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How To Start The Bird Of Prey Quest

Updated 20.04.2023 3 Mins to read Share
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How To Start The Bird Of Prey Quest

D2 still keeps the players involved in the game through the introduction of new expansions, Beyond Light is the latest example of that. Each brings a lot of new content, like new worlds for adventures and explorations, new PvP possibilities, and some quests to develop the lore and provide some challenges. Each update of storylines might be the only reason why some of the old players return to the game each time as it continues to develop the world even further than anything players of the first version of the game could have unanticipated.

The update on the 19th of January has introduced a new Exotic Quest with the title The Bird of Prey with little information on the subject. Even the obtaining of the quest seems a secret of sorts and the reasons for that are not clear. Still, the D2 players need to investigate the matter themselves, and here we can help you with that.

This quest represents a hidden mission within another. In this case, you will have to pass the Harbinger several times in order to obtain special Feathers of Light. One of the main factors to getting to begin the Exotic is that you need to possess Hawkmoon in the inventory. The story of this weapon is quite long considering it first appeared in the previous part of the game and now this cannon can be quite deadly in various situations in a combination with some other weapons, like Cloudstrike, for example. That is when you can start this exotic quest.

First, get to Trostland which is within European Dead Zone, travel to ABS Kastner, and get on the ledge above the Building. That is where you will face some enemies that protect the area. Now make good use of the Hawkmoon taking down the secret wall that you can find if you go forwards and turn left when getting on the ledge.

When you get into the secret location the mission will start. That is where you will collect the needed Feathers bypassing the Harbinger event. There will be nothing out of the ordinary, PvE activity like many others you have dealt with before.

These collectibles, like many similar ones, can be dropped from defeating mobs or be given as a reward for fulfilling the survival portion of The Harbinger and killing the final boss, so you will have to do some farming. 5 Feathers are placed in various areas within the event as well so can be just picked up.

When you have managed to collect 100, you will be rewarded with the Exotic Radiant Accipiter Ship. That is the ship that Crow mentioned during his quest that was also connected to the cannon.

The quest might not be hard but will require some outside knowledge. If you are having problems at any stage, CakeBoost can offer you help in various aspects of D2. If you have any problems with achieving high results in the game you might also want to consider Coaching services that will make your adventures in Destiny much more fun.