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How To Make A Flawless Run In Trials Of Osiris

Updated 20.04.2023 7 Mins to read Share
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How To Make A Flawless Run In Trials Of Osiris

The Trials of Osiris is the name of the elite PvP mode in Destiny 2. It pits two teams of three Guardians each in a series of elimination matches. Barring interruptions due to technical issues or updates, it takes place every weekend, running from 1700 GMT on Friday to the same time on Tuesday. Every week has a different map and rewards, though the latter is always drawn from the Trials pool. They consist of unique, formidable gear with an Ancient Egyptian aesthetic. A Flawless run – winning seven matches without a single loss – yields the greatest rewards for the victors.

Unlike standard Crucible matches and like Iron Banner, Trials are power-enabled, meaning that the differences in weapon Power Levels have an effect (note that this does not apply to the Seasonal Artifact’s Power bonus). However, Trials are a purer PvP experience compared to Iron Banner and are generally considered more competitive and challenging, if also less time-consuming. A large part of the challenge lies in its matchmaking. While you will need to put together your fireteam manually, its enemies throughout the Trials will be assigned based on the current amount of wins on both sides, likely resulting in a steady escalation of difficulty as the run goes on.

Each Trials match consists of several timed rounds. To win a round, a team must either kill everyone on the opposing team or secure a central point that appears when the timer runs out. If neither team captures this flag before reaching the second time limit, victory goes to whichever side is closest to the capture point in the end. Since Trials are an elimination event, killed Guardians cannot revive themselves; instead, their allies have to reach their position and hold briefly hold down the resurrection button. PvP coaching in the regular Elimination mode may help you come to grips with the tactical implications of this rule. Victory in a match goes to whoever wins three rounds first.

Reaching the milestones of three or five won matches guarantees you Powerful Rewards, while seven wins and a completed Flawless run each add Pinnacle Rewards. Those prizes include Exotic Weapons and Trials of Osiris Armor. Going Flawless also unlocks the Lighthouse, an exclusive social spot that offers extra prizes such as a special emblem and an armor glow that lasts all weekend. Completing Trials of Osiris bounties and collecting Trials Tokens over the course of the run can yield additional rewards including Glimmer, Season Pass XP, Valor Ranks, and Trials Engrams that can give you more versions of previously acquired Trials rewards.

To participate in this lucrative event, you must first meet a minimum Power requirement that is forty levels below the seasonal power cap. You can then approach Saint-14 in the Tower and buy a Passage for a large sum of Glimmer and Legendary Shards (acquired by dismantling Legendary Weapons). Each Passage gives you one run, which will end prematurely if your team loses three matches. Buying another Passage will reset your run. Some Passage types have special requirements before they can be accessed, and all of them offer special perks:

PassageEffectUnlock RequirementsCost
MercyOne loss in a run is ignoredNone25000 Glimmer, 15 Legendary Shards
FerocityIf you can get to three wins without any losses, you will get a free fourth winNone25000 Glimmer, 15 Legendary Shards
WealthIncreased tokens for winning matchesFive wins35000 Glimmer, 25 Legendary Shards
WisdomIncreased XP gain for winning matches (scaling with the number of wins)Seven wins35000 Glimmer, 25 Legendary Shards
ConfidenceBonus reward from the Flawless chestGo Flawless once50000 Glimmer, 50 Legendary Shards
  • Your enemies in the Trials are other players, making it impossible to prepare for them perfectly. Just like you, they may have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves, including unpredictable tactics and surprising weapons. The opposing team’s subclasses and gear will be revealed during the loading screen, giving you some chance to adjust, but not to change your build. The key to success is prompt and efficient communication with your teammates, ideally through voice chat. Use the information provided to you to plan ahead and decide on roles and tactics during the encounter. Continue to exchange information during the fight, pointing out enemy actions and positions in case your allies miss them. Coordination is key if you are to survive and thrive.
  • Overall, the mode’s high stakes and potential for sudden kills encourage you to play it safe, contrary to the habits you may have picked up in PvE. Make sure to stick together so you can cover each other and offer quick revives if they are needed. Keeping your team intact should be prioritized over killing enemies, as you can still win through careful positioning during overtime. Staying close will also help you get Supers, which should greatly improve your survivability and create the openings you need to go on the offensive. Don’t be afraid to fall back if the firefight is not going your way, but make sure to cover each others’ retreat if that is necessary. The Merciful Passage can let you get to Flawless even with one loss, so you may wish to use it as insurance until you are sure of your mastery of the mode.
  • Having good gear is especially important in a power-enabled contest. Aside from making sure to bring the highest-level equipment at your disposal, you should pay attention to the current PvP meta. Certain weapons have proven especially reliable in Trials, and while you may prefer something else due to your skills and preferences as a player, you are unlikely to go wrong with those standbys. Long-range weapons, mainly scout or sniper rifles, are traditionally popular due to their quick-kill potential. The Adored is a solid choice in this category thanks to its high stats. Hand cannons are preferable for when you need to close in for the kill, but the likes of Crimson can be effective at mid-range as well, giving you the versatility needed to switch rapidly between offense and defense. Assault rifles like the SUROS Regime thrive for the same reason. The Colony is a potent wildcard option, as it is extremely difficult to avoid, throwing the enemy team into disarray if you time its shots right.

The Trials have been a part of the series since the first game, and with the recent additions to its reward pool, it seems likely that they will continue for a long time to come. The new arrivals join such desirable and dangerous prizes as The Scholar, Exile’s Curse, and Vigilance Wing, which should make this event entirely worth it for those willing to answer its challenge. Besides, there is no greater sign of your Crucible prowess than prevailing over your fellow PvP fans in this deadly event.