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Warzone Weapons And Perks Guide

Warzone Weapons And Perks Guide
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This comprehensive text is a perfect introduction to the huge arsenal presented in CoD Warzone. You are going to learn a lot about your weaponry, necessary "perks" and small details about the gear. Loadouts are examined in this text too as an important detail of the WZ gameplay.

Similar to the previous games in the series, your choice of different setups is very customizable. To unlock access to changing loadouts you are ought to obtain rank 4. Small but important detail: if you have any unlocks and loadouts in MW, they will be transferred to the WZ automatically.

However, in WZ you can get your loadout only by locating it somewhere at Verdyansk. At the start, you have nothing, just like other players. It is required to open special drop boxes during the match. Before that everyone ought to rely on the loot. In Plunder your gear is available in exchange for the cash you found during the match.

Everything about customization

  • Primary -  the main and only "instruments" of winning the match.  The list of this category of weaponry consists of classical assault rifles, quick and simple SMGs, LMGs as the “loudest” option for damage dealing, marksman and sniper rifles for calm professionals or the special Riot Shield.
  • Secondary - your second chance in the most difficult situations. Launchers, pistols and knives can be found in this category.
  • Operator perks - once a loadout drop has been located and opened, you receive all bonuses that were chosen in this slot. Choose your perks carefully as they greatly affect your gameplay and playing strategies.
  • Lethal Equipment - set of special gear with only one single task: assisting you in sending your enemies to the GULAG. You can find a variety of different explosives and gadgets here, from basic grenades to C4 satchels and throwing knives.
  • Tactical Equipment - an addition to the previous slot. Some items from this slot can be very helpful on specific occasions.

Weapons customization

Every gun can be changed in the customization menu named “Gunsmith". Here is located a wide set of different options, mods, camos and upgrades for your favorite guns. For the main part of the presented guns' maximum of five different accessories is available. Assault rifles will be a perfect description of a customization system.  You can change magazines, barrels and rear grip, put on special scopes, lasers, silencers, new muzzles and so on and so on. This wide choice of accessories opens you the ability to create both unique and effective weapons.

On your screen you will also see a list of weapon stats that will change in correspondence with chosen upgrades. It is important to check this info from time to time in order to understand what your weapons are capable of. A variety of cosmetic changes are also available for your weapons. Scopes’ reticles can be changed, stickers and camouflages put on your guns.

However, remember that most of the upgrades are locked until the necessary amount of XP is farmed for every gun you want to improve.  If you want to save your free time and unlock a fully customizable armory within your account, then order our special weapon unlock boosting services. Our professional players will obtain every upgrade for every weapon possible quickly and efficiently. All your changes can be saved and found later in the Armory.

Weapons in detail

For every single match you will play in WZ, your most faithful companion will always be your primary gun. Without it, your chance of survival drops significantly. Right now there are seven categories of primary guns and we will speak about every single one of them.

  • Assault rifles - for sure the most popular choice. Reliable, accurate, with a good rate of fire and even better damage these guns, are a universal option for every soldier. With help of various upgrades, usual rifles can exist in SMG, LMG and even marksman options. Still, it is the most beloved category of guns in the game and the most recommended one for newcomers.
  • SMGs - their idea can be easily described as “smaller assault rifles". While losing to its older relative in such stats as damage dealing and effective range of fire due to smaller caliber, they are much more dangerous in CQC thanks to the insane rate of fire. SMGs are also much more “comfortable” in usage, so it is the perfectly accurate type of gun for the hip-fire type of shooting.  With some special upgrades like lasers, this accuracy can be improved even more. Quick and deadly option for players who love to force close combat on enemies.
  • Shotguns' - an ultimate option for close combat. It is impossible to get someone for middle or far distances, yet, there is nothing more dangerous and harmful than these high-caliber weapons when you participate in a firefight in buildings or other tight spaces.  Shotguns are also among the most comfortable and mobile guns out of all primary options. It means that your character will move much quicker than with another gun in his hands. This type of gun is considered as the one more skillful because of its dependence on the range and a small amount of ammo within one magazine or clip.
  • LMGs - consider them as a “heavy” version of usual assault rifles. Huge magazines holding one hundred or even more rounds, crazy firing rate and a lot of damage with every shot. However, it is better to remember that these types of guns are not just metaphorically but also literally heavy. You move much slower and the speed of the reload is almost the worst in the whole weaponry. LMGs are all about strategy and patience despite their brutal nature.
  • Marksman rifles - are often described as a combination of two previously mentioned types of guns. Most marksman ones usually combine high damage and slow rate of fire of sniper rifles but high range, ammo capacity and mobility of assault rifles. This combination unlocks a lot of tactical options for an experienced operator. Perfect knowledge of the map and quick thinking are highly recommended when you choose this type of weaponry for the main setup.
  • Sniper Rifles' - an instrument of a cold-hearted hitman that can be described as a legendary category of weapons in the CoD series. It is very hard to master this weaponry. The necessity to reload after each shot, huge recoil and low ammo capacity - everything described is your faithful companions during usage of sniper rifles. However, nothing is as exciting as getting your foe put to his last sleep with a single shot made.
  • The Riot Shield - the main detail everyone needs to understand about this shield - it cannot shoot. However, its main task is to protect you from anything that can do you any harm. This shield will also protect your back when another gun is being chosen. This piece of equipment is a nice choice for a crew of players with high-level communication as it unlocks a wide list of tactical maneuvers. Yet, lonely players probably will not be able to unleash the full potential of this thing.

Secondary Weapons

Often considered as the last chance of saving your life, this is a list of specific weaponry that for sure is going to be very helpful on rare but important occasions. You should choose them as an important addition to the primary set, not the independent option.

  • Handguns -  we all know the golden rule in the whole CoD series about handguns. It is much faster to choose your pistol than to reload your rifle.  Your pistol will be your savior in the worst situations, so treat it appropriately when making a choice. Handguns are the most mobile weapons in the game, so they can be used during sprint runs on high distances. More than that, a handgun will be your last resort when all other weapons are out of ammo.
  • Launchers - may be the rarest in usage and purely tactical but still a very important type of weapon. Launchers are used for destroying enemy vehicles, killstreaks and dealing massive splash damage if necessary.
  • Melee - the only thing that is more mobile than the handgun. One single strike is necessary for getting a kill on most occasions. Yet, remember that this thing does not shoot bullets, so you need to be as close to your enemy as possible.

A variety of equipment for any type of needs

Lethal: explosives

Warzone presents a wide list of different explosives available for usage. Part of them can be useful only in certain conditions while others are totally universal. They deal a lot of damage to the enemy and most of them can kill anyone in one hit if they were exploded close to the enemy.

  • Frag grenade is the most basic choice out of all. Thermite grenades and Molotovs are trickier in usage but very effective against vehicles and enemies wielding riot shields.
  • Triggered explosives are presented with C4, mines and Claymores. Usage of mines and claymores is pretty similar. In order to explode mines are needed to be stepped on, while claymore will explode when the enemies’ legs cross its lasers. The result is similar too: guaranteed death of your foe. C4 can be controlled by you with your trigger and will explode only when you push the button. Consider the fact that all described items can be destroyed by shooting them if they will be seen.
  • Throwing knives - yet again another CoD classical weapon. It can take out your enemy with one single hit despite his health and armor status. It also can be used as a usual melee weapon if necessary.


  • Disorientation - flash, stun and gas. All of that has a similar effect on your enemy. They will be disoriented and much more vulnerable to your attack if they will get under the effect of your disorientation grenade. A very useful item for cleaning small rooms.
  • Distraction - on rare occasions you will need to distract your enemies. This is where decoy and smoke grenades come necessary. Decoy Grenade will simulate the sound of shooting and will be shown on the enemy radar as a usual red dot. Smoke grenades can be used for both covering and distracting needs.


Perks are special passive bonuses that sometimes can change the result of the gunfight dramatically. They cannot be found anywhere around the map and can be accessed only after locating a loadout drop. There are 3 available slots for perks for every operator.

First slot

  • Double time - stamina is improved and movement while crouching becomes quicker. Very useful for operators who prefer dynamic CQC combat.
  • E.O.D. - gives you a bit of protection from explosives and fire. You will also be able to unlock enemies’ explosives and pick them up.
  • Scavenger - this one will make dead enemies a source of ammo for your operator.
  • Cold-Blooded - you will not be shown on the enemies’ radars, you will not be recognized by targeting systems and seen by thermal optics. Perfect for players who love stealth.
  • Kill Chain - your chance of finding a killstreak in a supply box will be significantly increased.
  • Quick Fix - as you kill an enemy your speed of health regeneration will increase. Must-choice for aggressive players and anyone who plays in trio game modes.

Second slot

  • Restock - if you often use your equipment this perk will give you the ability to use any of it again after waiting for 30 seconds.
  • Overkill - a perfect perk for anyone who is in love with a riot shield. With this bonus, you will be able to buy not one but two primary weapons in one setup of gear.
  • High Alert - gives you a notification with a pulsating HUD every time you get in the eyes of enemy players.
  • Ghost - you become undetectable to enemies Drones and UAVs under the effect of this bonus.
  • Pointman - a mandatory choice for players who prefer playing Plunder. It gives you much more cash for completing contracts with it.

Third slot

  • Tune-up - reviving your crewmates becomes much quicker with this bonus. It is perfect to have a soldier in a team with this bonus equipped if you really want to increase your survival chances.
  • Amped - launchers are reloaded faster and weapons are changing much quicker under the effect of this bonus.
  • Shrapnel - unlocks you an ability to take additional lethal gear to the battle. Additionally, your explosives will bring much more damage under the effect of this bonus. A nice choice for anyone who throws grenades first and comes in second.
  • Battle Hardened - you get immunity to all disorientating devices and grenades.
  • Spotter - gives you the ability to locate hostile equipment through any type of obstacle. It will save you from mines and assist you in finding any type of disposable enemy killstreaks.
  • Tracker - just like a “cliché hunter” from old movies, you start to notice the enemy’s footprints. Additionally, you will see locations of enemy death marked on your screen.
14 min read 2021-04-17 08:26:00 143