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Buy Overwatch (OW) Placement Matches Farm Boost Carry

Buy Overwatch (OW) Placement Matches Farm Boost Carry

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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Placement Matches but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus! 

Buy Overwatch Placement Matches Boost Carry includes:

  • We will do the chosen amount of placements matches for you;
  • We guarantee a maximum rating for your account and 50-70% winrate;
  • We’ll make 1-10 ranked matches to determine your initial MMR;
  • Access to competitive games

ETA: 1-2 days

During the year, Overwatch hosts 4 Seasons with 2 week breaks between them. In order to determine the player’s initial position in Overwatch ranks, at the beginning of each Season, the player must take part in a series of 10 games, the result of which will determine the “starting position”. This series is called Placement Matches.

If you want to get a profitable starting position and show maximum results during Placements, buy Placement Matches boost service. This service will help you to show excellent results throughout the series and get a decent starting position that will help you to develop effectively in OW. However, a lot can happen during this series of Matches, and one wrong move can be expensive. If you don’t want to take risks, use the services of professional CakeBoosters.

Our employee will take part in Placement Matches for you and with a high probability will receive 10 wins out of 10. In order to use this service, your level should be 25+. If your level is below 25, use the Account Leveling Boost Service by CakeBoost.

Why is Placement Matches boost service effective?

It is much more profitable for a player to be in an initially strong position at the beginning of the Season than to catch up, gaining a huge amount of Competitive Wins. Thus, this service is more efficient than, for example, a service for recruiting the required number of Wins. A strong starting position will help you increase your pace of development and achieve better results throughout the Season.

Please note that some games may be lost due to human factor. Despite the fact that the probability of such event is extremely small (tends to zero), we consider it our duty to honestly warn about this in advance in order to avoid misunderstandings.

What do I get?

  • 10/10 placement matches played;
  • Excellent outcome result and great initial Rank;
  • A large number of CPs and a mass of premium CPs at the end of the Season;
  • Containers with unique items (graffiti, skins, icons and other accessories for your Hero).

Reasons to choose Cakeboost:

  • Vast experience providing Boosting services to players around the world;
  • Highly qualified employees - professional boosters;
  • Feedback and absolute transparency of Services execution;
  • Attentive approach to the security of our customers’ accounts;
  • Rapid order execution;
  • Time-tested reliability;
  • 100% guaranteed result!

Become one of the thousands of players who have already appreciated the benefits of working with the CakeBoost team, and the only thing you will regret is that you didn’t know about us before. Thousands of positive reviews from our customers around the world speak for themselves, but it’s better to try it yourself once than hear a thousand times about it.

If you are ready to place an order or have any questions, please contact our managers via Skype or Discord.