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Dragonflight Season 2 Release Date and Novelties

Updated 11.04.2023 14 Mins to read Share
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Dragonflight Season 2 Release Date and Novelties

World of Warcraft’s Patch 10.1 is going to arrive later this month. On top of the usual minor tweaks and fixes, it will include Embers of Neltharion, a major content update. Fans can look forward to novel locations and activities, not to mention the MMORPG’s newest raiding instance. Important mechanics such as upgrading have likewise been reworked. Patch 10.1 will also inaugurate Season 2 of WoW Dragonflight. PvE and PvP fans alike could compete for new prizes. The former will also get to explore refreshed Mythic Plus content. Read on to learn all we know about this WoW update so far!

Unfortunately, we do not yet know Patch 10.1’s release date. Yet it is possible to guess approximately when the update may arrive. Blizzard’s previously-revealed 2023 roadmap places it between spring and summer. Since its content entered the Public Test Realm in March, prior experience suggests the patch may arrive at some point in May. Season Two will begin at the same time and should last until fall. The developers will no doubt reveal the launch date closer to the event.

The bulk of this update’s content is situated in a previously-concealed zone called Zaralek Cavern. It may be entered through a freshly-added breach in the Cascades Canyon of the Ohn’ahran Plains. Within, adventurers will find a sprawling and eerily beautiful subterranean domain inhabited by a variety of denizens. Primalists and Zaqali Djaradin are active in the region, posing a major threat. There are also friendlier creatures, such as the Drogbar (previously seen on Broken Isles) and the Niffen. The latter is a newly-revealed race of mole people who share a couple of settlements with the former. Factions from the surface have established forward bases from which adventurers can operate.

There will be no shortage of work for heroes in the caves. The expansion’s main plot continues in the Embers of Neltharion campaign, which should lead adventurers to the update’s raiding instance. Subterranean natives will have special sidequests to offer. Adventurers can take on multiple varieties of World Quests. Multiple rare foes are scattered throughout the tunnels. Gatherers may harvest resources from several new types of nodes. Players in general could earn many prizes while adventuring down there, including awesome Black Dragonflight-themed weaponry and armor. Another local reward is the Crystal Snail mount, given for completing a minor quest.

The aforementioned Niffen will have its own fully-fledged Renown faction. Public Test Realm players report that their Renown track currently goes up to 20. It is safe to assume that progress on this will be rewarded with cosmetics, recipes, and special goods from vendors. As with other Renown factions, the Niffen grant access to unique activities. Adventurers can befriend individual mole people and seek out secrets in Zaralek Cavern with their assistance. The twist is that Niffen navigates by smell rather than sight, so players will need to figure out what smells correspond to the treasures they want to find. Once there, explorers can expect to fight guardians or solve puzzles before claiming their prizes.

Additionally, data-miners have found signs of high Renown levels for original factions. It would not be surprising if Renown caps are increased eventually. That was the case in Shadowlands. Moreover, additional sources of reputation gains will be added to the patch. We do not know if this extension will occur in this update or later, though.

Developers did not neglect the original Dragon Isles zones in this update. Locales in the  Azure Span and Ohn’ahran Plains will be subjected to Fyrakk Assaults. The Primalist Fyrakk will rampage and burn the land, creating opportunities exploited by his allies. During those repeating assault-style events, heroes will be charged with completing various tasks in addition to looting enemy Suffusion Camps. They will be opposed by foes ranging from regular mobs to bosses. Different camps will have varying defenses and tasks. Rewards from this pursuit include reputation and assorted loot, such as Suffused equipment and currencies used in the upgrade system (see below).

Meanwhile, dedicated questers may pursue newly-implemented side stories. One will continue and perhaps resolve the Tyr plotline. Another concern is Blue Dragons, most of whom have been conspicuous by their absence in the Dragon Isles until now. Kalecgos and Sindragosa are among the figures involved in this plotline.

Players shall not need to unlock Dragonriding flight in Zaralek Cavern. The transportation option may be used from the outset, letting explorers fly through the vast cave network. They could also participate in Dragonriding races on several new courses. Eight new Dragon Glyphs may be found in the caves. After collecting them, players will be able to acquire and upgrade the novel Ground Skimming trait. This talent lets fliers regenerate Vigor by flying close to the ground. At some point in their adventures, riders will unlock a fifth drake type, Winding Slitherdrake. Just like the other “core” mounts, this long-necked reptile could be modified with dozens of customization options.

The developers plan to roll out a unified upgrade system covering most Season Two drops:

  • Items that drop from exploration, Mythic Plus instances, and most raid difficulties could be upgraded using this system. Mythic raid, crafted, and PvP gear could not, with the latter retaining its existing upgrade system. Season One and older items are likewise unaffected;
  • All usual item upgrade vendors in different settlements enable players to receive these upgrades;
  • The system uses upgrade levels. Each such level is tied to a specific ilvl, skipping several in between. Players must pay for each level increase individually, but can apply several increases at once;
  • An item’s maximum ilvl and the number of times it must be upgraded to reach it is determined by its initial ilvl. For example, an item that dropped to 376 may be raised to 398 after seven upgrades. A higher-level drop will be needed to progress further. No item may be upgraded above ilvl 441;
  • Upgrades are fuelled by two resources: Flightstones and Shadowflame Crests;
  • Most activities yield some quantity of Flightstones, from open-world looting and repeatable quests to running instances. There is no Flightstone cap. Flightstones are always needed for upgrades;
  • There are four types of Crests, each tied to a specific grade of content. Crests also drop from a wide range of activities, but the type is determined by its difficulty and the usual ilvl of drops. Each sort of Crest has an individual cap, which starts at ten and grows by ten each week. A Crest of the appropriate type is required to upgrade items at particular ilvl ranges, starting at ilvl 402;
  • Adventurers will receive significant discounts when upgrading items for slots where they already have higher-ilvl bound items;
  • Valor is now obsolete. The Mythic Plus Score and related wards remain. However, they no longer affect upgrades. The Valor gain bonus given for raising Mythic Plus Score in a run is retained for Flightstones.
  • The system is experimental, and may or may not be retained after Season Two.

Crests are actually reagents and have an alternative use in the crafting system. Primal Chaos is now obsolete, with Season One ilvl gear only requiring Sparks of Ingenuity as a reagent. More advanced equipment needs the new Sparks of Shadowflame. The best-crafted items need both Sparks of Shadowflame and Enchanted Crests. The latter is made by Enchanters using regular crest and several other ingredients. Those Enchanted Crests still come in different types. The maximum ilvl for crafted items is 444.

Enabling players to cooperate across factional boundaries has been a major development priority for nearly a year. In 2022, Alliance and Horde characters were allowed to group up for a wide range of activities. Now, the developers took the next much-discussed step by enabling guilds. It appears that those guilds will still be tied to one faction or the other, but they will admit members from the opposing side. The leader’s affiliation will decide that of the guild. Members could use guilds to assemble parties for any crossplay-eligible content. Cross-faction guilds can contend for guild achievements on equal terms. The language barrier will presumably be lifted for guild members.

Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible will be WoW’s new ultimate raiding instance, containing the toughest challenges and the finest prizes. The usual three full-run difficulties will arrive simultaneously a week after Dragonflight’s Season Two release date. LFR wings will presumably be released over the next few weeks. Aberrus is set inside Neltharion’s ancient research facility in Zaralek Cavern, overran by his twisted creations and invaded by sworn foes of the Dragonflights. The raid consists of nine boss encounters, including two council fights and a run-in with an “Echo of Neltharion”. Sarkareth, the rogue Dracthyr commander, seems to be the final foe.

If Public Test Realm data is to be trusted, basic ilvls of loot from this instance are 402 (LFR), 415 (Normal), 428 (Heroic), and 441 (Mythic). It is unclear whether the tier system used in the Vault of the Incarnates has been retained. In addition to standard equipment, players could obtain some Very Rare items, notably three powerful class-oriented trinkets. Each of these items gives powerful buffs for several classes, though they are balanced by drawbacks. The spoils also include brand-new tier pieces for all classes. The developers are faiting. already shared the current versions of set bonuses for those items adjusted later in development. Finally, raiders will collect the usual assortment of achievements and other prizes.

As before, the seasonal rotation of Mythic Plus instances contains four Dragonflight and four vintage instances:

  • Brackenhide Hollow;
  • Halls of Infusion;
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr;
  • Neltharus;
  • Freehold;
  • The Underrot;
  • Vortex Pinnacle;
  • Neltharion’s Lair.

Timers for those instances range from 30 to 40 minutes. Uldaman is among the longest. Curiously, while the Thundering seasonal affix is going away, it seems like there will be no replacement. According to a developer interview, no affix will be added at Keystone 10. The same source states that Keystone 7 affixes may be revised. That aside, the season will include the usual achievement and title rewards. Gear ilvl from dungeons can go up to 433 at Keystone 20, with ilvl 447 prizes in the Weekly Chest.

The new PvP season will likewise introduce refreshed variants of the usual rewards. The latest Vicious mount is the Vicious War Snail. Both factions will receive a bright red mollusk in gladiator-style armor, with only the flag and saddle colorations being different. The seasonal Gladiator title name is still unknown. However, fans already found the Gladiator freebie: a fancy fire-themed skin for the Winding Slitherdrake. Gear ilvls now go up to 434. Quartermasters in Valdrakken will sell reagents that could produce gear with superior ilvls in PvP. 

The most intriguing class development concerns Evokers. Datamining has revealed strong evidence for them receiving a third specialization. Specifically, files suggest a new questline in which the spec will be unlocked and tutorialized. Further details in the files mention the characters “boosting” their allies, fueling speculation about a ranged support spec. Such a specialization would be the first of its kind, as other support classes have been a melee. Either way, the introduction of a new spec is bound to shake up WoW’s meta.

There are many less dramatic changes in the works, such as:

  • Critical Strikes are being nerfed from 175 to 150%;
  • Crowd Control ability durations in PvP getting reduced across the board;
  • Shadow Priests undergoing an overhaul to make them easier to play;
  • Numerous PvP talents for all classes were returned or replaced with fresh ones;
  • Assorted minor tweaks for specific spells and arguments.

Of course, such mechanical facts are particularly likely to change in development.

Quality of life improvements and other tweaks in this update include:

  • Heirlooms may be upgraded to level 70, enabling wielders to use them for Dragon Isles leveling;
  • New cosmetic glyphs have been added to let Daemon Hunters and Warriors throw their actual weapons with the appropriate abilities;
  • Like Dracthyr with their Visages, Worgen may automatically return to human form once out of combat;
  • Talent arrangements can be Shared in chat;
  • Extended interface customization options are available, including minimap resizing;
  • Chat may be disabled in options;
  • Numerous aesthetic interface improvements shall be introduced.

WoW: Dragonflight’s patch 10.1 is going to be the expansion’s largest update yet. Its wealth of added features can be overwhelming, especially for busier players. CakeBoost’s WoW Boost services can help customers stay on top of the MMORPG’s growing content in a number of ways:

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