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Dragonflight: Season One - Keystone Achievements

Updated 01.02.2023 2 Mins to read Share
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Dragonflight: Season One - Keystone Achievements

World of Warcraft players can earn numerous rewards while running Mythic+ dungeons. In this article, we show what you need to get Mythic+ achievements and related prizes in the initial season of the Dragonflight expansion.

There are two sorts of Keystone awards in the game. One series of awards is updated on a seasonal basis, allowing players to keep earning them again along with fresh prizes. To unlock these awards and associated prizes, contenders must reach certain Mythic+ Rating thresholds:

  • Explorer: 750;
  • Conqueror: 1,500 (grants “The Thundering” epithet);
  • Master: 2,000 (grants the Hailstorm Armoredon ground ride);
  • Hero: 2,500 (grants special appearance effects for some of the tier set equipment from the newest raid).

Reaching those thresholds would require playing through Mythic+ instances and getting high scores. Superior Keystones and faster completions result in greater Rating gains, while taking too long may prevent them entirely, making it harder to get credit for the achievement you want.

Additionally, those who have not yet earned non-seasonal achievements for this activity may work on obtaining them at any time. Those awards come as the reward for playing through dungeons at certain Keystone Levels before the countdown ends. For instance, the “Keystone Master” achievement is unlocked by completing a Keystone Level 15 run. Once obtained, those achievements remain claimed for all future seasons.

Instead of grinding in tough and repetitive instances to secure elusive prizes, players could order CakeBoost’s WoW boost services to receive professional assistance.

How Does It Work?

  • Select the desired boost from our Dragonflight Boost catalog;
  • Check requirements, choose appropriate options and set EU/USA region before placing the order;
  • Validate purchase using the cart interface and send the payment using any of our recommended methods;
  • Discuss the schedule and other details with the staff;
  • Relax while our booster handles the order by piloting the chosen adventurer;
  • Follow the progress through status updates or optional free streaming.

What Will You Get?

The services we offer include Dragonflight Keystone Conqueror Boost, Dragonflight Keystone Master Boost, and Dragonflight Keystone Hero Boost, along with other useful options like Dragonflight Cheap Gold. Keystone services deliver both the desired achievements and various benefits from clearing Mythic+ instances, such as equipment and Valor Points.

FAQ About Keystone Achievements

What percent of players get Keystone Master?

As of this writing, 9% of Wowhead profiles had the latest seasonal Keystone Master achievement. The number may increase, but not by much, as earlier seasonal versions have not gone beyond 15%. The permanent Keystone Master is much more common at 36%.

What percentage of players have Keystone Hero?

 The latest Keystone Hero has been claimed by 2% of Wowhead profiles.

How hard is Keystone Hero?

It is extremely difficult, since earning it before next season would require repeated timed runs of high-level dungeons. Tougher content can let players earn it faster, but only if they do it perfectly. Bear in mind that the activity has become harder overall.

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