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Fastest Way To Level Up In Apex Legends

Updated 19.03.2023 9 Mins to read Share
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Fastest Way To Level Up In Apex Legends

Leveling in Apex Legends operates by distinctive rules that may not be familiar to everyone. XP acquired during play is needed to level player accounts rather than heroes. Advanced accounts gain assorted cosmetics and currencies. That serves to provide customization options, which may be used to spice up the game or help carve out an individual identity. After the most recent advancement overhaul, 500 levels are left as the ultimate goal. Reaching this target may prove rather difficult and time-consuming. Still, you could do several things to accelerate the progress. Read this post to find out how to level up faster in Apex Legends and the benefits it will bring you.

Perhaps the only reason to wish to know how to level up fast in Apex Legends is the aesthetics. The shooter’s collection of cosmetic prizes ranging from character and equipment skins to emotes is constantly growing. Apex Packs may contain many of those prizes at random. A pack comes with each level among the first twenty, followed by a pack for every two levels until 300. Afterwards, it will drop once in five levels until the 500 cap. Once that goal is met, acquiring more packs would require purchasing them online or utilizing the seasonal Apex Legends Battle Pass.

Occasionally, the progression further rewards users with craft materials needed to assemble certain prizes in particular instead of relying on random chance. Every level additionally awards Legend Tokens, which unlock additional heroes and recolored versions of appearances. Obtaining XP after the cap will result in receiving more of this currency. Most importantly, farming XP is also the main route of advancement through seasonal tiers. Each season’s pass offers exclusive appearance rewards. Every 5,000 XP earned will yield a single Star out of the ten necessary for one Battle Pass tier. Another, often more difficult method of earning Stars is by fulfilling regular Apex Legends Challenges.

To earn XP, you absolutely have to participate in actual games. However, players can utilize several distinct XP sources there:

  • Victory - 900 XP
  • TOP 5 Completion - 300 XP
  • Survival Time - Three for each second
  • Eliminations - 50 for each elimination
  • Damage - 0.25 for each point inflicted
  • Revive Ally - 25 for every revival
  • Respawn Ally - 200 for every respawning
  • First Daily Elimination - 500 XP
  • Eliminate Champions - 500 for each Champion elimination
  • Kill Leader Placement - 50 for anyone who was Kill Leader at any moment during this game
  • Champion Squad - 500 after starting the game as a Champion

As the table clearly shows, farming Kills is not the fastest way to level up Apex Legends accounts or the seasonal pass. Pursuing alternative options would be more efficient. One should not miss out on those other sources due to a short-sighted focus on Kills. Making the most of all those opportunities requires gameplay expertise. Guides like our Tips and Tricks for Apex Legends would help improve your overall combat effectiveness and ensure victories. In this post, we offer general advice on how to level up fast in Apex Legends below. Of course, if your primary objective is advancing in the pass specifically, focusing on XP alone might not be optimal. We have suggestions there as well.

Hunt Down Champions

The Champion Squad is the premade team possessing the single best performance record in their previous game of all currently opposed teams. This record is not just a matter of Wins. Many further considerations, like damage, ability use, and distance travelled influence assignment. As the table shows, killing them can be very rewarding. Their identities are announced at the start of a match, cluing you in on who your targets should be. Defeating them will not be easy, as they tend to be skillful and have forewarning. However, it would be very much worth your while if you can pull it off!

Stay Alive

The best leveling method by far is to simply survive for as long as possible. XP gains from time survived can easily exceed gains from any other sources. A longer game would present better opportunities to go after those other sources too. If you are not so sure about your chances in direct confrontations, trying to hide is a valid strategy. The tradeoff is that you might miss out on superior loot. Apex Legends Coaching Service is invaluable for mastering survival tactics. Note that those who abandon early only receive Kill XP and forfeit survival awards. Assuming you are serious about leveling, you should always hang on until the end even if the odds are against you.

Play Together, Stay Together, and Slay Together

Finding a strong team is essential for speeding up your account’s progression. Simply playing with squadmates you invite, as opposed to randomly assigned teammates, will let you benefit from Playing with Friends. This mechanic provides a 5% boost to survival XP from having one friend in your party, or 10% for a pair. You can add friends through your gaming platforms, such as Steam, EA Origin, or console networks. In addition to those boosts, teaming up with familiar allies one trusts can be an enormous advantage in matches. Cooperation is highly rewarding, considering that resurrecting friendlies and inflicting non-kill damage are also viable methods of acquiring XP.

Proper communication will allow your squad to create and execute strategies, whether you prefer safe survival or going for more dramatic maneuvers. Voice chat and pinging can assist this teamwork. Given enough coordination, your squad should be constantly prepared to cover each other and provide revivals as necessary while cornering your enemies. A squad that does particularly well may be able to enter the next battle as Champions, increasing rewards further. Just remember that it would turn you into bigger targets. There is an added benefit for collectors, as using a fully premade squad is necessary to acquire Badges like Team. Work. IV and Group Theatrics.

Complete Challenges

Instead of relying on Stars, Challenges offer a means of getting pass levels and rewards directly. However, their requirements can interfere with earning XP. Daily challenges change every day at 11 AM GMT. You can reroll them once for free if you want more convenient tasks. Subsequent rerolls cost an increasing amount of Legend Tokens. Weekly challenges do not rotate, which means you can pick up to eight such challenges in one week and complete them at any point during the season. There can also be special Event challenges. Challenges range from playing several games to using specific weapons or Legends. Going for all challenges available would likely help with Well Rounded or Master of All Badges.

Buy the Battle Pass Bundle

If you are willing to spend actual money, you could always accelerate your Battle Pass advancement by buying a bundle. This package deal grants you 25 effortless levels on the progression track. Buying immediately would allow you to begin your climb at tier 25. Alternatively, those who started advancing through those levels naturally can give themselves a bump later in the climb. The bundle costs 2,800 coins, which may be acquired from an earlier seasonal progression or purchased directly. Note that after reaching Level 76, this option disappears. That is because the ten final levels and their elite trophies must be obtained with actual effort.

Buying Battle Pass Levels

Each tier may also be purchased individually at a cost of 150 coins, so the final price can be rather steep. This method can only take you to level 100, after which threshold one must progress manually with the help of the advice in this post. Purchasing all 99 tiers until the threshold sets one back 14,850 coins (approximately 155 US dollars). Still, depending on one’s honest rating, available currency, and free time, individual purchases could be a real time-saver.

The progression system in this hero shooter has already undergone some pretty major changes. There may be more to come in the 2021 - 2022 period. Developers have already hinted at raising the level cap to 1,000 and revealed that old seasonal items may become buyable again in the future. Despite all those changes, the essence of account and seasonal progression remains unchanged. The finest rewards require persistence and clever tactics. Thanks to our Apex Legends Boosting Services, grinding for progress is no longer necessary for any of our customers. Just buy our Apex Legends Level Boosting service, and relax while boosters take care of the progression.


FAQ About Apex Legends Leveling

How many Apex Packs do you get by Level 500?

As of this writing, players can earn a maximum of 199 packs.

Has the leveling process changed over the seasons?

While system fundamentals have remained the same, the structure of player progression has changed several times since release. Players find particularly major differences between how to level up fast in Apex Season 6 and how to level up in Apex Legends Season 10, for example. The reason is the December 2020 update, which raised the level cap from 100 to 500 and rebalanced the progression accordingly. How to get XP fast in Apex Legends Season 9 was also different from before due to the introduction of Arena Mode. In brief, when one plays definitely matters. Furthermore, the progression system may receive another shake-up soon.

How to level up fast in Apex Legends Season 11?

The tips in the main article apply for this season as for any other. Doing Arena-specific challenges seems like the optimal method of collecting both XP and seasonal levels right now. That is because you can complete those challenges relatively quickly while collecting XP through good performance.

How do I activate the bonus for playing with my friends?

Enter the Friends menu in the main lobby. Search for the username of the person you intend to add under Find Friend. Then, send an invitation. Once it is accepted, the person shall be considered a friend, providing the desired XP bonus. The game supports cross-platform multiplayer, so it should work even if your friends use a different console or PC.

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