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Buy Overwatch (OW) Coaching Boost Carry Service

Buy Overwatch (OW) Coaching Boost Carry Service

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Our professional players will coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Overwatch Coaching Boost Carry Service includes: 

In order to show high results and quickly move up the OW rank ladder, it is necessary to develop in three directions: theoretical study of the game, constant practice and regularity of self-improvement. However, even if you are highly motivated to achieve excellent results, wandering around alone and trying to learn from your own mistakes can take up too much time and energy, lower your confidence in

your own strengths and even provoke stress caused by unsatisfactory results. Of course, it is possible to learn on your own, especially in our time of available information. But it’s still very difficult.

At all times, the best way to learn any kind of skill was to learn from masters who possess it! Even now in all areas - from sports to professional skills - training with a coach remains the most effective way to achieve excellent results in a short time.

Buy OW Coaching Service Buy Cakeboost

CakeBoost offers you a unique training course that will allow you to realize your potential and take a fresh look at the game. We invite you to become a student of one of our professional boosters who have tremendous OW experience. Here are just a few of the benefits of working with coach over self-training:

  • A structural understanding of the game’s mechanics will allow you to manage your resources more intelligently, identify weaknesses, hone your technique and learn new combat tactics;
  • The knowledge gained will be consolidated during the regular practice, during which you will receive advice and comments from the coach, who will monitor your every move;
  • Classes with trainers won’t only save you from the need to develop a development plan blindly, but also will help to avoid many common beginners’ mistakes.

Who needs OW Coaching?

This service is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. With the help of a coach, beginners will be able to understand the basic principles of the game, learn the basic mechanics, and understand how the game mechanisms work firsthand. All this will happen under the strict guidance of a coach who will analyze your performance, after which he will draw your attention to areas that need further developing and help to carry out work on errors. At the end of the course, the beginner will quit being a noob and will be able to navigate in the game confidently, which in the future will allow him to effectively develop independently.

Another category of players for whom the training course will be useful is experienced players who feel that they have reached the "ceiling" of their development and need a powerful impulse in order to bring their game performance to a whole new level. Working with such players, coach will analyze the features of your playing style, develop a development strategy and provide useful techniques that you can master to achieve incredible results and significantly improve your rank and value as a team member.

Please Notice that workouts have the greatest effect if you pass the coaching courses (10 and more training sessions). The more training days you devote to developing your own skills, the higher the peaks you can reach.

Who will be my coach?

Thousands of players around the world have already appreciated the benefits of working with CakeBoost and the stability of our high results. This is possible thanks to the high professionalism of each of our employees (Master+ tier). In order to become a booster in CakeBoost, applicants undergo rigorous selection and testing. All applicants have a deep theoretical knowledge of the game and extensive experience, however, only the best of the best become CakeBoosters. The experience and skills that our employees possess were collected grain by grain, trick by trick, step by step, earned by hours, days, months, YEARS of constant hard work. Now you have an unprecedented opportunity to learn the invaluable, processed and structured experience first-hand. Learning from the best, you become the best!

 Individual and team coaching

CakeBoost offers a training course for both single player and team. In each case, a different approach is applied.

Individual coaching implies the work of one professional booster (Master+ tier) with one player. To begin with, Coach will analyze your abilities and style of play to develop an individual training program. You can ask any questions of interest, manage the course of your workout yourself or trust the experience of our CakeBooster. You will not only improve your performance and work on bugs, but also master tricks and tricks, as well as useful methods that will allow you to maintain high rates of development.

Team coaching was created for teams that would like to enhance their cooperation, team spirit and community. Such a course will help the team to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of each member, will teach you to develop a strategy that maximizes the benefits of each player, will tell how to better cooperate, strengthen team spirit and much more. It is no secret that together we are stronger than individually; however, in order for the team to achieve high results, coherence and mutual support are required. It’s sometimes difficult to achieve perfect mutual understanding within a team. In this case, the coach acts as an arbiter and an unbiased observer. It is sometimes difficult to achieve perfect understanding within the team. In this case, the coach acts as an arbiter and an unbiased observer. You will master specialized team techniques that will allow you to show much better results.

Additional services available:

Ult Economy, Timing, Execution; Mechanical Basics, Aiming Styles, Warmup, Practice, Consistency; Positioning, Repositioning, Movement; Ability Usage, Ability Timing; Communication, Killfeed Tracking, Ult Prediction, Shotcalling; Finding a Team, Team Structure, Tryouts, Organizations and Contracts; Vod Reviewing, Pro Analysis; Hero Pool Size, Variety and Signature/Specialization; Time Investment and Scheduling; Tilt, Competitive Anxiety; Learning Techniques, Setting Goals and Expectations, finding Motivation; Aggressive and Defensive Play; (In)consistency; Target Priority for Flankers, Non Flankers and Healers; Creating Space and Pressure, Routing; Reading and Predictions; Signs of a bad Mindset; Momentum and Snowballing; Community Resources and Guides; Hero Specific Tips and Tricks.

OW Coaching was created so that you discover your true gaming potential that you are not even aware of yet. We don’t want you to learn the general program mechanically, while not getting closer to understanding the mechanics of the game: we want to give you the knowledge and basic concepts that will allow you to develop independently and effectively in the future. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to learn from those who know OW best. After completing the course, you will feel a significant expansion of your capabilities, feel more confident and increase the pace of your development. Try to take part in the training: you will understand the effectiveness of this approach instantly and won’t stop at just 1 training.

If you are ready to place an order or have any questions, please contact our managers via Skype or LiveChat.