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How to Get Mora Fast in Genshin Impact

Updated 01.02.2023 2 Mins to read Share
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How to Get Mora Fast in Genshin Impact

Mora is the basic currency in Genshin Impact. It has a wide range of uses, from buying items in stores to improving characters and their weaponry. While players can acquire Mora from varied sources, some are much more efficient than others. This guide will help you to get Mora Genshin Impact players need to advance quickly.

  • Farming Ley Line Blossoms of Wealth may be the single most rewarding and efficient source of Mora at higher Adventure Ranks, but it requires spending Resins;
  • Each Domain can be farmed for Mora at least once. Farming it repeatedly likewise requires accessing challenges with Resins;
  • Clearing the Spiral Abyss. The first eight floors offer rich one-time rewards, while the remainder may be farmed twice a month;
  • Chests found in the open world, which always contain at least some Mora;
  • Defeating ordinary enemies reliably results in rather small amounts of Mora, but farming elite opponents can be very lucrative if efficient routes and tactics are employed;
  • Quest rewards. While that is usually a one-time reward, turning in Commissions daily is the most reliable way to get Mora without Resin in large amounts;
  • Completing Artifact Investigations, Reputation Requests, and Expeditions;
  • Rewards for taking part in various events, including random dailies;
  • Improving Adventure Rank always provides a Mora award at the Guild;
  • Specialized vendors such as Ekaterina sell Mora in exchange for other currencies;
  • Prizes from the developers, such as promo codes and community check-ins. While it frequently yields Mora without any effort, this source may have other rewards instead, making it unpredictable.

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Mora Farming FAQ

What is the fastest way to get Mora without Resin?

The fastest method would probably be to string together several activities along an optimal route, such as investigating Artifacts, opening chests, fighting monsters, completing quests, and taking part in local events. Commissions are the single most efficient source, so working around them may be a good approach.

What is the best way to farm Mora?

If one is willing to spend Resin, farming Ley Line Blossoms and Domain Challenges becomes the most rewarding method after attaining Adventure Rank 30 or higher.

How much Mora can you get in a day?

By completing all four daily Commissions, players can get around 20,000 Mora. Other sources can increase this safe income substantially, depending on the player’s skill, luck, available playtime, and willingness to spend Resin. With Resin, players could get up to 300,000 Mora in a full day of focused farming!

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