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Overwatch Account Leveling Boost

Account leveling services offer a way to unlock all the benefits of higher account levels in Overwatch without any need for grinding. In addition to receiving cosmetic rewards, you will also gain access to competitive play at level 25. CakeBoost offers services to earn a certain amount of levels or get you to 25 immediately, with an optional package deal that also includes placement match completion. Whichever option you choose, our professional players will take care of it quickly, giving you a head start in the ranked progression.

Overwatch Account Leveling Boost

Buy Overwatch Account Leveling Boost

This Service is created for those who want to reach level 25 and get access to the most interesting part of the game – Competitive matches. Do not waste precious time - give us all the worries about the initial part of the game. It can take a long time, especially if you are a beginner. To fulfill the order, you should give our team access to your account. Our professionals take care of everything and quickly develop your character to the 25th level. You only have to wait. 25th level. 

What makes the Competitive Matches mode unique? 

At the very beginning, you fight either with AI or with other Overwatch gamers in Quick Play mode. Of course, this allows you to compile a basic idea of ​​the gameplay, heroes, algorithms, rules ...

But all this is just the beginning of a huge journey into the unknown world, which excites me more and more with every step. The complexity will also increase, and you will have to try hard to continue the development. Once you will take part in Competitive matches, you will realize that you have just begun to understand Overwatch. As soon as this boundary is passed, a new stage of your game development begins.

To succeed in this mode, you need to constantly improve your analytical and adaptive abilities, hone your skills and gain experience in order to become the best version of yourself with every battle. This mod requires the fullest manifestation of your potential, teamwork, deep understanding of the subtleties of the game and much more. As you can guess, you’ll have to spend a lot of time before you become a confident player in this mode.

In the very beginning, considerable effort will be required not to win, but simply to survive. In such a complicated business you can’t neglect any opportunities. As you know, the distinctive feature of this game is that you can change the character right during the match. Therefore, instead of focusing on 1-2 favorite heroes, it is better to master them all to feel confident in any of the four available roles (Tank/Defense/Offense/Support). Your team must be able to adapt and instantly rebuild in order to control the course of the battle and prevent the transfer of advantage to the opponent.

To take part in the battles of this mode, you must first reach the 25th level. It can take lots of time and it’s also annoying if that is not your first account and you learned everything you need when you leveled up to 25 for the first time. So don’t pass by our Overwatch Leveling service. Start participating in the Competitive matches right away! 

How does it work? 

To fulfill the order, you should give our team access to your account. Our professionals take care of everything and quickly develop your character to the 25th level. You only have to wait. Cakeboost is a safe and secure way. Please do not try to use your account at the time of order execution!

This can lead to the system noticing that you are not the only person playing under this account. Loot boxes (Containers): this is a sweet feature of the game. You obtain a container every time you archive new level. 4х25 = 100items total. Each Loot box will provide you 4 items for your character’s customization and you can never predict what is waiting for you until you open it (Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary item): 

  • Badges = special icons for your Game profile decoration. 
  • Skins = feature for changing your heroes’ coloring and appearance. 
  • Emotes = additional animation of your heroes to express your feelings better. 
  • Sprays = small images which can be applied on walls and other in-game objects on cards. 
  • Voice Lines = additional phrases for your hero (activated by default with a key C). 
  • Victory poses = the pose your hero will show at the end of the match in case of victory. 
  • The best moment of a match = colorful animation of your best moment of the match. 
  • The Credits = in-game currency to buy above-mentioned awards. You can get 50/150/500 credits.