wants to have the best house available or fruitful gathering spots, they might be uneager to go chasing after monsters. The best way out for those players is to get a boost, outsourcing the grind to hired professionals. Those boosters will be able to farm local XP in a focused and efficient way, using optimal routes and tactics. Their buyers will save weeks of tedious effort and receive their intended Standing straight away.

Efficient New World Territory Standing farming services must utilize account piloting. That means letting professional gamers take over client New World accounts to achieve their goals. Many New World players are understandably wary of giving strangers access to their accounts. The MMORPG has been affected by scams from the start. Even seemingly legitimate boost services can have issues such as delayed deliveries, cheating leading to client account bans, or flawed information security. The potential users of CakeBoost’s New World Territory Standing carry services can count on the following advantages that let us stand out among the rest:

  • Long track record. CakeBoost’s boosting services began operating in 2015. Since that year, we helped thousands of customers reach their in-game goals, whether it meant powerleveling, farming resources, or running instances. Prospective customers can trust CakeBoost’s reputation, which is confirmed by our overwhelmingly positive TrustPilot testimonies. Also, we have accumulated considerable expertise while expanding our services to more than a dozen popular titles. It has allowed us to bring a tested and polished service model to New World immediately after the MMORPG’s launch. Our New World Territory Standing boosts benefit from this refinement as well;
  • Foolproof security measures. Our customers’ accounts remain as safe as humanly possible throughout all New World Territory Standing boosts. All services are handled manually, confidentially, and without resorting to third-party services or programs. In terms of information, we only require clients’ account log-in details which are not shared with anyone other than their respective boosters. User data is protected with up-to-date HTTPS encryption technology. Boosters use VPNs set to client locations and refrain from communicating with their friends or mentioning boosting;
  • Responsive customer service. CakeBoost’s support team is available for client queries on a 24/7 basis. They pride themselves on quick responses. Any issues they cannot address are immediately readdressed to boosters or superiors. Support specialists stand ready to consult our customers regarding all details of a New World Territory Standing boost, helping them tailor orders to their needs. They also provide updates and answer questions regarding ongoing boosts. Clients can ask them for recommendations about other CakeBoost New World services as well. The support team may be reached through the website live chat, by e-mail, or using a messaging program chosen by clients while confirming the order;
  • Modular carry method. To ensure they get the service they need, clients must be given the freedom to customize it. Our customers can arrange any New World Territory Standing services they wish, beginning with choosing the Territory and the desired Standing. We will also attempt to fulfill any additional requests they may have. Our boosters can select optimal Standing bonuses on their clients’ behalf, but we will also respect any preferences they express in that regard. Custom boosts covering more than one Territory are likewise feasible. We provide services in all New World server regions and accept USD and Euro payments over several platforms;
  • Professional execution. CakeBoost has assembled a capable New World boosting team that can reliably deliver quick results. All boosters we employ have passed through a scrupulous vetting process. We can vouch for their professional attitudes and gaming skills. When assigning boosters to orders, we pay attention to their special talents and preferences. Employees who handle New World Territory Standing services are PvE farming experts. They are familiar with each Territory and its optimal Standing boosting activities, and know how to use the latter with maximum efficiency;
  • Reasonable pricing. We believe that the prices of our services must be cheap enough to stay affordable for ordinary New World players while giving fair compensation to our boosters. The latter consideration is vital if we are to maintain our service quality. Accordingly, the prices of our New World Territory Standing services reflect the difficulty and duration of acquiring the necessary level of Standing in the selected Territory. We also take great care to keep them competitive on the boost market. Customers can save money by using our frequent special offers and the bonuses granted to registered users.

What You Will Get?

After ordering New World Territory Standing services, customers temporarily turn over control over their New World characters to our employees. Those employees proceed to farm activities in their assigned Territories until reaching the specified Standing. Unless requested otherwise, activities will be chosen based on efficiency, meaning the highest XP yield per hour. In addition to Territory Standing, unlocked bonus cards, and XP, customers will receive all other rewards from those activities. That can include gear, currencies, resources, and Reputation and Tokens belonging to the characters’ factions. Customer accounts will progress towards unique achievements.

Reaching maximum Territory Standing with this service is possible, but will take a long while and bring diminishing returns. Smaller boosts to 100 may often be preferable, but this is ultimately up to our customers. Buying a House in a Territory is always possible after reaching 10 Standing. All other benefits are random, but drawn from a standard pool of benefit cards. Buyers can leave the choices up to boosters for a balanced spread of bonuses, or they can ask us to follow a specific progression path as closely as luck allows. Keep in mind that there is no way to reset those choices later, so choose wisely. Here are the overall categories in which we could unlock bonuses for buyers:

  • Enhanced XP, Faction Token and Reputation, or Territory Standing point awards;
  • Reduced trade, crafting, or house taxes;
  • Accelerated gathering from nodes;
  • Expanded storage capacity;
  • Increased house capacity for objects, which may be used to expand storage further.

Buyers may also be interested in CakeBoost New World boosting services that could complement this one. Our New World 1-60 Leveling boost is an efficient method of reaching locally recommended levels without delays. Players who intend to use their Territory Standing to play the economy can ensure their characters are ready with Gathering Skills or Crafting Skills boosts. Covenant Reputation, Marauders Reputation, and Syndicate Reputation boosts and Faction Token farming services help Faction members derive maximum benefits from their choice of allegiance. Bonuses unlocked during this boost can also make New World Daily Quests boosts for local Town Projects or Faction Missions much more rewarding.

Territory Standing is a New World mechanic that provides permanent bonuses to adventurers while they remain in particular Territories. Those bonuses can include anything from an increased XP gain rate or currency awards to lowered taxes. A minimal Territory Standing is also needed to buy a local house. Territory Standing is gained by earning XP within the Territory. With 300 levels of Standing available in each New World Territory, earning them to unlock maximum bonuses can easily become a chore. To avoid that, buy New World Territory Standing services from CakeBoost. We swiftly earn the desired Standing and bonuses for our customers, enabling them to settle in properly and without any hassle.

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  • 02 Does my account need to be unlocked?

    Depends on the option of service you choose. If you choose the selfplayed option for order completion then your account shouldn’t be unlocked.

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    We guarantee the security for your personal account information. That means that all information we have from you couldn’t be shared to anybody else except our company. However, once our player is on your account you don’t have the opportunity to play simultaneously, that's why we ask our clients before order start to make a schedule for convenient playing for both sides.


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