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Vault of the Incarnates Raid Overview

Updated 07.02.2023 5 Mins to read Share
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Vault of the Incarnates Raid Overview

The Vault of the Incarnates is the starting raid of WoW Dragonflight. Read our Vault of the Incarnates raid guide to learn the most important information about claiming rewards from this instance.

Accessing the Vault of the Incarnates

The instance entry is in the huge structure in the east of Thaldraszus. A flight master can be found nearby.

Cross-Faction Accessibility

Players belonging to different factions can put together a party for any variant of this instance from launch.

Mythic Hall of Fame Requirements

To earn a Hall of Fame position for the Mythic variant of this instance, a party would need to include a minimum of 16 members belonging to a single guild.

The Vault of the Incarnates boss order is flexible. The activity features eight encounters with bosses. After vanquishing the introductory foe, Eranog, players can decide what set of bosses to engage next. One path is home to Terros, Sennarth, and Kurog, whereas the second path features Primal Council, Dathea, and Diurna encounters. Getting past all of those opponents leaves the path to the endboss clear. See the Vault of the Incarnates dungeon journal for further information on those foes’ lore and abilities!

Adventurers could acquire a special mission in The Clutchwarren floor of this instance. After securing all special tokens from Diurna by beating her thrice, the heroes will acquire the ability to head on straight to her section from the area directly after Eranog on subsequent runs. This process must be carried out separately in each variant before the shortcut could be deployed in runs of that mode.

While a few possible drops like advanced crafting ingredients are still acquired as individual plunder, the bulk of the spoils from each run shall be distributed using an updated iteration of the Group Loot system. That means the users must gamble to decide which plundered item goes to which party member. They can declare Need on prizes their adventurers could feasilby benefit from to receive priority. Additionally, raid participants can now trade completely freely within the instanced area.  

The baseline Vault of the Incarnates item level ranges are determined chiefly by the variant being used:

  • Vault of the Incarnates Raid Finder Wings: 376-385;
  • Normal: 389-398;
  • Heroic: 402-411;
  • Mythic: 415-424.

The major encounters may be divided into three loot tiers. Eranog, Terros, Sennarth, and the Primal Council drop equipment on the lower limit of the range above. Dathea and Kurog raise that level by +6, while prizes from the two concluding encounters stand on the upper limit. For example, in the Mythic variant, Eranog would drop gear at 415, Kurog would have 421, and Raszageth spoils would stand at 424.

Victories over several major opponents can reward participants with peculiar Vault of the Incarnates drops that possess special properties and levels six or seven points above their usual plunder from the chosen difficulty:

  • Seal of Diurna’s Chosen: Ring dropped by Eranog that lets the wearer set targets of Fire attacks aflame;
  • Whispering Incarnate Icon: Trinket dropped by The Primal Council, which gives an Infusion bonus determined by the wielder’s current primary attribute. Furthermore, it randomly borrows the bonuses from nearby heroes with different Infusions;
  • Seal of Filial Duty: Ring dropped by Diurna, granting absorption after inflicting Fire damage;
  • Neltharax, Enemy of the Sky: Bow dropped by Raszageth, which gives the wielder attack speed buff stacks while they focus on a single target.

Epic bind-on-equip items can only be dropped by mini-bosses with names who may be fought throughout the floors. In the early days of this season, the Mythic variants of those drops would appear as bind-on-pickup instead.

All encounters except for Eranog, Terros, and The Primal Council have equal odds of yielding tokens that may be exchanged for Primalist Tier Set items. As with previous sets, wearing two or four items grants unique advantages tied to the wearer’s class specialization.

Other prizes from this instance include:

  • An exclusive Proto-Drake skin dropped by the endboss in any variant;
  • The latest Glory award, which comes with the Raging Magmammoth ground mount;
  • An exclusive title for raiders who receive an entry in the Hall of Fame;
  • An exclusive visual effect and progress towards the Deep Cuts From the Vault achievement for beating the endboss on Mythic;
  • Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge awards for beating the endboss before the next raid is released (in Heroic and Mythic variants, respectively);
  • The two required items for an Iskaara Trader’s Ottuk mount, dropped by Terros and Dathea, respectively.

Completing two, four, or six different encounters in Vault of the Incarnates in one week unlocks an additional prize option in the newest iteration of the Weekly Chest.

CakeBoost offers a range of Vault of the Incarnates Boost services. Our professional boosters can carry out full runs on any difficulty or provide help with individual encounters with options like the Raszageth Kill Boost. Everything will be done quickly, safely, and efficiently, delivering hassle-free plunder that would prove handy throughout the expansion’s endgame.


FAQ About Vault of the Incarnates Raid

What number of bosses bosses would my party face in VotI?

There is a total of eight major encounters in this instance, one among which features four major opponents working in tandem. Completing the Break a Few Eggs quest enables the player to skip most encounters except the first, seventh, and eighth, but it requires defeating a specific enemy three times first.

How many players do I need to run this raid?

Mythic raiding parties must consist of 20 heroes. Other variants can accommodate 10 to 30 players, but the enemies faced in the instance scale with each additional participant.

What are the differences in loot rules between this instance and similar ones in Shadowlands?

There have been several adjustments to the loot rules in this expansion that have been first showcased in its starting raid:

  • Individual Loot has been replaced by Group Loot for most items such as equipment, with tweaks introduced to reduce abuse of the Need option;
  • The limitations on exchanging items between party members within the instance have been removed;
  • BoE items are now only dropped by mini-bosses with names, rather than all non-boss opponents;
  • More encounters may drop the Tier Set currency (all except the initial three).
Can I run this instance more than once per week?

While players can repeat the instance as much as they want, they can only obtain loot from encounters they have not yet finished in this variant on that week. With the addition of Group Loot rules, that means a player who already defeated Raszageth on Mythic will not get to roll for loot from that Mythic encounter until the weekly reset. Also, the party may receive less loot as a whole if a sufficient number of its members has been locked out.

How many raids will WoW Dragonflight feature after this one?

Judging by the 2023 Dragonflight roadmap, it appears that we will see at least two more raids, as was the case in previous expansions. Players should remember to complete their temporarily-available Feats of Strength before then!

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