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How To Farm Spoils Of Conquest

Updated 20.04.2023 7 Mins to read Share
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How To Farm Spoils Of Conquest

The opportunity to acquire distinctive and powerful weapons is one of the main reasons to run raids in Destiny 2. However, there is always the risk of missing out on the best results if you get unlucky with your perk rolls or if the raid that was the only source for a desired item gets removed from the game – as happened to many such activities last year. The Beyond Light expansion introduced a new currency, the Spoils of Conquest, to mitigate this problem. You can earn them during raids and spend them to acquire exclusive raid items from various sources. Read on to learn how to acquire those Spoils and how you can use them to add to your Guardian’s loadout.

You can acquire Spoils from any raid, but the latest raid to be added to the game (currently Vault of Glass) offers much better opportunities for farming. Here are the possible sources for Spoils at the time of this writing:

SourceRaid(s)RequirementsSpoils of Conquest
Boss Encounters from Legacy RaidsLast Wish, Garden of Salvation, Deep Stone CryptComplete the encounter for the first time in that week.3 per encounter (12 total)
Boss Encounters from the Latest RaidVault of GlassComplete the encounter any time after your first clear in that week.5 per encounter (25 total)
Secret ChestsVault of GlassFind the secret chests in out of the way parts of the raid map. Only works once per character per week.5 per chest (4 total)

The secret chests also offer armor mods that will help you in the raid and alternative versions of loot that you have already obtained from this raid. You can find the Vault of Glass chests (referred to as Temporal Caches) by following those instructions:

  • First Cache: look to your left just after you finish the initial skirmish and enter the Vault;
  • Second Cache: jump down from the platform ahead of the left turn leading towards the Templar’s boss encounter. Turn around to see an opening in the wall. Follow this hidden route to an overgrown platform with the chest before proceeding to the encounter;
  • Third Cache: shoot down the three Vex cubes in different parts of the Gorgon’s Labyrinth (to the right in the first cave, near the exit, and at the far end of the map respectively), then head to the right side of the labyrinth to find a secret door. It will open and allow you to claim the prize. A good sniper rifle like the Adored would make it much easier to take out the cubes without being overran by the other Vex;
  • Fourth Cache: move past the entrance to the final boss encounter’s location, climb the pillar, and turn to your left. Jump across the ledge to reach the cache.

Once another raid goes live, Vault of Glass will probably join the legacy category and only offer 3 Spoils per encounter, which is what happened with the previously more lucrative Deep Stone Crypt. Its replacement will offer maximum rewards. Since the next raid has not even been announced yet, though, it seems likely that the series’ first raid will remain a farming hotspot for longer.

If you are not satisfied with the standard rate of farming, there are some ways to improve your Spoils income. They require bending the shooter’s rules to overcome the intended restrictions.

For example, as of the Season of the Splicer, it is no longer possible to queue up for the raid solo. However, a solitary Guardian can collect the first chest in Vault of Glass by utilizing out-of-bound glitches. The trick is to dodge immediately after dismounting from your Sparrow while next to a rocky outcropping near the entrance. Then you will be able to move through an out-of-bounds area and reenter the actual game world after a few jumps. Remember that you can loot the chest once per character per week, allowing you to collect 15 Spoils per week in total.

A high-Mobility build with the right armor pieces would be crucial for you to infiltrate the raid successfully, as would a sword like the Lament to make it easier to change directions. Titans can use the Lion Rampant piece and the Catapult Lift jumping variant. Hunters require St0mp-EE5 and the Triple Jump. Warlocks need the Dawnblade subclass’ gliding abilities and Attunement of Sky bonuses.

Team players can use a less drastic exploit to maximize their Spoil gains. You can play with your fireteam normally until the checkpoint before the Templar boss encounter. After saving, switch to another character (your teammates don’t have to switch). Use that character to complete the encounter and collect the Spoils, then switch back to your first character and load at the checkpoint. Switch back to the farming character and invite your fire team. You can then keep repeating this trick endlessly, potentially earning around 120 Spoils per hour. High-DPS weapons like the Heritage Shotgun should let this farming session go by smoothly.

Taking advantage of exploits enabled by the game’s design is not a violation of your terms of service, so you don’t have to worry about Bungie cracking down on your account if you use those methods. Some players do consider them unsporting, however. Also, they are likely to be removed in a patch without any warning sooner or later. If you do decide to take advantage of any of those opportunities while they remain available, consider getting PvE coaching to ensure that you can move and fight efficiently enough to farm your extra Spoils reliably.

You can hold up to 240 Spoils in your inventory, and the same amount with each of your maximum three characters’ Postmasters, adding up to a total of 960 Spoils per account. There are several ways for you to use them:

  • At the end of the Deep Stone Crypt and the Vault of Glass raids, you can spend 20 Spoils to buy a different randomized version of a weapon or an armor piece that you have previously obtained in that activity, allowing you to fish for a Fatebringer Legendary Hand Cannon God Roll or other optimal rewards;
  • You can also unlock a bonus reward crate for 60 Spoils, giving you a chance to acquire one of the items you have not yet acquired from this raid;
  • You can spend all 240 of your Spoils and other resources (150,000 Glimmer, 1 Exotic Cipher, 2 Ascendant Shards) to buy certain Exotics from one of the raids that were removed at the Monument to Lost Lights terminal at the Tower.

Spoils of Conquest are an ingenious mechanic that creates an added incentive for players to repeat raids and helps them catch up on high-level gear they may have missed. While not the most efficient method of powerleveling, it is invaluable for people who have their eyes on a special weapon that would suit their playstyle. Weapons with unusual abilities such as the Anarchy Exotic Grenade Launcher or a Firefly-based God Roll for Vault of Glass’ Corrective Measures Legendary Machine Gun can be especially enticing options. As more raids are added to the game and new gear appears at the Monument, the Spoils should become even more valuable in the future.