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WoW Trading Post Guide

Updated 24.03.2023 5 Mins to read Share
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WoW Trading Post Guide

The Trading Post is the retail World of Warcraft’s newest trade system, having been added to the game at the beginning of February 2023. It allows players to purchase exclusive cosmetic goods by spending a special currency that is easy to earn. While the system’s mechanics are pretty novel and raise a fair amount of questions, it does not require much effort to use. Read this guide to learn how to get goods from this new marketplace!

Trading Post vendors could now be found in Orgrimmar and Stormwind. When players log in for the first time since this feature was implemented, they will receive the introductory quest requiring them to speak to the Trading Post NPCs in their faction’s capital city and read the rules. Afterward, they will be free to make full use of this feature, which works as follows:

  • Adventurers can buy assorted cosmetic goods (including pets, mounts, and transmog pieces) from the vendors, paying in a unique Trader’s Tender currency;
  • Each item has its own price;
  • The roster of goods available for purchase is updated at the start of every month, removing some items and adding others. However, a player can choose to freeze a single item, making it remain available until they buy it, or freeze something else;
  • Items that have been removed from the current selection will reappear in future months;
  • When browsing the goods, the player can preview their adventurer’s appearance with any item;
  • Items may be refunded in full within two hours after their purchase.

The kind of goods sold at the Trading Post include items that could previously only be purchased with real-life money from the official store. Others are brand-new additions, including alternative appearances for popular items and differently-colored reskins of certain mounts. The complete catalog for February may be found in the official announcement. Some future rewards have been data mined here. While all of those items are purely decorative, many of them either are or will soon become highly-desirable collectibles, making this feature a boon for collectors.


Players receive the currency for this shop in several ways:

  • All Dragonflight owners receive 500 Tender as a one-time bonus upon logging in after the Trading Post’s first opening;
  • Completing the introductory quest provides another one-time bonus of 500 Tender;
  • Eligible players with active accounts that are under no penalty will receive 500 Tender at the start of each month or on the first date when they meet these requirements in that month
  • Adventurers can earn up to 500 additional Tender each month by completing tasks from the Traveler’s Log, a new section of the Adventurer Guide.

The last source bears examining in more detail. Tasks in the Log cover all bases, including:

  • Various activities related to current in-game events (such as Love is in the Air or Darkmoon Faire), from quests to simply using thematic emotes on given targets;
  • Completing a certain amount of Mythic Plus or leveling dungeon runs;
  • Killing unique bosses in raids;
  • Playing through ranked PvP matches;
  • Interacting with Dragonflight features like Dragon Isles World Quests, Dragonriding races, factional content, and the new crafting system;
  • Obtaining prizes through Fishing or using other professions;
  • Earn Gold by trading at the Auction House;
  • Assisting one’s fellow players;
  • Taking part in pet battles.

The exact tasks available will likewise change at the beginning of every month. All tasks offer different Tender awards, but either way, people will be able to hit the monthly cap by completing just a few of them. That means even casual players should not find it very difficult to earn maximum Tender every time. Likewise, players focused on one part of WoW’s content, such as dungeons, may not need to do anything else to hit their quota. Hitting the maximum of 2,000 Tender every month should be pretty simple, and that will be enough to buy much (though not all) of the stock. As a result, the system seems to be quite accessible to a wide range of users.


Reaching the cap by completing Traveler’s Log tasks will also grant an additional prize each month. For March, that prize is Darkmoon Harlequin's Bells Transmog. Reaching the cap in twelve different months grants a new achievement and the long-anticipated Night Elf Warden Armor transmog set. While truly enthusiastic players could complete the task within a year, the months do not have to be consecutive. Nonetheless, the steep requirement has produced an outcry among the community, so perhaps it will be changed later.


Logging in and completing a few tasks each month may sound simple, but real-life distractions can derail people’s plans, causing them to miss out on these rewards. Thanks to CakeBoost’s WoW Boost services, our clients do not have to worry about that scenario. Our boosters can log in and complete any Traveler’s Log activities that customers request, ensuring full rewards for each month. We can also help secure any other collectibles, giving clients access to the complete range of appearance customization options available in the MMORPG.


FAQ About the WoW Trading Post

What do I need to access the Trading Post and the Traveler’s Log?

The Trading Post is available by default for all players logging in after its introduction. They just need to complete a quick quest by interacting with a few NPCs and objects. The Traveler’s Log is accessed through the Adventurer Guide, and so requires leveling to 10 before it can be seen. Completing the quest unlocks its tab.

Where can I find the Trading Post vendors?

In Stormwind, the Trading Post may be found on the northern end of the Mage Quarter, near the Canals. The Orgrimmar Trading Post is placed in the Valley of Strength, next to Grommash Hold (the structure with class and Archaeology trainers). Both locations are marked by a new golden icon.

What do I need to receive my monthly Trader’s Tender income?

500 Tender is provided each month to all active players who are not currently under any kind of penalty. The Tender becomes available at the start of the month or on the first day of the month when the player’s account is active and not penalized. It must be retrieved from a special chest at the Trading Post. This monthly reward can only be claimed by one character per account. Additional Tender may be earned by completing tasks from the monthly Traveler’s Log list, which range from event participation to Mythic Plus runs.

How can I tell what items are currently on offer at the Trading Post?

Simply speak with the vendors in-game or check information sites. The starting catalog was shared in the official announcement. Available mounts, transmog items, and other goods will be updated at the start of each month, so check back around then.

Can I get refunds for items bought at the Trading Post?

Each purchase at the Trading Post should be refundable at 100% of its price if returned within two hours from the purchase. There have been a few problems with the system at the start, causing a temporary refund freeze. However, even collectibles purchased during the freeze should be eligible for refunds later according to the developers.

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