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Where Is Xur Destiny 2

Updated 20.04.2023 4 Mins to read Share
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Where Is Xur Destiny 2

Xur may be the most enigmatic and elusive vendor in Destiny 2. All Destiny fans know about him is that he is somehow connected to the Nine (even more mysterious beings associated with the Trials of the Nine that have been replaced by the Trials of Osiris). In-game, his role is to sell Guardian's Exotic and Legendary equipment that would be otherwise hard to find. The alien trader is only around on weekends. He spawns in a different place every time, bringing with him a fresh inventory. Read on to find out where you can find Xur and what you can get from him.

The weapons merchant appears on Friday at 1700 GMT and disappears with the Tuesday reset at the same time of day. Although Xur’s location is randomized with each appearance, he always shows up in one of three spots as of the Beyond Light expansion (which vaulted two of his previous spots):

  • On a walkway overlooking the northwestern corner of the Hangar on the eastern end of the Tower;
  • At the top of a cliff on the northern edge of Winding Cove in EDZ, reachable through a cave entrance;
  • On the branch of a huge tree with red leaves on the eastern side of the Watcher’s Grave region of Nessus.​​​​​​​

The wares that Xur will offer you each weekend are similarly randomized. Historically, his offerings consisted of the following items:

  • One Exotic Engram per account that you could decrypt into a random Exotic item that you do not yet possess from Years Two or Three of Destiny 2;
  • An Exotic Weapon such as the Riskrunner SMG;
  • A Titan Exotic Class Armor Piece;
  • A Hunter Exotic Class Armor Piece;
  • A Warlock Exotic Class Armor Piece.

You can still buy those items from Xur in exchange for the Legendary Shards received when you dismantle Legendary or Exotic gear. Armor pieces cost 23 Shards each, while the weapon costs 29 and the engram goes for 97. On top of that, though, the Season of the Lost has expanded the alien’s random weekly offerings with seven Legendary weapons and Legendary armor sets for all classes. The price for each armor piece or weapon is 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer. Many of those items come from older content and are difficult or impossible to get otherwise. Even if you already have some of them, these versions are not sunset, making this a uniquely appealing deal.

Every week, Xur also offers a free quest called Xenology. To complete it, you will need to play through ritual activities: Strikes or Crucible and Gambit matches. The exact activities you choose to use for this quest are up to you, as they will all contribute equally to your progress. Playing with clanmates or completing harder versions of the activities such as Nightfall: the Ordeal strikes will let you advance faster. Once you have met the progress requirements, you will be able to turn the quest into Xur and receive an Exotic Cipher.

This mission is the only source of Exotic Ciphers other than the Season Pass. You can use the Cipher to buy a second Exotic Engram per weekend per account from Xur. However, it is also necessary to purchase older Exotic weapons from the Monument to Lost Lights archive terminal. With great choices like Eriana’s Vow and Izanagi’s Burden, this can be a very tempting alternative. Either way, make sure to finish this task before the end of next weekend, so you could grab the quest again during Xur’s next visit.

While Xur may seem like a relatively minor part of the game, he is popular among the player base for a reason. He specializes in powerful wares that are hard to get in any other way. The recent addition of older Legendary gear has increased his value further. Whether your interest is in collecting or powerleveling, the Agent of the Nine is worth tracking down. Thankfully, the Destiny community pays close attention to his movements, so it should not be difficult for you to find where he is and what he has on every weekend. Just keep your eyes open and make sure you have the time and the Shards to make the most of his deals.