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How to Get Xenophage Destiny 2

Updated 20.04.2023 4 Mins to read Share
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How to Get Xenophage Destiny 2

Xenophage is an Exotic Power Machine Gun that has become quite popular in Destiny 2. It is distinguished by its range and explosive munitions, allowing it to function as a cross between a Grenade Launcher, an Auto Rifle, and a Sniper Rifle. While it proved somewhat underwhelming on release, subsequent buffs have turned it into a highly effective PvE weapon. To obtain it, Guardians would have to complete a rather intricate questline on the Moon. Read on and learn the way to play through all the steps with maximum efficiency.

You must first obtain the Exotic quest at the Enduring Abyss. You may recognize the exact site from the Memory quests, as it is where they are turned into Eris Morn. If there is a finished quest that has not yet been brought to her, you could simply teleport there. Alternatively, arrive at Sorrow’s Harbor and proceed inside the Scarlet Keep, then turn left before the glowing rocks. Either way, you will get to a ledge overlooking a Pyramid. Use the monuments there in this order (from the entrance):

  1. Near right
  2. Far left
  3. Far-right
  4. Near left

Then, retrieve The Journey item from the spawned container to commence the first phase.​​​​​​​

The next stage takes place at the Anchor of Light. Acquire the Light buff from a building underneath the radio tower on the northwestern side of the outpost. Then, light the six local lanterns in the correct order and without letting more than a minute pass between every two interactions:

  1. The building you found the buff in;
  2. Under a fallen tower, visible to the west after you head north;
  3. In a yellow structure facing the saucer structure after going back south;
  4. On the northern edge of the radio tower’s second level, accessible from the south;
  5. On the roof of a yellow structure with a ramp north of the radio tower;
  6. On the roof of the saucer structure.

Retrace your steps to the radio tower and deposit the Light in the spire to advance.

This step calls for you to solve a puzzle at the end of every one of the Lunar Lost Sectors. You can do them in any sequence. Shooting any tile changes all the symbols in certain ways. The goal is to make all symbols match the example given above them. The most efficient sequences follow:

  • K1 Communion: Left down, right down, middle up, middle up
  • K1 Logistics: Left up, left down, right middle, middle
  • K1 Crew Quarters: Right up, left middle, middle, middle down, right down, right down, middle down, middle down
  • K1 Revelation: Right middle, left middle, middle, middle, left middle, middle up, middle down, middle

Each puzzle yields a fragment, letting the player proceed to the following stage.

The remaining stages all occur inside the Pit of Heresy dungeon. Eris Morn will let you enter the instance if you have not unlocked it already. Get past the initial encounter in Necropolis and advance towards the wall full of doorways. There, locate the one doorway without a green symbol above it. Scale the wall to reach that doorway on the left end of the area. Interact with a hidden symbol in the niche to finish the objective.

Progress towards the next encounter of the instance. Go towards the western ledge and tap the rounded plate to bridge the gap. Follow the resulting path to a point overlooking the giant bones and retrieve another buff. Cross the main encounter area again to its opposite side and use your buff to light up the two saucers framing an entrance. That will reveal a way toward the hidden boss fight that wraps up this mission. You will not have to complete the dungeon afterward unless you wish to finish the Harbinger triumph seal.

Volmar is a full-fledged Hive Wizard boss with a recommended Power Level of 970. She guards her room, attacks using Darkness Blasts, and summons reinforcements. Your Guardian will get a Dread effect that indicates the only element that may harm her: Void, Solar, Arc, or Kinetic. Being a later addition, Stasis has no (intentional) effect. Retrieve an Orb of the Dread element from the encounter arena and touch the pedestal with the appropriate symbol. For 30 seconds after that, attacks of the Dread type will be able to damage the boss. You will get a different Dread after that. Once she is down, you will just need to deliver the bug she drops to Eris Morn to get your gun.