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How to Earn the Kappa Container in Escape from Tarkov

Updated 20.03.2023 14 Mins to read Share
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How to Earn the Kappa Container in Escape from Tarkov

The Kappa container is the hardest-to-obtain item in Escape from Tarkov. Acquiring it is a matter of enormous prestige. It is also the longest, most demanding grind that the survival shooter has to offer at the moment. Follow CakeBoost’s guide to shave hours or days off this grind and earn the Kappa container in as little time as possible.

Secure containers are invaluable for leveling and gearing in the unforgiving wartorn environment of Tarkov. Unlike the rest of a player character’s inventory, the items stored inside them cannot be lost upon dying in a raid. There is no need to spend money on insuring them with Prapor or Therapist. With a whole dozen of slots, secure container Kappa is the biggest container of this type in the game. It does come with significant restrictions. Players cannot use it to store items of the following types:

  • Weapons of any kind (even melee weapons that may be stashed in other secure containers);
  • Wearable items, including armor pieces, rigs, or helmets;
  • Most other containers, excluding small ones like wallets, pouches, cases, or keytools;
  • Large weapon mods, like magazines, specialized scopes, or larger mounts.

In spite of those limitations, the Kappa container can be quite useful. Raiders can use it to safely store quest items, most weapon mods, keys and keycards, ammo, consumables, and other loot. That can save them a lot of worry and money, particularly in the Terragroup Labs raid, where nothing can be insured. Secure containers enable more efficient and reliable looting, as it lets players retain their spoils even if they die in the same raid. Obviously, the largest such container offers the greatest benefits along those lines. It can substantially increase the profits from raiding over time and help avoid frustrating situations in which an ultra rare item is lost due to a single mistake.

Nonetheless, the main reason why this object is so highly prized is not because of its utility. The practical benefits are real, yet not groundbreaking. Rather, the Kappa container is the ultimate objective in the title as it stands now. Acquiring it is a long-term goal that players can work on until the next wipe. It is the reward for both serious, persistent engagement and a mastery over most of the shooter’s content and mechanics. As such, it is extremely prestigious. The first few players to collect this item in a wipe are widely celebrated, and even subsequent completions command considerable respect. It now comes with a distinctive armband, making the achievement easier to display.

The Kappa Container is the reward for completing the Collector quest offered by Fence. Before combatants can undertake this mission, they must unlock it by finishing the majority of quests put forward by other Escape from Tarkov vendors. The requirements are for specific quests, but they also tend to change with every wipe and major update. That is also true for the objectives of the Collector mission itself. Its execution always requires players to reach a certain level and turn in specific items, but the exact level and item requirements have evolved. This guide is written for the 12.12 patch, but the general advice should remain valid even after the quest is updated again.

Finishing Quests

The Collector quest has no required starting level, but it has by the far the largest amount of prerequisite quest in the title. As stated above, those prerequisites change with every major update. For example, the  12.12 patch added the Lighthouse raid, and several of the missions taking place on that map have been added to the requirements. The best way to keep track of the changing prerequisite demands is to consult with the TarkovTracker page for the mission. As of this writing, the page is up to date for the 12.12 update.

Regardless of the changes, unlocking the Kappa container quest always calls for completing the majority of other implemented quests. While most dedicated players will probably accomplish that eventually, doing so quickly requires a more deliberate approach. The quests range enormously, from scoring kills under certain conditions or retrieving items to raising stats or even crafting weapons according to the vendor’s specifications. They will also require going on raids on all available maps. The following tips should help readers take care of all the prerequisite quests as efficiently as possible:

  • Plan all your moves in advance. TarkovTracker presents an easy way to follow questlines in sequence. The official Escape from Tarkov Wiki is likewise kept up to date and offers further information on all missions and the locations involved. By using those and other tools, you can research quests before you get to them and develop plans for efficient progress;
  • Most quests require you to travel to specific locations. It may often be possible to take care of several tasks at once if, for example, two quests take you to the same village on the Shoreline. Identify those opportunities and optimal routes between quest locations on the same map ahead of your visit to save time;
  • If an objective calls for objects to be “found in raid”, this specification means it cannot be bought from vendors or fellow players. Literally finding it in a raid and extracting from it with the Survived status (gained by earning 200 XP or staying in the raid for a minimum of seven minutes) is one way. However, crafting it in the Hideout or getting it as a prize from another quest is also valid;
  • Hang on to any looted items you will need to finish future Kappa quests. Since most drops at random, doing so can spare you a lot of frustrating farming if you get lucky early;
  • In a similar vein, try to train up character skills required by later mission objectives. All skills are trained by using them, but not all uses are obvious, so research them on the wiki and find ways to practice while pursuing your current tasks. For instance, using sniper rifles whenever feasible will let you meet the requirements for the Psycho Sniper mission sooner;
  • Some quests call for you to level traders until they attain specific Loyalty Level thresholds. You will need to trade with them as well as finish the tasks they give you to improve your reputation. Try to buy or sell from them rather than the Flea Market whenever possible. Buying and immediately reselling their own stock is the quickest method of meeting the monetary requirement for those who can afford to trade at a loss like that;
  • The weapon parts for the crafting quests offered by the Mechanic can be purchased, which is usually the fastest and easiest way to fulfill his requests;
  • Hunting down PMCs is best done by camping near spawn points or at popular nearby loot spots. Take some time to consider the routes you have seen players use and prepare ambushes alongside them. You have more chances to encounter other players early in a raid, so it would be best not to linger there for too long unless you have other objectives;
  • Bosses are not guaranteed to spawn on their map or in any one spot. To ensure you can complete boss kill quests promptly, drop by known boss spawn locations regularly once you have received the mission and until it is concluded. Remember that bosses are very dangerous, both by themselves and due to their elite bodyguards. While it is possible to solo them, it would be much easier to take those targets down while they are distracted by squadmates or other players.

Leveling Up

There is no minimum level requirement for picking up the Collector quest. Turning it in, however, has always required reaching a high level with your PMC. In the 12.12 update the requirement was lowered from level 71 to level 62. Even after this reduction, players are not able to reach it simply by completing all the prerequisite quests. It is likely to take the longest of all Collector objectives. That makes it all the more important to start working on this part of the task well in advance. The following how to list covers the main things you can do to speed up your leveling process:

  • As a general rule, concentrate on questing, as it offers by far the biggest XP awards. Finishing the missions from the required list is an obvious priority, but other quests are also likely to be worth it, especially if they take place in nearby locations and do not require anything too difficult like hunting PMCs;
  • Complete the random daily and weekly tasks as quickly as you receive them from the vendors. Those challenge missions may not bring you closer to Kappa directly, but they are an essential source of XP, especially after the initial leveling 1 – 45 rush is concluded and you begin to run out of other quests. They are also a great source of money, which will help with completing some of the standard quests;
  • Farm the strongest AI enemies for XP. As of right now, that would be bosses and the Rogues in the Lighthouse raid. Weaker enemies are not worth bothering with in terms of XP gains, while killing those enemies when you encounter them will always give you a nice boost towards the goal;
  • Try to dispatch AI-controlled opponents with headshots whenever possible to maximize your XP gains. This method has the added advantage of leveling up your Snipe Rifles skill, which will prove necessary later;
  • Avoid getting into PvP encounters. Except for when you have been asked to kill your fellow PMCs, those fights are an unnecessary and risky distraction from questing;
  • Forego using Scav runs. Although they may be a safe alternative for looting or reconnaissance, those benefits are unlikely to be worth the lost questing time. It is better to play it safe as a PMC so you could boh loot and level up;
  • Do not overlook easy XP opportunities. For instance, scavenging bodies gives you a little XP that can go a long way in the long run. You may also find items you could use later, whether to sell for cash or to turn in for one of the quests.

Collecting the Items

Apart from the leveling requirement, the Collector quest is essentially a scavenger hunt that calls for the combatant to gather the collectibles made in the honor of Escape from Tarkov streamers. The specific items required can also change with updates. Current demands can be seen on the quest’s Wiki page. As in most other missions of this type, all streamer items must be “found in raid”. There are no fixed spots where they could spawn, but there are some likely sources that players should keep checking, both before and after they get this quest. The following tips will help you assemble a collection of streamer memorabilia without delays:

  • Build and start using the Scav Case Hideout Entrance Module as quickly as you can. Although it requires a considerable investment, it will be more than worth it over the long run. The module delivers random plunder with the “found in raid” quality in exchange for payment. Paying in “Fierce Hatchling” Moonshine enables some of the best possible rewards in quantity and quality, including any of the Collector quest items;
  • Hidden stashes are especially likely to contain streamer items. You can find such features on any map, though Customs and Interchange have particularly thick concentrations. On the other hand, Shoreline may have the most stashes in general and the best odds of avoiding firefights while you loot;
  • The mall in the Interchange raid is another likely source for food and other consumer goods;
  • Ornamental items such as statues, dolls, books, or musical instruments tend to appear in safes;
  • Tools and crafting supplies show up in industrial areas such as workshops. As such, the Factory can be a good place to try, although you should watch out for ambushes. The Labs are also feasible, but even more dangerous;
  • Food or drink containers may be found among rations or in duffle bags. Some of them may also be found as ground loot, which is especially common on Customs and Woods;
  • Wearable items such as masks are likely to show up on dead Scavs (whether you kill them yourself or not). The same goes for weapons.

It should be noted that none of those are absolutely reliable sources, nor are they the only way to get such items. Ultimately, the best method is to check all nearby loot sites and keep gunning down and robbing Scavs, but concentrate on thematically appropriate sites or hidden stashes. Between that looting pattern and a constantly operating Scav Case module, you should have an optimal set-up for acquiring the streamer items. In the meantime, loot runs combined with repeatable tasks will also help you continue leveling up until all the requirements for the Kappa Container are satisfied!


FAQ About the Kappa Container in Escape from Tarkov

What does it mean to get Kappa in Escape from Tarkov?

That phrase refers to the ultimate achievement in the active version of the survival shooter: acquiring secure container Kappa. The mission to obtain it may only be started after you complete the majority of quests in the title, making it a true test of skill and persistence.

How do I get the Kappa container in Escape from Tarkov?

You have to unlock and finish the Collector quest given to you by Fence. The objectives consist of finding and turning in certain items and leveling up to attain the required level (62 of the latest patch).

What quests must be completed to unlock the Collector quest?

The list of required tasks always includes most of the missions, but the exact requirements change with every major content update. For instance, the addition of the Lighthouse raid added more quests, some of which are needed for Kappa. The TarkovTracker page for the quest does a good job of documenting the latest unlock requirements.

How many items do I need to find to earn the Kappa container?

The list of target items is also subject to change. The TarkovTracker or the Wiki page for the Collector quest will help you stay on top of it after updates. Currently, 24 items are needed.

Do items in the Collector quest need to be found in raid?

Yes. However, that only means they cannot be purchased from traders or the Flea Market. Finding an item in an actual raid requires you to “survive” it by extracting after spending seven minutes on the map or after earning 200 XP without modifiers. Alternatively, you can also acquire them via the Scav Case in your Hideout.

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