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Overwatch Top 500 Rank Carry

Overwatch Top 500 Rank Carry

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Buy Overwatch Top 500 Rank Carry

This service is unique and has no analogues on the market that could be compared in terms of efficiency. The purpose of this service is to provide your character a place in the prestigious OW Top 500 list (of your region). This means that you will be among the top 500 players, which will make you the absolute elite of your region. This honorable position has many different advantages that will significantly change your gaming experience for the better. You will get the respect of the players, feel more confident and will be able to get more pleasure from OW. If you try to achieve this goal yourself, you will spend a lot of time and energy, in addition, no one guarantees the achievement of the result. If you still want to get into the Top 500 faster, use our unique service and get what you want in the near future!

You will get:

  • Boost your rating to Top 500 Rank Players

ETA: flexible

What do I get?

  • A huge boost for your account development. You will receive CP (Competitive Points), as well as containers with unique items, medals, achievements, and a new Frame for the portrait of your hero, that represents the gained status;
  • The amount of CP earned is enough to buy Golden weapons;
  • At the end of the Season you will receive 3000 premium CPs for achieving high results; You will also receive a unique animated Account icon.

Order Execution

Our employees will conduct a detailed analysis of your account and develop an individual strategy to achieve and maintain the goal. After that, we will provide you with detailed step-by-step instructions, following which and fulfilling the relevant requirements you will achieve the desired result. Primary requirements:

  • To receive all the declared awards and bonuses, you must participate in 50 Competitive games or more;
  • The acquired position should be maintained until the end of the Season;
  • If you do not take part in 7+ matches per week, you are automatically excluded from the Top-500.

Reasons to choose Cakeboost

  • Vast experience providing Boosting services to players around the world;
  • Highly qualified employees - professional boosters;
  • Feedback and absolute transparency of Services execution;
  • Attentive approach to the security of our customers’ accounts;
  • Rapid order execution;
  • Time-tested reliability;
  • 100% guaranteed result!

There is no similar service on the market, so be one of the first to appreciate the new benefits! The vast experience in providing various Boosting services to players around the world allows CakeBoost team to guarantee the perfect result. We strive for high-quality, fast execution of orders, and an individual approach that allows us to achieve maximum efficiency and deliver exactly the result every particular Client needs. Become a true OW Legend with CakeBoost!