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Lost Sectors Guide

Updated 23.06.2023 10 Mins to read Share
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Lost Sectors Guide

Lost Sectors are compact areas tucked away in less-visited corners of Destiny 2’s game world. They contain enemies from one or two factions, a boss, and a loot chest. Sometimes they have some other tricks to them as well. You can think of Lost Sectors as a lighter, less time-consuming alternative to dungeons. While often easy to overlook due to their remote locations, exploring those sites can be as worthwhile as the more popular activities. For one thing, quite a few lucrative quests and bounties will take you to Lost Sectors. Playing through them can also offer decent rewards in its own right.

The Beyond Light expansion removed four planets’ worth of Lost Sectors from the game. However, it also implemented two new areas with especially challenging and lucrative Sectors of their own. Perhaps no less importantly, it introduced a system of higher-difficulty instances for some of the Sectors. Every day, one Legend and one Master-level Sector become available to eligible players who have reached the seasonal Power Soft Cap and overcame the regular version of the Sector in question. The advanced Sector instances ramp up the challenge with modifiers that give local enemies bonuses, additional weapons, allies, or powers.

Additionally, if you fail to win within 15 minutes, you will no longer be able to use Revive Tokens on that run. In return, you can earn Powerful Rewards, the best of which equal the loot offered by Nightfall: the Ordeal Strikes. If you are lucky, beating a Legend Lost Sector solo may let you earn some of the expansion’s Exotic Armor pieces, which have some of the best stats in the game along with unique powers. Master Lost Sectors work the same way but with more punishing modifiers and higher drop rates.

Unsurprisingly given the destination’s size, the European Dead Zone has the largest amount of those Sectors.

  • Skydock IV and the Quarry (once the source for the Fourth Horseman Exotic Shotgun) are located in Sunken Isles in the northwestern part of the map, underneath the Cabal ship and on the big hill next to it respectively. Entering the Skydock can be a little tricky, requiring you to find a trap door under the cruiser’s middle section and then travel down a short corridor.
  • Together with The Pit, Excavation Site XII, and Pathfinder’s Crash located under and around Firebase Hades further south, those EDZ Sectors are inhabited by tough, hard-hitting Cabal soldiers. You should be ready to strafe and wear those enemies down using power weapons like Xenophage.
  • You can locate Shaft 13, Cavern of Souls, and Hallowed Grove by going from east to west in the Sludge. Notably, one part of the Hawkmoon questline will take you near (though not into) the last of those Sectors.
  • Further west, on the southern edge of the Gulch, you should locate the Flooded Chasm – the only EDZ Sector with two enemy factions (Fallen and Cabal).
  • The Fallen occupy the remaining Sectors: Scavenger’s Den, The Drain (under the bridge), Whispered Falls in the Outskirts, The Weep in Winding Cove, and Terminus East, Atrium, and Widow’s Walk in and around the chapel in Trostland. Of those, Widow’s Walk is distinguished by being very short yet having prominent Nightmare enemies, making it suitable for training purposes or the Essence of Pride quest unlocked through Nightmare Hunts. A good Hand Cannon such as Eriana’s Vow would serve you well here, especially in the showdowns with bosses.

Each area in Nessus has one Lost Sector.

  • The Orrery reached through a hidden passageway close to the Artifact’s Edge Landing Zone, is especially popular due to its simple and easily accessible setup, which makes it a great choice for completing relevant bounties or satisfying PvE Catalyst requirements.
  • The Rift is conveniently placed right at the Exodus Black Landing Zone near the planet’s principal NPC, Failsafe. It contains one of the Dead Ghosts.
  • The Glade of Echoes’ Carrion Pit, meanwhile, will require you to delve into a tunnel in the ruins.
  • You can get into the Conflux through an entrance under the Vex building in The Cistern.
  • Ancient Haunt lies in a cave on the western edge of The Tangle. None of those Sectors are too difficult, so you should have a relatively easy time claiming their rewards.

The Tangled Shore’s Lost Sectors were used to drop pieces belonging to the Scatterhorn Armor Set. Sadly, that prize appears to be no longer in the game, but it may still come back in later updates. The asteroid is also home to Spider, who offers Wanted bounties for targets in most Lost Sectors at this and other destinations. Fulfilling those tasks can earn you such prizes as the Lord of Wolves Exotic Shotgun and Enhancement Prisms. Once again, there are five Lost Sectors.

  • Perhaps the most fascinating among them is The Empty Tank in the west of the criminal settlement of Thieves’ Landing; it is a sort of party venue for Fallen and Cabal renegades, complete with unique music and a full-blown arena.
  • The Kingship Dock is a small instance accessed through the elevator just outside of town.
  • Another elevator further east will lead you into Four-Horn Gulch, from where you should be able to sneak into the Trapper’s Cave Sector.
  • The Hive-infested Wolfship Turbine is by the Landing Zone at Soriks’s Cut.
  • Finally, Shipyard AWO-43 is under the wrecked Hive ship amid the Jetsam of Saturn. Many of those Sectors add special challenges to spice up the combat, like clearing away the infestation in the Turbine or bypassing the guard dogs in the Cave.

Many players find Dreaming City’s three Sectors to be especially frustrating due to the distances between them and the perhaps excessive numbers of foes spawned. On the other hand, Petra Venj’s bounties and Ascendant Challenges (which yield Powerful Rewards) provide an added incentive to get into a vehicle and head to clear away those trouble spots.

  • The Bay of Drowned Wishes in the westernmost corner of the Divalian Mists is especially notorious for its wide-open spaces and hordes of exploding Scorn, but that can make it an interesting tactical challenge.
  • Aphelion’s Rest is especially remote, as it lies under a hill in the far east of The Strand.
  • You will find the Chamber of Starlight tucked away inside a ravine in the southern reaches of Rheasilvia. Wave-clearing weapons can work very well here, especially Witherhoard.

The Cosmodrome is the first of the two destinations currently in the Legend and Master rotation. Both of its Sectors will become available to you after finishing the first mission in the Beyond Light story campaign.

  • To access Veles Labyrinth, you should seek the southernmost of the ancient rusted shipwrecks on the Forgotten Shore, then jump in through the open hatch and navigate a short tunnel. If you have it, The Lament is hands down your best option for the many intense melee encounters of this site, though stronger ranged Exotic Weapons can do fine too.
  • You can enter Exodus Garden 2A through a gap in the wall in the east of the Divide, past the silo. Long-range weapons, like a Sniper Rifle or the Scholar Scout Rifle, will perform better here, especially at the final arena.

After the conclusion of the Beyond Light campaign, you will be free to explore the Lost Sectors of Europa – the other destination with the higher-difficulty Sectors enabled. Local Lost Sectors contain Aged Armor in chests that can be opened with Stasis powers. This unusual currency can be traded for unique Europan rewards with Variks the Loyal. You will also earn Herealways Pieces, a currency that gives you access to the friendly Fallen’s highly lucrative missions.

  • The path to Perdition requires you to turn right while halfway through a tunnel in the middle of Cadmus Ridge and then head into the cave.
  • Bunker E15 lies beyond a prominent gap in the large yellow building in Eventide Ruins. The Lament will probably be your best option in both sites, letting you tear through hordes and tough bosses alike.
  • Getting into the Concealed Void will require you to enter the underground cavern network in Asterion Abyss and find the glowing entrance. Anarchy and Stars in Shadow are an excellent combo for this more complex Sector.

As of this writing, the Moon’s Sectors are about to unlock their advanced difficulties. They are already popular due to their role in the Xenophage quest and proximity to the Hellmouth – one of the most efficient power leveling areas in the shooter.

  • After moving into the southwestern corner of that location, you will find the building with the trap door that leads to K1 Crew Quarters.
  • You can access K1 Logistics by dropping through the number 7 elevator shaft in the main structure of Archer’s Line.
  • K1 Communion is in a basement area under the building complex in the Anchor of Light.
  • K1 Revelation is concealed within a small rocky outcropping in Sorrow’s Harbor. Those Sectors contain large groups of enemies, making them suitable for farming bounties and other kill-reliant tasks. Witherhoard can play to its strengths here as well.

With the upcoming addition of the lunar Sectors to the Legend and Master rotation, it is clear that the Lost Sector activity is going to continue evolving and expanding. They are already one of the better options for farming gear at different points in your progression. Their small size also means that you will be able to take them on without needing to put aside too much time for the pursuit, although you may wish to seek out coaching if you have trouble grappling with some of the high-end Lost Sectors’ more challenging mechanics.