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Contracts Guide

Contracts Guide
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Contracts side missions that players in Warzone can pick up and work on during regular matches. Completing them provides a variety of benefits, including resources, intelligence, and the XP necessary to level up your profile and weapons. The exact objectives and rewards depend on the Contract in question, but all of them can make a major difference to the course of a match. Nevertheless, not everyone understands their true value or how to make the most of them. Read on to learn more about the different types of Contracts and the best ways of using them.

The Basics

Contracts appear in all standard modes. They can be activated by picking up special items – floating briefcases with yellow markings that spawn all over the map (except for Contraband, which is blue and only appears as a reward). Those items can be found on the minimap where they are denoted by symbols related to the Contract type, helping you plan ahead in order to secure your win. Note that your rivals all have access to the same Contracts on the map, so you may end up fighting for the right to activate it. Once picked up, the Contract’s objective must be met within the time limit to receive its rewards.

You (or your squad, if you’re not playing solo) can only work on one Contract at a time. However, it is possible to complete several Contracts during a match. Each completion raises your Contract Bonus stat, which can get as high as 6 but will reset at the end of the match. The stat increases the standard (XP and Cash) rewards you get from completing all future Contracts. The bonuses go up from 40% to 180%. Completing multiple goals not only offers a major edge over the competition during the match but also serves as one of the best ways of leveling up weapons quickly regardless of their source.

At first, there were only three Contract types, but overtime three more have been added to the mix:

Contract TypeSymbolObjectiveStarting Reward for Each Player
BountyCrosshairsKill a specific enemy player marked by a yellow circle.
If this objective is achieved before time runs out, another target from the same squad may be killed for an extra reward, until there is no time or no squad members left.
100 XP on start. 1000 XP, 400 Weapon XP, 3000 Cash per target. Small chance to get Contraband on completion.
ReconFlagCapture a marked point on a map by standing next to it for a certain amount of time. More people will secure the area faster.100 XP on start. 500 XP, 300 Weapon XP, 1000 Cash, lesser loot, information on the next safe area on the map on completion. Small chance to get Contraband.
ScavengerMagnifying GlassLoot three supply boxes that will be marked one after another in your vicinity.100 XP on start. 2000 Cash and loot from each box. On looting the third box: superior loot including the Armored Satchel (previously Gas Mask), 500 XP, 300 Weapon XP, 2000 Cash. Small chance to get Contraband.
Most WantedCaduceusSurvive a three-minute manhunt during which enemy players will be able to see you on the map and will receive a reward for killing you.100 XP on start. 1000 XP, 400 Weapon XP, 3000 Cash, immediate free redeployment for all downed teammates on completion. Small chance to get Contraband.
Killing a Most Wanted target will give you 3000 Cash and count towards your Contract Bonus progress.
Supply RunClockReach a marked Buy Station approximately 500 meters away within two minutes.100 XP on start. 500 XP, 500 Weapon XP, 2400 Cash, chance to buy one item at an 80% discount or a Self-Revive Kit or a teammate redeployment for free on completion. Loadout Drop Marker is not affected. Small chance to get Contraband.
ContrabandBriefcasePick up the blue briefcase, bring it to a marked extraction point, call in a helicopter, and interact with the item it brings (similar to extracting money in Plunder mode).100 XP on start. 1000 XP, 400 Weapon XP, 8000 Cash, permanent Weapon Blueprint added to the account on completion.

In addition to being modified by the bonus, the exact rewards can also be affected by your mode – for example, the cash gains are affected by the bonus round multiplier in Plunder.


It is almost always worth picking up a Bounty Contract. After all, it will reward you for doing something you will generally want to do anything – pick off enemy players. Even if you don’t think you can pursue it within the time limit, the mark will give you real-time information on one enemy’s position, which can be invaluable. When playing Battle Royale Trios, going for a quick kill could be especially lucrative, letting you earn more by finishing off an entire squad.

You should be careful, though – your target will know that they are being hunted, as well as their current distance from you, giving them a fair chance to fight back. The ideal approach may be to engage a target that is already distracted by another opponent. It is possible for several players to have the same Bounty target, making that scenario more likely to occur. Success, in that case, will require careful timing to claim the spoils for yourself.


This Contract is a godsend for more strategic players, as it will give you early warning of the circle’s next shape on success. That will allow you to plan your movements in advance, perhaps retreating to safe positions ahead of time or setting up a killzone to intercept fleeing opponents. There are many more options for what you can do with this intel that may be identified with experience or the help of coaching. Completing several such Contracts will give you information about further changes.

The ideal moment to go after such a contract would be near the midgame when circle movements become critical but there is still enough time to adjust your strategy. Bear in mind that other players are likely to try and prevent you from getting this advantage. When you reach the recon point, a red flare will fly up into the sky, giving your enemies a chance to stop you before the site is secure. If you are playing in groups, it may be wise to have a player with a sniper rifle overlook the point to pick off any such attackers.


Along with Supply Run, this popular Contract is meant for gearing up. While the supply boxes are guaranteed to be somewhat close to your position, they may not be so close to each other. That makes it a somewhat poor match for the breakneck pace of Plunder. In the main mode, though, it can be much more convenient, especially if you play in Duos and have a partner to watch your back while you activate and fulfill the Contract.

Scavenger is a particularly versatile assignment that might help at many points in the match. By initiating it early, you could get a running start on the rest of the game. By looting and buying some good gear early, you would put yourself in a position to pursue other Contracts with greater ease. Alternatively, you may rely on it to catch up later in the game if you have fallen behind. It may also be a great way to re-enter the fight after escaping from the Gulag. Even if you fail to complete the entire contract, the loot from the earlier crates can still give you an edge.

Most Wanted

By activating this Contract, you essentially place a bounty on yourself, inviting all other players outside of your team to come gunning after you. While difficult, it is also one of the more rewarding missions. In particular, being able to instantly revive all of your allies for free can make using it a high-risk, high-reward strategy if your group has already taken casualties. Note that this is another Contract that is not well-suited for Plunder, as reviving is much easier there while being hunted hinders the pursuit of wealth.

The important thing to remember is that you have the initiative. Do not pick up this Contract if you do not feel ready. Unless you get very unlucky, you should have a window of time before the hunters close in, allowing you to take measures to protect yourself. One popular method involves getting in a vehicle and driving around the edge of the map, trying to outrun pursuit. However, such a maneuver may be thwarted too early by enemies equipped with launchers. Alternatively, you can find a strong defensive position and shore it up with mines and traps. That way you might be able to rack up a lot of Kills on top of earning the rewards.

Supply Run

While it is also a gearing mission, Supply Run has a number of important differences from Scavenger. For one thing, it is approximately as viable in Plunder as it is in Battle Royale. In the former mode, it is especially valued due to the Buy Station prices, which are both significantly higher and set you back from achieving your main goal. In the latter, a free Self-Revive kit or a teammate revival can stave off a defeat. In either case, it is particularly useful early in the match, providing an early lead in the gear race.

Transportation is vital for crossing a long distance in just two minutes. Therefore, it is advisable to secure some kind of vehicle before setting off the Contract. At the same time, it may not always be ideal to rush straight towards the target, as Buy Stations are typical hotspots. Any spare time should be used to scout around, perhaps deploying a Recon Drone if one is available. Using a helicopter to fulfill this Contract may be the most effective tactic. Doing so in a Plunder Trios game, where you can have one team member fly the chopper, is also the optimal method of leveling up weapons quickly.


The rarest Contract is also the most lucrative, enough to justify prioritizing it over all other objectives. The Cash payout offers an enormous boost towards gearing up, but getting a blueprint is the true reward. Those special weapon variants – like the Bat Out Of Hell version of Striker 45 SMG – are visually distinct and may come with attachments that you have not yet unlocked for the normal gun.

Contraband has a small chance to appear as part of the loot from any of the other missions. This likelihood might increase as you complete more Contracts, though it is never something you can count on showing up during a match. Note that, unlike the other Contracts, Contraband can be hijacked and completed by another player if its current carrier is killed.

While there is no way to tell if a given Operator is carrying Contraband, the extraction point is marked by red smoke. Camping near it may be a good way to intercept a carrier and take their payload. Conversely, if you are trying to evacuate a blue briefcase, you must be extremely wary when approaching this point. Try to scout around and/or secure backup for the final approach. Also, note that the helicopter will take 30 seconds to arrive, so even if you get to the point safely, that is no reason to get your guard down. It may be a good time to deploy Killstreaks and use your other resources to make sure you can size the game-changing prizes.


At the time of this writing, the Most Wanted Contract has been pulled from all battle royale modes due to a glitch that made its users invulnerable. Such problems are sadly not unprecedented, as problems in this important mechanic can easily unbalance other parts of the game. Given its popularity, though, there is every reason to expect that Most Wanted will return soon. There can also be no doubt that Contracts will remain a major part of the game in the future, with the possible addition of new objectives.

13 min read 2021-05-17 07:53:00 123