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Legendary items stand at the peak of World of Warcraft’s gear system, offering the most impressive advantages for taking on all end-game activities. In the latest expansion, they have received their most radical rework yet in the form of the Legendary crafting system. After leveling to 60, player characters can infiltrate Torghast, the Tower of the Damned, and assist a mysterious prisoner called Runecarver by retrieving his scattered Memories from all over the afterlife realms. Together with Soul Ash found elsewhere in the tower, Missives created by players with Inscription, and base items made with Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, or Tailoring, those Memories are then used to produce Legendary armor.

The specific role played by Memories in this process is to determine the newly forged armor piece’s Legendary Power. This is a unique bonus that typically involves a major upgrade for an existing ability, though it may also grant a stat boost or an entirely new power. Some Memories are available for all classes, but most can only be obtained by members of the appropriate class and are tied to their abilities. Among the latter, some will work for all class members, while others are exclusive to their respective specializations.

Legendary powers

All Legendary Powers offer a choice of two or three armor slots to which they may be attached, providing some measure of flexibility. However, you can only wear one piece of Legendary equipment at a time. Considering their game-changing potential, this is an understandable limitation, but it makes the choice even more consequential. Additionally, while some Memories may be acquired with relative ease, others require you to brave the deeper layers of Torghast, participate in the Castle Nathria raid, amass PvP currencies, or delve deep into dungeons. Before you go to the great effort necessary to empower yourself with a Legendary item, you should consider how well it would work with your class, build, and playstyle.

Death knight

Phearamones is a highly accessible Haste-boosting class Legendary that may help Death Knights regardless of their specialization, though it is less useful for those with the Blood spec. That said, Legendaries that play into specs tend to offer more formidable advantages than general ones, and Death Knights are no exception to this rule. Blood Death Knights can increase the Runic Power available to them with Bryndaor’s Might, significantly bolstering their build’s all-around strength with efficient use. Alternately, the extra diseases spawned by Superstrain can add up to major DPS gains. Koltira’s Favor increases damage against individual targets and can refund runes, making it a highly versatile Legendary for Frost Death Knights. Biting Cold is almost as good against solitary opponents while greatly increasing the knight’s area-of-effect capabilities. If you have the Unholy spec, your best bet is probably Frenzied Monstrosity with its well-rounded pet and owner damage enhancement, although Deadliest Coil offers the strongest single-target bonus.

Demon Hunter

Collective Anguish is probably the most versatile Legendary for a Demon Hunter of either specialization, providing occasional fire support from a representative of the opposite spec that can help you prevail in all kinds of activities. Chaos Theory offers the best boss-killing potential for the Havoc spec. Vengeance Demon Hunters enjoy a formidable defensive upgrade option in Fiery Soul. They can also employ Razelikh’s Defilement, ordinarily, a solid sigil-booster for control builds that also offers a greater bonus for the Elysian Decree ability granted by the Kyrians. If that combination is on the table, this Legendary becomes an obviously superior choice because of its great flexibility and enhanced damage under all circumstances.


Guardian Druids can choose The Natural Order’s Will with its considerable survivability benefits or a Ursoc’s Fury Remembered, which offers a versatile area-of-effect damage and protection combo. Apex Predator’s Craving can vastly increase a Feral Druid’s damage-dealing capability against individual enemies, making it perfect for taking on bosses in raids. Primordial Arcanic Pulsar and Balance of All Things give Balance Druids the greatest bonuses for taking out massing enemies or solitary opponents, respectively, although you will need to time their use carefully to ensure the best results. The vision of Unending Growth can provide Restoration Druids with an unmatched group healing capacity, although The Dark Titan’s Lesson provides more focused healing for a smaller set. Circle of Life and Death’s acceleration of damage and healing over time works well with any spec, though it is especially potent in combination with Feral’s bleeding effects.


Although Soulforge Embers tend to be rather finicky to use, its trap-centered area-of-effect attack is very efficient and can be extremely useful for all Hunters. Beast Mastery and Survival specs can gain the most from it. Although Rylakstalker’s Piercing Fangs is a little weaker, it is more straightforward in play and highly versatile, allowing Beast Mastery Hunters to use it instead without too much loss. Serpentstalker’s Trickery is the Marksmanship Hunter’s optimal choice for damaging a solitary target. That spec can also make good use of Surging Shots – a dependable power for dealing with multiple opponents that truly shines when combined with the Kyrian Covenant’s Resonating Arrow ability, which significantly improves its damage potential. Nesingwary’s Trapping Apparatus can feed Survival Hunters the Focus they need to sustain the timely use of their strongest attack abilities, resolving their typical resource starvation issue. However, they may also opt for Wildfire Cluster, which is among the most powerful area-of-effect Legendaries around.


Arcane Mages can exterminate droves of weakened enemies with Arcane Bombardment or support a sustained assault against fewer foes by drawing on Arcane Harmony. Temporal Warp gives the same specialization a major buff that can result in a massive increase in damage output if utilized at the right time and in conjunction with other buffs. Fire Mages can carry out spectacularly damaging attacks in rapid succession with Firestorm, though Fevered Incantation is close and offers more consistency. Slick Ice allows Frost Mages to overwhelm individual enemies using a series of Frostbolts, while Glacial Fragments can act as the backbone of a truly impressive area-of-effect attack.


Invoker’s Delight offers a remarkable combat advantage for any Monk, as its hefty post-summoning Haste boost creates a window for inflicting stupendous amounts of damage. In particular, it outshines all competitors for the Windwalker spec, regardless of the activity type or enemy number. Stormstout’s Last Keg gives Brewmaster Monks a massive area-of-effect bonus, while Charred Passions offers the single highest damage raise for engaging individual foes. Mistweaver Monks who are less focused on summoning will find Tear of Morning to be an obvious pick thanks to its remarkable party-healing potential.


Shock Barrier is the most versatile defensive Legendary for Holy Paladins, outcompeting more aggressive Legendaries on the strength of its sheer usefulness in all activity types. Protection Paladins can vastly improve their multi-target attacks with Bulwark of Righteous Fury, which raises damage in proportion to the number of enemies nearby. The Mad Paragon is a potent single-target choice for Retribution Paladins that becomes even more powerful if it could be deployed alongside the Venthyr Covenant’s Ashen Hallow ability. If they prefer to specialize in clearing away large groups of enemies, however, Tempest of the Lightbringer presents a better choice. Relentless Inquisitor provides a reliable stacking Haste bonus to all Paladin specs, though it works especially well with Protection.


Discipline Priests can streamline their resource use with Clarity of Mind or bolster both healing and damage with The Penitent One; both options can be very effective in a wide range of possible situations. In addition to its simplicity, Harmonious Apparatus’ cooldown cuts for Holy Words makes it a highly tempting option for Holy Priests, although Flash Concentration’s healing bonuses can be more impactful in the hands of a patient player. Eternal Call to the Void is probably the most versatile choice for Shadow Priests, greatly accelerating insanity generation. That said, they could also go with Talbadar’s Stratagem for consistently enhanced damage against individual enemies and extensive interactions with the Night Fae Covenant’s Fae Guardians.


Mark of the Master Assassin is a highly versatile Legendary for all Rogue specializations. It provides bursts of critical damage, which you can time for maximum effect. Although more narrowly tailored, Zoldyck Insignia generally outperforms this and all other alternatives for Assassination Rogues due to its extremely useful bonuses to timed damage on sufficiently injured opponents. Celerity empowers Adrenaline Rush with extra damage and possible automatic activations, giving Outlaw Rogues an easy and dependable increase to their killing power. Subtlety Rogues can strengthen their finishing moves – including the area-of-effect Black Powder – with Finality or concentrate on individual targets using Akaari’s Soul Fragment.


Elemental Shamans can decide between three mighty damage-bolstering Legendaries: Windspeaker’s Lava Resurgence, Echoes of Great Sundering, and Skybreaker’s Fiery Demise. While the former is the strongest Legendary for slaughtering individual targets, the latter two perform better against groups, with the last one revealing its full potential when many Flame Shocks are active at once. Doom Winds is the uncontested optimal choice for the Enhancement spec due to its universally useful effect and numerous potential talent interactions. Restoration Shamans can get a lot of mass healing mileage out of Primal Tide Core – even more so if they have access to the Necrolords’ Primordial Wave ability. However, Spiritwalker’s Tidal Totem could be handier during intense combat with its cooldown and mana cost reductions. Finally, Restoration specialists who want to go on the offensive can do so without failing in their healing duties with Chains of Devastation.


Relic of Demonic Synergy presents a well-rounded damage boost option for all Warlock specs. Likewise, Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning is universally useful for maintaining the presence of summoned demons necessary to get through most of the high-level content efficiently. Affliction Warlocks may prefer the focused individual opponent damage bonus of Malefic Wrath or the shard generation of Perpetual Agony of Azj’Aqir (enabling additional multi-target strikes through Malefic Rapture). Forces of the Horned Nightmare offers Demonology Warlocks a very simple but devastating effect – the occasional duplication of Hand of Gul’dan and its summoned imps. Destruction Warlocks may elect to concentrate on quickly burning away one or two targets using the Cinders of the Azj’Aqir.


All Warrior specs may win out from the extra abilities activated with the use of Bladestorm, Recklessness, or Avatar by Signet of Tormented Kings. However, its unpredictability could at times make it more hazardous than helpful. This is especially true for the Protection specialization, which rewards careful planning and control, but is much less of a problem as far as Arms Warriors are concerned. Nevertheless, Judgement of the Arbiter could be worth considering as a safer individual damage alternative for Arms. Deathmaker’s powerful debuff makes it an appealing alternative for Fury Warriors. Those who specialize in Protection, meanwhile, are likely to prefer either The Wall (with its accelerated defensive cooldowns) or Thunderlord (which similarly accelerates an area-of-effect debuff’s cooldown).


To summarize, the best Legendary is determined by many factors, including specialization, Covenants, combat roles, and activities. One result is that their meta is particularly likely to change with patches, since their utility may rise or fall with buffs or nerfs to variables they interact with, like other abilities and talents. Ultimately, while some Legendaries can give objectively superior results, the selection of Legendary Powers leaves a lot of room for subjective factors. Even Legendaries that did not make this list may seem very appealing if your preferred playstyle aligns with them – and it is always possible that they will become more useful later. While this guide may be a starting point, you should do your own research on the Legendaries with those points in mind.

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