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Genshin Impact Quick Leveling Guide

Updated 01.02.2023 3 Mins to read Share
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Genshin Impact Quick Leveling Guide

Genshin Impact has an elaborate progression system that players must use to access all of its rich content. The sheer variety of leveling activities can be a little overwhelming for newcomers and makes it difficult to plan them without help. Read this guide on how to level up fast in Genshin Impact for beginners to learn what you must do to advance!

There are several progression systems in the title. This Genshin Impact leveling guide is concerned with the two most important ones: Character Level and Adventure Rank, each with its own type of EXP. Character Level applies to individual characters at the player’s disposal, determining their stats and talents. Adventure Rank belongs to the entire player profile. Raising it makes enemies tougher, increases available rewards, and unlocks additional quests and mechanics. It also allows players to level up their Characters and Weapons to higher levels, making it truly vital for progress.

To level up characters fast in Genshin Impact, players will almost certainly have to complete quests. All sorts of quests yield Adventure EXP, and some offer Character EXP as well. Other quest rewards include Genshin Impact level up materials, which can be converted into Character EXP for chosen heroes with Mora. Archon Quests, which explore the main story, are an important though limited source of both types of EXP. Repeatable daily Commissions, meanwhile, are great for Adventure EXP gains.

It would be tough to level up in Genshin Impact without quests, but there are certainly other methods that can speed up player progress:

  • Exploration. There are numerous open world actions that grant Adventure EXP, including accessing Teleport Waypoints, turning in Oculus Orbs, and completing investigations for the Handbook;
  • Domains. Playing through those instances is another source of Adventure EXP;
  • Ley Line Outcrops. Defeating their guardians and harvesting the outcrops provides Adventure EXP. Many of them also allow players to get Character EXP Material Genshin Impact characters will need to level up quickly;
  • Enemies. Defeating any kind of enemies grants Character EXP, with bosses offering Adventure EXP on top of that. However, the gains are small, making enemy farming an inefficient means of leveling in most cases.

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