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WotLK Classic Reputations Guide

Updated 11.04.2023 9 Mins to read Share
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WotLK Classic Reputations Guide

The WotLK expansion introduced multiple additional factions to WoW Classic. Players who manage to reach a sufficiently high standing with them can unlock a variety of WotLK Reputation rewards from factional vendors. However, improving any reputation can take a lot of effort, and their benefits are not of equal value to all adventurers. This WotLK Reputation Guide should help you figure out which groups to focus on and why.

Members of Alliance and Horde races are granted exclusive access to one overarching reputation each. Those factions function in practically identical ways. Each consists of four lesser groups that must be befriended separately, but provide no boons of their own (with a single exception). Raising standing with any among these sub-groups also raises standing with the larger coalition, while improving the latter directly helps with all groups. Attaining maximum reputation with one sub-faction is enough to climb to the halfway threshold with the overall group. Rep farming is done through quests for the sub-factions and by clearing Heroic dungeons sans any Championing Tabards for their larger group.

Alliance Vanguard

The first group is made up of the Valiance Expedition, Explorer’s League, The Frostborn, and Silver Covenant. Only the last sub-group sells its own unique rewards, namely two mounts, a companion, and a tabard at Exalted. Heroes can win their favor at the Argent Tournament, while other sub-factions provide quests in different zones. The overarching faction offers a number of items, but the main benefit comes from their high-end crafting recipes for Blacksmiths and Engineers, letting the latter construct a two-seat mount. Furthermore, adventurers may wish to befriend them to make riding skill training more affordable.

Horde Expedition

The Vanguard’s rivals form a perfect parallel in their structure. They consist of Warsong Offensive, The Hand of Vengeance, The Taunka, and Sunreavers, with the latter being a clear analog to the Silver Covenant. The benefits of working with the Horde counterpart are also largely the same except for names and appearances.

Several groups sell Championing Tabards that may be equipped to replace Alliance Vanguard/Horde Expedition reputation gains from Heroic dungeons with awards for the faction in question. The factions in question also offer missions and diverse benefits for their allies.

Argent Crusade

Standing with this righteous group may be improved by completing some quests found throughout Northrend, but using Tabards is still the most efficient method of farming it. Some of the finest pre-raid gear in this expansion comes from the Crusaders’ stock. Tanks in particular may be interested in their helmet enchantment, which remains unmatched even later in the endgame. They also provide invaluable recipes for Jewelers and Tailors, allowing the latter to produce a unique enchantment for leg pieces.

Kirin Tor

Mages enjoy a head start in winning this magic-oriented faction’s regard, starting at Friendly. In addition to the Tabards, NPCs in Dalaran offer a wide range of repeatable daily quests that help elevate one’s standing. Most of them are tied to professions and award Kirin Tor standing directly, but heroes may also pick up dungeon quests that can provide Commendation Badges for Kirin Tor, other Tabard factions, or Sons of Hodir. This faction offers solid pre-raid gear, as well as some great helmet enchantments and spellcaster robes. Jewelers and Tailors should not miss out on their recipes. The prized Kirin Tor Rings may be bought without allying with the group, but become much cheaper with its discount. 

Knights of the Ebon Blade

All player-controlled Death Knights belong to this grouping, rising to Friendly standing by the end of their intro. Other adventurers will need to catch up. Both can use quests in higher-level zones for that purpose as well as Tabards. Note that the Ice Crown questlines will require Northrend Flight. The Knights offer decent pre-raid items and some great endgame gear for heavily armored damage dealers and Shamans. Heroes specializing in Leatherworking, Jewelcrafting, and Tailoring can benefit from this reclusive group’s recipes. Tailors in particular can only learn to make the best soul bags from them, while Jewelers may be interested in a superb Mage Gem.

Wyrmrest Accord

Earning the trust of this draconic coalition can be done through dungeons and quests, mainly ones focused on the Dragonblight zone. They offer a few daily missions too. Most players probably seek out this reputation because of the exclusive fast-flying mount that may be purchased upon attaining Exalted standing. However, they also provide recipes for Tailors and Jewelers and numerous powerful items. Their selection of Epic pieces is especially outstanding, being on par with the plunder from endgame raids. Healers and DPS characters in particular should look into their offerings.

The natives of the Sholazar Basin are at odds with each other. Befriending either faction is possible after playing through a lengthy questline with a choice at the end. The faction that is not chosen immediately becomes hostile to the adventurer. However, players can “betray” their current allies to return to their rivals’ favor by repeating the last few quests. The choice to change sides may be made once a day, so the shift is not so difficult as in similar situations from earlier content. Nonetheless, players will still need to level up their new reputation from Honored after making the decision.

Frenzyheart Tribe

Those who side with the Frenzyhearts could purchase a variety of items including Jeweler recipes, consumables, and a trinket activated on kill. The latter is mostly useful for solo PvE activities. Their unique gimmick is the Disgusting Jar. Given a week, this item will ferment into one of five random items, including fairly commonplace potions, alcohol, and a Wolvar transformation toy. The latter is by far the most valued of their offerings, and fortunately, it is not difficult to get.

The Oracles

The Oracles are mostly symmetrical to the Frenzyhearts. They have their own Jeweler designs, food items, and a trinket that regenerates resources on kill. Additionally, players can get a Mysterious Egg, which hatches after a week. It must be said that this is a much more lucrative item than their rivals’ offering. The Egg can randomly produce an exclusive flying mount, a variety of pets, or a consumable. The chances of the former hatching are low, but the companions have also prized collectibles, while duplicates may be sold to other players.

Factions from this last set are particularly difficult to ally with, being almost exclusively reliant on rather inconvenient quests. Nonetheless, both may be worthwhile for players to farm due to the peculiar advantages they present.

Sons of Hodir

All adventurers start out as Hated by those giants, but their lengthy and involved questline gives them the opportunity to earn their favor. Afterward, heroes can augment their standing by completing further repeatable and storyline quests. The giants sell recipes for Jewelers, Tailors, and Leatherworkers, plus the best shoulder enchantments other than the ones that are exclusive for Scribes. Finally, they grant access to very fast mammoth land mounts, including a variant that could seat two passengers at once.


The Tusken offer several questlines and daily quests in all of their settlements, all of which are useful for befriending them. Additionally, players can get a small reputational award for taking part in their fishing tournament and a larger award if they win, together with other prizes. Since this group is encountered pretty early, their relatively weak equipment may still be worth getting for help in leveling. They also sell penguin pets and recipes for Jewelers, Tailors, and Leatherworkers, including handy containers. However, the main reason to befriend this faction is due to their exclusive fishing rod - one of the finest in the game, and the easiest to obtain among high-level items of this type.

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FAQ About WotLK Classic Reputations

How can I get Reputations in WotLK Classic?

Questing is the main method of improving one’s standing with any of the WotLK factions. On top of their own quests, daily dungeon quests from Dalaran grant players Commendation Badges that may be used for a fast and convenient rep boost with one of several groups. Additionally, certain groups allow adventurers to farm reputations by clearing Heroic or level 80 Normal dungeons (although the latter offer much smaller gains). Alliance Vanguard or Horde Expedition can be befriended in this way by default, but several other groups offer Tabards that players could put on to improve their reputations through such content instead.

Are reputations necessary for progress in WotLK Classic?

Although not strictly required to succeed, reputation rewards can be very useful. In particular, the likes of Argent Crusade provide best-in-slot equipment for earlier stages of the endgame, meaning that players who overlook them will be at a slight disadvantage. Reputations also provide exclusive crafting designs.

Which WotLK Classic reputations are the most useful?

That depends on character details such as classes and professions. For example, Death Knights and other physical damage dealers may find Knights of the Ebon Blade to be particularly worth befriending, while Kirin Tor has the best items to offer for spellcasters. Likewise, the main group factions are particularly rewarding for Engineers.

Which WotLK Classic reputation is the hardest to farm?

The Sons of Hodir may have the single most difficult reputation farming process because of its almost exclusive reliance on playing through lengthy questlines and a few somewhat complex regular tasks, often involving heavy traveling. The Kalu’ak requirements are not as steep, but they do not even benefit from Commendations.

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