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Overwatch Top 500 Rank Boost

Top 500 Rank boosts let you reach the highest rank in Overwatch’s competitive mode without lifting a finger. CakeBoost’s service can get you there from any starting point in the queue of your choice, earning you exclusive cosmetic rewards and Competitive Points. You can also ask to ensure a season finish in the top 500, which will give you more prizes. Our professional boosters will play as many games as necessary to reach and maintain that rank.

Overwatch Top 500 Rank Boost

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Every season best 500 Overwatch gamers of the season are defined depending on their Competitive matches rating. Best gamers are combined to groups depending on the region and the platform. Since the 4th season, rules changed a bit. Earlier you just had to get to the Top 500 once during the season to receive excellent bonuses at the end of every month. Now, to get these awards, you have to hold in Top 500 until the end of the season. That measure was brought up to increase the prestige of the Top 500 rank and the special awards, so now it’s extremely difficult to stand tall in this elite list.

What do I get as an award being among Top 500?

  • Animated graffiti; 
  • Badge of a game profile; 
  • Many Victory Points as a bonus for the highest rating gained (>4300) and for Competitive matches wins.

What do I have to do to get special award at the end of the season?

It is not enough just to be among the Top 500 players. You also have to gain at least 50 wins in Competitive games during the season. If you are not sure if you are capable of doing such a hard work on your own, then contact our team and we will work out the best strategy and execution format suitable for you. We will gain the required amount of Competitive matches wins for you. 

You are obliged to win 7 rating games weekly to keep your rating at current level. If you avoid it and interrupt the succession of victories proving your fighting ability your rating will drop down automatically. But you are a person first of all, and game can’t occupy your whole life. You may have some things to do in real world, especially in summer. We will take care of your prestige and rating level conquered with such labor. Our best gamers will replace you on the battlefield while you are enjoying free time. We will win a few rating games every week for you as long as you need it.

How is it working? How will you turn me into one of the Top 500 Overwatch gamers?

After you purchase your order, you have just watch it evolving. First, appointed executor gains required rating level and keeps it high through the season (he will take control on the dates you choose). When the season ends, the executor will takes ownership again to gain rating level high enough to become one of the 500 strongest gamers of your region. It’s made that way because the end of the season is the time when many people begin to think about their prestige, so it’s not hard to figure out that the rating level required to become one of the strongest increases. 

Please Notice! If you order this Service in the end of the season, you have to gain 7 wins weekly or more. If you avoid it and interrupt the succession of victories proving your fighting ability your rating will drop down automatically. 

If you want us to take care about everything and just enjoy your new elite status, you can order an additional option. The executor will gain required amount of wins (7) every weeks without any efforts from you. Also there is a “Game for a Certain Hero” additional option that is perfect for you if you want to concentrate on just one and keep all the statistics related to him. Please contact our managers (Skype: cakeboost.com, Live Chat via website) to clarify all the order’s details and find out the best execution format. But please keep in mind that the chosen hero can be already taken!