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Duo Skill Rating Carry - Overwatch

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Duo Skill Rating Carry - Overwatch
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CakeBoost proudly presents a unique and incredibly effective service that is different from other OW Boosting Services: Duo Skill Rating by CakeBoost. There are a few important differences between Solo Skill Rating and other CakeBoost Overwatch boosting services. First of all, the client is directly involved in the implementation of the order - you will need to take part in all games during boost. You will be under the constant supervision of one of our professional boosters, who will be selected individually. Our employee will control the situation completely and will handle all the hard dirty work.

You will get:

  • boost your duo rating to the desired rank;
  • Competitive points can be changed on Golden Weapon for 3000 points;
  • No cheats, bots used during the boost;

ETA: 1-7 days depends on your choice.

Since the player will directly participate in the execution of the order personally, there are some significant advantages that are unattainable during other types of boost. First of all, you control the

progress of the order execution completely. Also, to receive this service, you don’t have to provide access to your account to our employees, which allows you not to worry about the safety of your progress and the account as a whole. You will also get the opportunity to watch the outstanding gaming performance of a real professional personally.

What do I get?

  • You can order a certain number of Duo Queue Games or indicate the desired level to which you would like to rise;
  • You can increase the number of Boosters (up to 5) (Extra option);
  • In case of defeat (the probability of which is extremely small), you will be compensated for +1 Duo Queue Game victory (Extra option);
  • You can combine the execution of an order with an effective OVERWATCH COACHING session (Extra option);
  • Raising the level of your account;
  • Various awards and medals will enhance your gaming experience;
  • A large amount of CP sufficient for the Golden weapons acquisition;
  • Many other bonuses!

Due to the fact that this service implies direct participation of the client and is complex and comprehensive, the results will exceed even the wildest expectations. This Duo Skill Rating service can serve as a powerful impulse for further development, the inertia of which will still bring benefits for a long time. Trust CakeBoost, an experienced Boosting company with a solid reputation, values our quality services and the highest standards and become one of the thousands of our satisfied OW customers!