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Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide

Updated 20.04.2023 6 Mins to read Share
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Deep Stone Crypt Raid Guide

Various raids have always represented a significant aspect of D2 since they provide both interesting tasks and useful rewards. Deep Stone Crypt raid is no different in that aspect and can provide players with really interesting challenges as well as a weapon. In this case, players can get a reward for their input efforts, the Beyond Light special weapon Eyes of Tomorrow.

Here you will get acquainted with each aspect and stage of the Crypt raid, find out the best strategies for each encounter, and become aware of what to expect when going in. Do not think of this PvE activity lightly, after all, developers do their best so you can get the thrill not only in PvP.

There are also other weapons this raid can provide you with, like a sword, and a lightning sniper mostly as an additional reward. Of course, you also get a chance to receive various parts of the special Armor Set.

This task begins with an area where your team has to pass the bubbles with buffs trying while keeping away from the storm with debuffs until you reach the end. Ten touches of the storm will result in death so keep a close eye on those.​​​​​​​

Next comes the first fight of the raid. This map is separated into 3 main locations: 2 rooms with 10 panels and the underground area. The goal here will be to get rid of the fuses and 4 cylinders on the main level of the area. Small fuses are tied to the ones that you need and are located on a lower level. You will need to keep an eye on those as they will be lit up in the needed order.

When you receive the operator red buff, the difficult part begins. People with this buff have to perform the major part of the work as only they will be capable of using the needed panels and will need to keep an eye on the correct order. To finish this part your team will have to exchange the scanner between the two rooms to call out the right panels that the operator buffed team member then will get a chance to make a shot.

During the second stage, your team will face Atraks, and this will be far from easy. Your squad will need to keep a look at the timer while trying to keep survive the fight. Here the location is again separated into 2 main rooms, each consisting of 4 replicas of the boss when the battle begins, and later more add to that. The main goal in this stage is similar: scanner buff needs to be transferred within the team in 2 main rooms that will help your team highlight the duplicates.

Then 6 Servitors spawn, defeating them will make the duplicate stand out, that is your next target. As a result, a debuff will also be dropped, so you should take it. Your team will get an opportunity to start inflicting some damage on the main boss, and this is where Lament can help out. At the final part of this stage, your whole squad needs to be located close to the boss and all of your teammates need to aim at the duplicate that gets a highlight after the use of the scanner.

The debuff you had picked works for 45 seconds, so you need to redirect the auras to airlocks which the operator must open by destroying the panels.

The next stage will involve some new tasks: cores and suppressors. Suppressors are those that can stun the boss and are located lower than drones. Getting rid of 3 of them leads to the stun of Taniks and allows opening the bins so you can deal with the cores. This stage will be a bit simpler than the previous one, it is your chance to get used to these procedures for the end of the raid.

Two of your teammates need to take cores and bring them to the bins, at this moment the operator gives as much damage to Taniks as possible. But do be watchful as all abilities will be locked while you keep the core on you. When the door in the room center unlocks, the boss will come after you.

This arena consists of 3 sections: the area of spawn and 2 areas with bins. The enemies will spawn in each of these sections. As Taniks begins to inflict damage on you, your main task will become the destruction of 4 orange thrusters that are placed on his sled. Each of them drops a core when destroyed, which needs to be again transported to the bins. The carriers will also receive a debuff that will instantly kill them if they gather 10 stacks, so keep an eye on that. The needed bins have to be checked with a scanner. Again before all that you need to unlock the bins through the suppressor and shoot at the Taniks like in the previous stage with stuns. When 4 cores are no longer an issue, the final phase of this raid will get available.

Here you need to get in the bubble Taniks stays at the moment to open an opportunity to inflict any damage and finish the raid. In the process of this fight, there will be various things hovering and flying near you that can do significant damage to your team. The boss can teleport through the area and has a rage ability that can knock you away. Keeping your distance from the boss, staying close to the edge with a Well and the most effective guns equipped may be the best course of action. Keep on attacking until you finish the boss off.

To be able to finish the raid fast and with little effort you will need to go through some preparations. High-damaging weapons and protective armor will require some continuous farming. CakeBoost can offer you help in various aspects of D2. If you have any problems with achieving high results in the game you might also want to consider Coaching services that will make your adventures in Destiny much more fun.