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Dragonflight Renown Reputation Guide

Updated 11.04.2023 15 Mins to read Share
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Dragonflight Renown Reputation Guide

Dragonflight has reinvented the WoW reputation system. In this expansion, adventurers can simultaneously work on improving their Renown with four major factions, unlocking highly varied rewards at dozens of tiers. Several smaller groups offer unique mechanics and prizes of their own. Study this guide to learn how to befriend different factions and why it could be worth your while.

Renown is the mechanic used to track adventurers’ relationships with the leading factions of Dragon Isles. Each group has its own Renown track, but players can progress along all tracks at once, in contrast to Shadowlands where they had to choose between them. Those tracks are divided into 25 to 30 tiers. Whenever heroes earn 2,500 Reputation with one of these factions, they go up one tier with that group, obtaining new rewards. Reputation is earned by completing a variety of tasks tied to the new zones and instances. The Summary button by the minimap allows players to check their current status.

Renown Rewards

Although each Renown faction provides its own gifts, many of them are drawn from the same categories:

  • Cosmetic rewards such as titles, achievements, transmog skins, decorative clothing, pets, toys, mounts, and Dragonriding mount customization options;
  • Access to exclusive factional activities;
  • Upgrades and special equipment that assists in those activities;
  • Increased Dragon Isles Supplies drops from preferred sources, making it easier to afford goods from assorted Dragon Isles vendors;
  • Ability to play through certain factional and general storyline quests;
  • Knowledge points for certain currently active professions;
  • Permission to purchase unique gear and crafting recipes from quartermasters;
  • Primal Infusions (rare crafting reagents) at the end of each track;
  • Faction-specific Reputation gains bonuses for other heroes on the same account. Tier 10 gives a 100% bonus until the alt reaches that tier. Tier 20 gives a 200% bonus until Tier 10 and 100% until Tier 20.

As implied by the last point, Renown's progress is not account-wide. However, many of their rewards are a different matter. All cosmetics are available to every hero on the player’s account once purchased. Likewise, alts can immediately start taking part in activities that other adventurers belonging to the same player have already accessed. On the other hand, some activity upgrades will need to be earned anew. The most notable exception is that purchasable items or recipes that provide mechanical advantages in other parts of gameplay must be unlocked again by each hero.

Renown Farming

Similarly to their rewards, the tasks that grant Reputation with those groupings tend to come from the same few types:

  • Playing through the faction storyline and certain quests from the main campaign;
  • Completing World Quests throughout expansion zones. Those missions reset every week or two weeks. Faction-specific Contracts made by Scribes can be used to augment rep gains from this source. The recipes for those consumables become available at fairly high tiers, but they can also be bought at the Auction House;
  • Finishing weekly quests handed out by NPCs belonging to the group;
  • Taking part in the periodically-spawned events and repeatable activities connected to the faction;
  • Delivering specific items, usually found as part of the group’s exclusive activities or within instances. Activity tokens are particularly useful because they can be farmed without any restrictions;
  • Defeating rare monsters in the faction’s home zone.

Although the core mechanics of Renown progress are similar across groups, each faction provides its own highly distinctive gameplay experience. Their nuances, peculiarities, and exclusive activities are discussed below.

Dragonscale Expedition

The earliest faction encountered by visitors to Dragon Isles provides them with numerous unique exploration-themed advantages as they rise towards Renown 25:

  • Looting an increasing variety of additional containers found in the open world, and tools to aid in Treasure Hunting;
  • Access to Rock Climbing and Cataloguing World Quests;
  • Treasure Hunting, Rock Climbing, and Cataloguing talent tree progress are available with Dragon Isles Supplies and the Expedition Supply Kit;
  • Bombs that can be deployed to unblock caverns;
  • The ability to teleport between an increasing number of Ancient Waygates scattered across local ruins.

The Expedition is also notable for its selection of Skitterfly mounts, on top of the usual assortment of factional vendor goods.

Special means of raising Renown with this group include:

  • Turning in Dragon Isles Artifacts from the faction’s Treasure Hunting containers and Ancient Vault Artifacts from raid encounters;
  • Planting flags in high places;
  • Seeking out particular objects as part of Archivist Request missions;
  • Completing the Expedition’s unique World Quests.

Maruuk Centaur

The centaur faction’s 25 Renown ranks have several exclusive benefits to offer:

  • Participation in the Grand Hunts. Hunts are events that can take place anywhere in the Dragon Isles. Each Hunt moves from one location to another while active, giving eligible players in the zone a chance to complete six tasks. “Honorary centaurs” collect diminishing rewards from up to three Hunts per week, and minor spoils from subsequent involvement. Potential prizes include a mount from the first weekly hunt, gear, and hunting beast customizations;
  • Grand Hunt upgrades, including bonuses, blessings, and hunting beast companions. At Rank 23, personal bonuses can be applied outside of the Hunt. They are still restricted to the Dragon Isles outdoors;
  • Friendship with the nomadic Aylaag Clan. Their settlement moves every three days and gives out daily quests at each spot. Eventually, their friends receive a hearthstone equivalent for their current location.

Noteworthy items include a wide range of toys, such as a portable cookpot, a mobile mailbox, and clan pennants.

Raising Renown with this group is especially hard due to their combat focus and relatively sparse opportunities. Reputation farming methods specific to the centaurs include:

  • Seeing to individual tasks during Grand Hunts;
  • Turning in Centaur Hunting Trophies gained from Hunts, as Aylaag gifts, or as loot from rare monsters;
  • Running errands for the Aylaag camp.

Iskaara Tuskarr

The Tuskarr have a surprising wealth of benefits spread between their 30 Renown tiers, mainly focused on Fishing and Cooking:

  • Participation in Community Feasts. Those events occur every three and a half hours at the Tuskarr home village and revolve around making a delicious soup. Heroes have 15 minutes to perform assorted minor tasks that improve the soup’s Aroma. At the end of the event, guests receive an hour-long buff. While it is active, the guest and a nearby adventurer will receive healing and a brief Versatility bonus whenever they kill an enemy in the open world parts of the Dragon Isles;
  • Completing five tasks during a Community Feast fulfills the objective of a weekly quest. Rewards include Renown tokens for both Iskaara Tuskarr and the Dragonscale Expedition, gear, Cooking and other crafting reagents, and recipes;
  • If the soup Aroma reaches Legendary, heroes will get to fight a rare monster called Bisquius as the event’s culmination. Defeating it for the first time grants an achievement and a transmog. All kills also yield Cooking reagents. Heroes can only profit from this encounter once a day;
  • Fishing progression is wholly dependent on Iskaara Renown. The Tuskarr teach their guests to detect and interact with varied Fishing nodes throughout Dragon Isles. They also provide recipes for equipment needed to use some of those opportunities, such as Fishing Nets that can be left to collect catches at Fishing Holes. Eventually, their friends can also start finding Tackle Boxes with Dragon Isles Supplies, Gold, and other goods.

The Iskaara Tuskarr also offers diverse toys (from cookpots to sleds), Ottuk mounts, and wintery transmog skins.

While currying favor with the Iskaara Tuskarr can also take a while, players can lean on several sources:

  • Completing any Community Feast tasks grants reputation, with a bigger bonus attached to the weekly quest;
  • Delivering Sacred Tuskarr Totems also offers a reputation bump, but they are a comparatively rare kind of treasure;
  • Heroes who reached a sufficiently high tier have a chance to loot Story items from especially dangerous enemies in Dragon Isles zones and instances. Those items may be turned in for additional rep gain;
  • NPCs at Fishing Holes offer quests to catch particular types of fish. Turning in them once per week results in a major reputation award. Subsequent turn-ins before the reset result in smaller gains. The NPCs offer a handful of daily reputation quests as well. All those quests also improve the quality of Fishing Holes, which normally degrades with use. Quality determines the chance of better catches and whether nets can be used.

Valdrakken Accord

The final Renown faction has some choice offerings for those who climb up its 30 tiers:

  • Ability to participate in the Siege on Dragonbane Keep. This open-world endgame event resets every two hours and consists of five stages. During those stages, adventurers must complete combat tasks at and around Dragonbane Keep. Everyone in the fortress at the event’s conclusion receives Dragon Isles Supplies and Renown tokens for Valdrakken Accord and Dragonscale Expedition. The first weekly completion results in extra prizes like gear and the Primal Chaos reagent;
  • Access to Dragonriding World Quests and advanced Dragonriding race courses. The quests involve racing, gathering supplies, or exterminating bugs;
  • Extra Dragon Isles Supplies at some tiers.

Fittingly, the dragon faction has a particularly rich collection of customization options for all Dragonriding mounts. Other decorative items in its possession include banners for each chromatic Dragonflight and numerous civilian-style transmog skins.

Winning over the Accord is relatively easy. Heroes can do the following:

  • Complete repeatable quests connected to the Accord, including Dragonriding World Quests and some missions offered by sub-factions (see below);
  • Turn in Titan Relics. Those somewhat rare items will be found among other treasures after Rank 2. They are also a Siege reward;
  • Play through the Siege of Dragonbane Keep event. First weekly completion yields greater rep rewards.

The expansion also features a few other groups with their own mechanics and prizes. All of those groups could be considered as sub-factions of the Valdrakken Accord. Most of them let allies gain a reputation with this larger group as well.

Wrathion and Sabellian

The Black Dragonflight is represented by two reputations attached to its rival would-be leaders. Each reputation consists of six ranks, which grant access to assorted quartermaster goods:

  • Unique gear items;
  • Transmog skins for weapons and armor;
  • Dragonriding mount customization options;
  • Toys;
  • A battle pet.

Some items can be bought by heroes who have befriended either candidate, while others are exclusive to one reputation. For example, only Wrathion offers the Obsidian Proto-Whelp battle pet.

To unlock those reputations, the player must play through the Black Dragonflight plotline in the Waking Shores at least once. Afterward, other adventurers will be able to use the campaign skip mechanic instead. If this requirement is satisfied, heroes will gain access to Wrathion and Sabellian content upon leveling to 70. Reputation farming revolves around the weekly allegiance mechanic:

  • Each week, interested characters can choose to swear their loyalty to either Wrathion or Sabellian. They will then receive a quest to create a Restored Obsidian Key by harvesting components dropped by Elite Djaradin enemies. This key will be delivered to their chosen leader, providing a reputation with him and with Valdrakken Accord;
  • After delivering the first key, friends of Black Dragons could repeat the process, but deliver the key to Wrathion, Sabellian, or two other NPCs at the Obsidian Throne. Delivering keys to the leaders results in the same rewards as before. The other NPCs yield smaller reputation gains with both leaders;
  • Bringing 20 Keys to Wrathion or Sabellian, or 10 Keys to another NPC unlocks an event at the Obsidian Citadel. Each NPC has a unique event. Completing it by defeating all related foes results in further reputation gains with Wrathion, Sabellian, or both in case of the other NPCs’ events;
  • After swearing loyalty, heroes can speak with NPCs at the Obsidian Throne to pick up three quests associated with their chosen candidate and one from their rival every week. Turning them in raises standing with the appropriate faction.

Cobalt Assembly

The Cobalt Assembly is a Blue Dragon faction based in the Azure Span. Maximum level adventurers can unlock their interactions by playing through a short series of quests. Reputation with this gathering consists of five tiers. It can be raised by collecting Wild Arcana items dropped by enemies in the Cobalt Assembly area. While fighting there, heroes will also pick up Wild Arcana Orbs, letting them claim temporary powers useful for farming local enemies. Those who help the Blue Dragons reclaim this location are allowed to purchase a variety of items from factional traders:

  • Transmog skins;
  • Dragonriding mount customizations;
  • Unique recipes for Alchemists, Leatherworkers, Tailors, and Scribes;
  • Handy spec role-reinforcing rings;
  • Permanent Wild Arcana upgrades grant extra effects while fighting in this area. Those effects include an extra power choice, a reputation gain boost, and multiple combat bonuses.

Artisan’s Consortium

Making friends with the Consortium is indispensable for members of all professions. As heroes work their way up its five ranks, they gain access to assorted vendor goods:

  • Exclusive recipes for all crafting professions;
  • Consumables that increase Profession Knowledge (a hero can buy three for each profession);
  • Pentagold Seals: rare crafting reagents that become bound on pickup;
  • A tabard.

Many of these items are sold for Artisan’s Mettle, a resource earned while raising Profession Knowledge. Others are bought with Gold.

Appropriately enough, this reputation is improved by doing quests related to professions. That includes:

  • Relevant story quests, particularly at the Ruby Life Shrine and Valdrakken;
  • Weekly quests requiring crafters to execute two or three Crafting Orders. Note that orders can be placed by your alts. The missions are available once Specializations are unlocked. Rewards also include Valdrakken Accord's reputation;
  • Profession-specific weekly quests call for heroes to turn in items that can be made or harvested using their professional skills. Players can only get such missions for professions that are at level 50 or higher;
  • Repeatable quests that call for professionals to collect a certain amount of a specific reagent;
  • World Quests with an Artisan’s Consortium Contract.

Although reputation farming is easier than in previous installments, it remains one of the main sources of grind in WoW. Players who want to play with reputation rewards without spending hours of their life on repetitive tasks can turn to CakeBoost’s WoW Boost services for help. Our WoW Reputation Boost offerings cover all major and minor reputation factions in the World of Warcraft. Meanwhile, the WoW Renown Boost lets clients customize a service to reach any Renown tier with the big four. CakeBoost’s employees can devote the necessary playtime to complete any reputation grind before the ETA, using all known tricks to ensure fast, reliable results.


FAQ About Dragonflight Renown Reputation

How do you raise Renown in Dragonflight?

Players can grow their Renown with each of the four major factions by turning in certain items, playing through quests, defeating rare spawns in their territory, and participating in events. Quests that serve this purpose include repeatable World Quests, weekly missions, and one-time tasks acquired while exploring the zone. Each faction has its own Renown track, but in contrast to the previous expansion, players can befriend all four at once.

What is the fastest way to get Renown in Dragonflight?

Farming repeatable tasks is the most time-effective way of increasing Renown. The weekly quests offered by all factions are lucrative, but limited by resets. Reputation tokens can be farmed indefinitely and without pausing, but involve a greater grind. Plan ahead to maximize gains by simultaneously pursuing several tasks in the same area.

What is the best faction to farm in Dragonflight?

Each major faction supports different activities: exploration for the Dragonscale Expedition, hunting for Maruuk Centaur, fishing and cooking for the Iskaara Tuskarr, and treasure hunting and dragon racing for the Valdrakken Accord. As a result, the best faction for farming will vary based on the individual player’s interests in those activities or other bonuses they provide. That said, the Tuskarr might be the single most rewarding faction to befriend since they provide so many varied and fun prizes.

How do you grind Dragonscale rep?

Complete all repeatable World and faction quests, deliver Ancient Vault Artifacts from the Vault of the Incarnates raid, and turn in Dragon Isles Artifacts found in open-world sources. The latter method is the most efficient one, since it may be used repeatedly without waiting for resets. Disturbed Dirt mounds are the most lucrative source of artifacts. Optimal grinding involves farming them whenever possible.

How do you get rep with Wrathion in Dragonflight?

There is a Wrathion plotline in the campaign that must be completed to unlock this reputation. Alts can skip it by talking to Kalendormu. After leveling up fully, eligible adventurers may begin accepting weekly World Quests in which they must forge and deliver keys to Black Dragonflight NPCs. That is the main way of earning a reputation with either Wrathion or his rival Sabellian. After delivering the first key to either leader, players can bring in extra keys to other NPCs and pick up additional weekly reputation quests. Delivering enough keys unlocks special events that grant further opportunities to earn rep.

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