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Overwatch Competitive Wins Boost

Competitive win boosts can help you prevail in Overwatch’s central competitive mode without having to depend on unreliable teammates. CakeBoost’s professional boosters can swiftly collect the required amount of wins in any queue and at any rank, improving your stats and earning you Competitive Points. Alternatively, if you still want to play the game yourself, they can provide you with reliable and competent backup in every game.

Overwatch Competitive Wins Boost

Buy Overwatch Competitive Wins Boost 

When you win a Competitive match, you ear CP (Competitive Points). CP is in-game currency you can spend on buying Golden (cosmetic) Weapons, most popular Hero attributes, which are every Overwatch player’s dream. Each one costs 3000 CP, so it is not hard to calculate how much time you will need to get one of those, if you only earn 10 for a victory and 3 for a draw. But you also will receive extra CP at the end of the season. But you will still have to work hard because you need to keep your rating high during the season to get more premium CP. That requires hours of Competitive matches gaming process. 

Overwatch Wins Service is created to gain required CP amount rapidly. You will not only keep your rating high, but also get great experience of evolving your account. You will get Containers for every level taken along the way. Containers will help you to explore your account and make it more personalized.

How many CP will I get at the end of the season?

The CP amount given at the end of the season depends on your best rating taken during the season. All the gamers receive CP for participation in competitive games. At the end of the season, you will get extra CP. The higher your best rating in this season was, the more premium CP you will get. 

Season premium CP rank:

  • 100 = Bronze 
  • 200 = Silver 
  • 400 = Gold 
  • 800 = Platinum 
  • 1200 = Diamond 
  • 2000 = Master 
  • 3000 = Grandmaster 

If you want to keep the whole statistic at a concrete hero’s profile, “Play specific Champion’s” additional option is available for you. Please contact our managers (Skype: cakeboost.com, Live Chat via website) to clarify all the order’s details and find out the best execution format.