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How To Unlock And Use Pistol Dual-Wielding

How To Unlock And Use Pistol Dual-Wielding
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Dual-wielding pistols may seem like an over-the-top stunt from an action movie, but in fact, it is a legitimate combat technique that is used by criminals and government operators alike to increase firepower without relying on heavier and more conspicuous primary guns. The Call of Duty series has long included this fascinating and spectacular loadout option, and the recent games are no exception. Despite several nerfs, dual-wielding remains a highly viable approach in Warzone, allowing you to take down enemies quickly at short range.


In Modern Warfare, this option can be accessed by adding the Akimbo perk to your handgun. While it takes away the ability to aim down sights, it gives you a copy of your pistol to wield in your off-hand, letting you inflict twice as much damage in very little time. To unlock it for each individual weapon, you would need to complete a combat challenge in the original game or the battle royale. The challenge involves scoring 3 kills in 5 different matches while wielding that handgun with a specific perk.

For example, the Renetti is probably the best Akimbo pistol due to its overall excellent handling and speed, resulting in an amazingly low time-to-kill with Akimbo. It becomes even lower with the Mk3 Burst Mod in its barrel slot, enabling you to shred away any opposition with rapid-fire dual bursts. To unlock its Akimbo perk, you would need to rack up the required kills using Mo’ Money perk. That is actually a convenient requirement since kills committed with that perk equipped will also level up your weapon faster. Even less convenient challenges will present you with the opportunity to simultaneously work towards other goals, such as unlocking camos. Once you have the perk, you will be able to slot it in normally through the Gunsmith.

Dual wield

The Dual Wield attachment in Cold War functions similarly to Akimbo, trading the ability to aim down sights or attach optics for a second copy of the pistol. It is much easier to unlock for each gun, however, only requiring you to level a weapon to 35. After that, you will be able to place Dual Wield in that weapon’s stock slot. Unsurprisingly, Renetti’s close relative Diamatti is the best candidate for using this attachment. It starts with the three-round burst by default, which turns it into one of the most dangerous secondary guns in the game when dual-wielded.

The nerfs received by dual-wielded weapons only prove their deadly efficiency. The focus of those balance tweaks has been on reducing their effective range. However, they remain unrivaled in close quarters encounters. Aside from maximizing your firing rate with burst upgrades, the best attachments to focus on are ones that improve your stability, hip-fire accuracy, or personal speed. For example, you will never go wrong with a laser sight. It is vital to keep moving and close in quickly, particularly when facing enemies wielding long-range weapons such as light machine guns or sniper rifles. An assault rifle would be a good fallback option to bring along for sustained firefights at longer distances.


Note that, while they seem optimal now, burst semi-automatic pistols are not your only choice for dual-wielding. Despite being nerfed as well, the .357 Magnum with the Snakeshot ammo damage bonus is another promising option, sacrificing speed for raw killing power that may be compared to dual-wielding shotguns. Other handguns have their own strengths too. Either way, Akimbo or Dual-Wielding presents an exciting possibility for players who wish to score wins through fast-paced, close-range action using little more than their trusty sidearms.

3 min read 2021-02-11 06:55:00 148