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How to Get Primogems Fast

Updated 01.02.2023 5 Mins to read Share
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How to Get Primogems Fast

Primogems may be spent as Genshin Impact’s premium currency. Their main use is acquiring other currencies used by players to help them progress in the game and unlock more content. While not strictly necessary, Primogems are extremely useful. Thankfully, there are many ways to acquire them, but using them efficiently calls for knowledge and focus. Read this guide to find out how to get Primogems fast as you play Genshin Impact.

Here are some reasons why people may want to farm Primo gems:

  • Players can purchase Battle Pass levels at 150 Primogems per level, unlocking various rewards without needing to complete lengthy and repetitive missions;
  • Instead of waiting for Original Resins to regenerate on their own, players can spend increasingly large sums of Primogems to refill them up to six times a day. The price resets afterwards. Original Resins are used to access challenges in Ley Lines and Domains, both of which are highly rewarding activities. They also serve as a key ingredient for Condensed Resins, which increase the rewards from those activities further;
  • Most importantly, Primogems are necessary to purchase both Acquaint and Intertwined Fates, which allow players to acquire random characters or weapons from Standard and Event Wishes respectively. Both resources cost 160 Primogems per piece. Players need to spend 10 Fates of the same type at once to ensure that they will get a 4-star character or weapon, which translates to 1600 Primogems.

The obvious way to get more Primogems is to buy Primogems through the in-game store. Before they can do that, buyers would need to purchase Genesis Crystals from the Gift Shop using real-life money. This resource could be exchanged for Primogems at a one-to-one rate, meaning that to get 1600 Primogems Genshin Impact players would need to spend 1600 Genesis Crystals. Crystal price depends on various bonuses and added fees, with the best deals going to people making their initial purchase on the PC. Players could also obtain additional Crystals and a regular Primogem income by subscribing to the Blessing of the Welkin Moon, though they must remember to log in every day to avoid missing out on the latter.

While the paid approach enables customers to get Primogems quick, it is somewhat cumbersome and not to everyone’s taste. Fortunately, players can find plenty of alternatives, making it possible to get lots of Primogems for free if they are used correctly:

  • Commissions are repeatable daily quests offering free Primogems as a reward. Players can do four such quests per day;
  • All kinds of other quests also count Primogems among their rewards, but while they can allow players to earn Primogems fast, each such quest can only be used once;
  • Both the free (Sojourner’s) and premium (Gnostic Hymn) tracks on the Battle Pass feature Primogems at several tiers. To claim them, players will typically need to complete assorted regular missions;
  • The Spiral Abyss has Primogems among both the single-time prizes of its eight initial levels and the renewable loot pool of its Spire section;
  • Filling in the Handbook and completing various tasks like clearing Domains, looting chests, and interacting with Teleport Waypoints and Statues of the Seven also provides Primogems. Even opening Tutorials adds a little bit;
  • Achievement completion is rewarded with Primogems;
  • Raising the Trust Rank by adding a specific and previously absent Furnishing to player housing gives Primogems. That also goes for obtaining Sets for the house as gifts from Companions;
  • Certain Events give out Primogems to participants;
  • Checking in at the HoYoLAB community website brings new prizes every day, sometimes including Primogems;
  • Promotional codes sometimes give Primogems.

So, how to get Primogems fast? That mainly comes down to using as many of those opportunities as proves feasible on a regular basis. However, Commissions and the Pass are especially valuable and efficient sources of Primogems, since those missions are renewable and usually do not take up a lot of time by themselves. It is impossible to get 1000 Primogems in a day consistently without spending real-life money. Nonetheless, the methods above allow players to earn thousands of Primogems in each month, giving them plenty of opportunities to make Wishes as long as they possess the necessary patience to farm this resource.

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