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Shooters live or die by their weaponry. Modern Warfare has always been well-served in this regard, with a rich variety of weapons supporting different playstyles. On release, it included 39 weapons divided into eight categories (including melee weapons and launchers), with more arriving later. Each category has certain defining qualities – for instance, assault rifles are versatile and fast-firing, while shotguns are typically slower and more suitable for close-range engagements. Nonetheless, every individual weapon also had its particular strengths and weaknesses, as well as a distinctive feel that forms a major part of the player experience.

Every season added two new guns that could be unlocked by making progress in the seasonal Battle Pass. All of those additions have found their own niche in the game’s meta, while some went on to be among the most popular weapons in the game. For example, Renetti is a widely preferred handgun for dual-wielding, while Fennec is consistently one of the highest-rated weapons in Warzone’s battle royale. Although the Battle Passes that yielded them originally no longer work, players can still obtain those and other season weapons by completing their in-game challenges:

NameWeapon CategoryFirst AppearanceChallenge
Holger-26Light Machine GunSeason 1Using a Light Machine Gun, get two longshot (30 yards or more) kills in 25 different matches
RAM-7Assault RifleSeason 1Using an Assault Rifle, get two headshots in 25 different matches
Grau 5.56Assault RifleSeason 2Using an Assault Rifle, get five kills in a minute 25 times
Striker 45Submachine GunSeason 2Get two kills while sliding in 15 different matches
RenettiHandgunSeason 3Using a Handgun, get two headshot kills in 15 different matches
SKSMarksman RifleSeason 3Using a Sniper or Marksman Rifle, get two longshot kills that are headshots in 15 different matches
FennecSubmachine GunSeason 4Using a Submachine Gun with the Solozero Optics Mini Reflex and the Ranger Foregrip, get five kills while in ten different matches
AMAXAssault RifleSeason 4Using an Assault Rifle, get three Gunbutt (gun melee attack) kills in ten different matches
ISOSubmachine GunSeason 5Using a Submachine Gun with a Holo Optic, get five kills in seven different matches
AN-94Assault RifleSeason 5Using an Assault Rifle, get two hipfire (with no aiming down sights) kills in seven different matches
AS VALAssault RifleSeason 6Using an Assault Rifle, get two headshots in five different matches
SPR 208Marksman RifleSeason 6Using a Sniper or Marksman Rifles, get two longshot kills that are headshots in five different matches

How to Handle the Challenges

As you can see, the challenges all follow a similar structure, but their difficulty can vary considerably. While hipfire kills with an assault rifle only require charging into the fray and firing without aiming, collecting longshot headshots requires a good aim and a heap of patience. The upside is that those challenges help train you to play to the strengths of the weapon you are trying to unlock. After killing enemies while sliding with another SMG, any subsequent attempts at this tricky tactic with the remarkably stable Striker 45 will go much more smoothly.

Each of those challenges calls for an individual approach, one suited both to the goal and to the weapon category in question. Small, tightly-packed maps with frenetic action, like Shipment or Shoot House, are ideal for unlocking short-range weapons. Sniper or marksman rifles, meanwhile, are easier to use (and get) on larger maps with more elevated positions and vertical movements, such as Rust or Boneyard. The original game’s maps are preferable to the battle royale thanks to their narrower focus. Nevertheless, you could use Plunder to complete the challenges in a lower-pressure environment, due to the relative ease of recovering from death there.


While some of the weapons unlock challenges may seem difficult, they get much easier with practice or coaching. Ultimately, it is a matter of mastering a weapon category, which makes it a logical fit for unlocking another weapon of that type. So long as you don’t give up and remain focused on the goal, it should be possible to complete any of those challenges in relatively little time. After that, you will be free to use your newly acquired weapon in either game and customize it further with attachments, reticles, and camos. This ability to choose the exact tools you need to win matches your way is one of the main selling points of the franchise.

4 min read 2021-03-19 08:50:00 131