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Where is the HELM Destiny 2

Updated 20.04.2023 4 Mins to read Share
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Where is the HELM Destiny 2

The HELM (Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers) is Destiny 2’s nexus for seasonal content. It was introduced during the Season of the Chosen and has only grown since. All new activities introduced in Beyond Light seasons after the first one may be accessed from there, along with story content and questlines. Other features include the latest seasonal artifact and loot upgrade system. While most active players have had time to become accustomed to this hub, newer arrivals to this expansion may struggle with accessing it and its features. Read on to learn how to access the HELM and what to do once you are there.

According to the game’s lore, the HELM is connected to the Tower. When it was first introduced, players could access it by selecting the Tower and then choosing the hub. As of the Season of the Splicer, however, the HELM has been given its travel node that you can click on to get there instantly. You can find it in the Director directly above the Tower. It is small and can be easy to miss if you do not know what you are looking for. Before you can enter the HELM for the first time in a season, you will also need to unlock it by playing through that season’s introductory storyline. In the Season of the Lost, that role is played by the Wayfinder’s Voyage I quest.​​​​​​​

As its name suggests, HELM is a true hub containing many features. They currently include:

  • Starting points for newer seasonal activities such as Override, Astral Alignment, and the Shattered Realm (accessed from either the location itself or its map);
  • Tools (Hammer of Proving, Splicer’s Gauntlet, Wayfinder’s Compass) used to unlock extra rewards from the above-mentioned activities. Although Battlegrounds are accessed through the Vanguard playlist rather than the HELM, rewards for it are still unlocked through the Hammer of Proving;
  • Items or NPCs that enable you to unlock or upgrade those tools, such as the War Table or the Splicer Servitor;
  • Other plot-relevant NPCs including Crow, who you must talk to progress in the latest questline;
  • Access points for quest locations like the Eliksni Quarter and Mara Sov’s Chambers;
  • The Prismatic Recaster is used to focus the Umbral Engrams acquired from various seasonal and standard activities. Focusing narrows down the items you could get from this Engram, ensuring that it can only yield items that meet certain criteria. Those criteria include item type, desired stats, or a specific perk. More options can be unlocked by acquiring Prismatic Lenses and bringing them to the Recaster;
  • The Umbral Decoder, which allows you to transform focused or unfocused Umbral Engrams into weapons or armor;
  • The Postmaster, an NPC whose chief role is to deliver any loot you may have missed from instances and public events, as well as any official gifts;
  • The Vault is a permanent storage system for up to 500 individual items or stacks. Its inventory is shared between all Vault locations and all characters on the same account;
  • The Quest Archive, where you can pick up any quests that you had previously discarded or never received in the first place (such as the New Light campaign for long-time players).

Note that your instance within HELM is private and unique. While that makes it impossible to use it as a social space, it also cuts down on loading times and prevents crowding.

It should not take long for you to familiarize yourself with the HELM, as it is similar to other Destiny hubs, only more streamlined. There are reasons to believe that it will continue to play a major role in the next expansion since there are still several rooms that are yet to be unlocked. While Awoken and Elksni content is going away in February 2022, the hub itself is not on the developers’ removal list. Indeed, this content rotation should only make it easier to support more activities there later. In the meantime, let us help you get the most out of your Season Pass activities available at the HELM!