How the Eternals work

How the Eternals work
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Eternals present a stylish and eyecatching premium method of celebrating your achievements in playing a Champion in League of Legends. Each Eternal tracks a particular in-game stat for your chosen character, most of which relate to using specific Champion abilities in spectacular and effective ways. Examples include killing hostile heroes within seconds of them being affected by Umbral Trespass as Kayne or dodging skillshots by using Tumble as Vayne. Other trackers are generic though still keyed to that character, such as Epic Monster or Champion kills. The system gives you clear milestones to work towards while also providing a number of cosmetic rewards to dazzle friends and foes on the battlefield.

How to get Eternals

Unlike some earlier tracking systems, Eternals usually aren’t free. You can purchase them through each character’s Progression screen in the Collection menu or in the in-game store. Generic Eternals can be bought individually for each Champion or as a universal package for all current and future characters in exchange for Blue Essences or Riot Points. Blue Essences can be acquired as in-game rewards for various activities and also as a result of leveling your account past 5, but Riot Points are bought with real money outside of much rarer contests. Riot Points are also the only currency that you can exchange for unique, ability-related Eternals from Series 1 (or a Series 1 Pass that gives access to all of those trackers at once). Note that you can buy Eternals for Champions you haven’t yet unlocked, and that there are no level-based or other restrictions on the trackers being active.

How to get if for free

There is a way to get Eternals for free, however. Eternal Capsules can be earned by doing some missions during events or through playing ranked games after completing the required ten placement matches. Each Season in the MOBA’s competitive mode is divided into three Splits that last three months each. Ranked wins earn Split Points, with more points going to players who select the Fill role or accept being Autofilled. At certain tiers, special rewards accompany getting Split Points; an Eternals Capsule is the ultimate prize, given for acquiring 750 points. You can also earn this prize by rising to join the Gold division for the current season. Each Capsule contains a random shard for an Eternal you do not yet possess, tied to a character in your Collection.

Tracking progress

You can view all unlocked Eternal trackers for your characters through their Progression screen. Outside of a few featured modes, which do not show the Eternals icon under Points Eligibility in the lobby, you can always gain points by satisfying their requirements. Playing normal solo matches can be a great way to progress towards them if you are concerned about suboptimal play in higher-stakes games, although for the most part pursuing the Eternals should not require you to play against your character’s strengths.


Additionally, you may select any three Eternals as your favorites on a specific character, displaying them more prominently during games. They will then show up on the back of that character’s card on the loading screen and on your enemies’ death screens if you take them down. Those display options are active even in modes where you can’t gain more Eternals progression, though it is possible to hide the death screen showcase by using the N key.


Notifications will show up in the game whenever you complete a Milestone related to one of your Eternals. You can choose whether to show them to all players in a match or just your teammates – or even just yourself. Hiding them entirely is also an option if you don’t want to get distracted during a critical promotion match.

Five Milestones

Each Eternal comes with five Milestones that are filled in as you collect the right kinds of kills or other feats. Once all of them are reached, you can activate the Personal Best tracker on that Eternal. It will record and publicly display your best result in a connection to the Eternal’s requirements in one match. Hitting fifteen total Milestones in any Eternals will also activate a cosmetic upgrade: a flashier version of the Champion Mastery emote with an added flair.


For purposes of classification, all Eternals belong to one or another among six statues that depict the primordial deities of Runeterra and embody a particular aspect of gameplay. The Empress specializes in efficient kills (often involving ability combos), while the Warden favors crowd control powers. Guide Eternals tend to emphasize mobility and buffing, while Protector is all about survivability and healing. Warrior may be the most straightforward, being concerned with kills and damage. Meanwhile, Trickster goals tend to involve the use of tricky abilities, such as illusions or traps. Each of those idols has its own color, which is used for the emote flair.

Some Eternal Milestones are relatively easy to reach, requiring nothing more than intuitive gameplay like killing Champions with attack abilities or traveling long distances with mobility enhancements. Others call for precision and timing, like using Singed’s Fling ability to throw enemy heroes into the space covered by his Mega Adhesive. Coaching may not go amiss if you desire to master the greater challenges quickly or to go for 100% completion.


Riot Games promised to release new Eternals every game season, along with adding changes to the system. At the time of this writing, the Series 2 meant for January 2021 has not been released yet. The nature of its Eternals is likewise unknown, though the developers have pledged to add more choices for each Champion.  Other improvements include a brand new exclusive emote and a self-explanatory Seasonal Best tweak. In the future, some of the abilities in the game are likely to exchange, potentially reworking the number of milestones necessary for future gains without affecting the milestone unlocks that are already reached). More drastic changes may result in Eternals leaving the game to become Legacy Eternals. Either way, this system represents the pinnacle when it comes to marking accomplishments in the MOBA, which alone is enough to motivate many players to compete for them.

6 min read 2021-02-28 06:07:00 131