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Best Professions For Earning Gold

Best Professions For Earning Gold
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World of Warcraft is famous for its elaborate player-driven economy. That means a lively exchange of resources among players through the auction house and other arrangements, supported by a rich assortment of productive activities. In the Shadowlands, this system has reached new heights with the implementation of Legendary crafting and the discovery of many new materials and recipes.

Whether you wish to participate in this economy or just want to buy an expensive mount, gold is the key. Although there are many ways to farm gold in the open world, professions remain one of the most viable paths to wealth. Even seemingly frivolous occupations such as Fishing can turn a profit by selling materials or consumables at the right time. However, some professions are much more efficient in this regard compared to others, whether due to their products being more in demand or because they are easier to farm. Read on to find out which professions are most rewarding and how an enterprising player may use them to turn a quick profit.

Primary Gathering Professions

The introduction of additional crafted items, most notably the base armor types used in Legendary crafting, has increased interest in professions like Blacksmithing and Leathercrafting. However, all of their creations require the raw materials provided by the gathering professions. It is easier to profit by selling those materials through the auction house, where they will always be in high demand for both trading crafters and those who make items for their own use.

The gathering is usually a trivial process, with the main difficulty stemming from the need to compete with other gatherers at the best farming spots. Herbalism and Mining may require you to go slightly out of the way to collect plants and ores, but they also find more buyers as there are more professions that use those materials. Skinning, on the other hand, may be done without deviating from your usual route as you kill monsters anywhere in the open world. However, their skins are cheaper due to higher supply and lower demand.


The expansion has made Enchanting much more useful by restoring its ability to enchant most armor slots. It also enchants some of the local materials to create improved versions used by Blacksmithing, Leathercrafting and Tailoring for their endgame products. Although those facts obviously make it lucrative, efficient use requires a more careful approach than the previous example. That is partly because of the way in which enchanters make their own materials by disenchanting enchanted items.

Ideally, you should monitor the marketplace and buy up your materials and enchanted items when they’re cheap. Then, you can produce Enchanting Vellums with your best enchantments and wait for when guilds are likely to gear up for raids. On most servers, that tends to be on Sunday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights. At that point, you will be able to sell vellums that they would use to enchant their cutting-edge gear for a major profit. Materials for other professions can be sold regularly to supplement this revenue.


Thanks to an assortment of unique products, Inscription has several avenues by which to turn a profit:

  • Darkmoon Decks or Cards to complete specific Decks. While not as lucrative as at the start of the expansion, those powerful trinkets remain popular and can therefore be sold at a profit;
  • Contracts used to grant Reputation bonuses when running quests for certain factions (such as the Ascended and the Court of Harvesters). Selling them is more rewarding early on, when more players are progressing, but they still open the niche of easing the reputation grind for new players or alts;
  • Vantus Runes, which increase Versatility when facing a specific raid boss, can be profitable on raid nights and especially shortly after the release of a new raid (so while Castle Nathria is largely played out in this regard, the Sanctum of Domination will present a great short-term opportunity);
  • Tomes and Codices of the Still Mind, which let players adjust their Talents and Soulbinds outside of rest areas. Unlike the earlier items, demand for those consumables is very consistent;
  • Missives, Optional Reagents which can guarantee the selection of one of four secondary stats in weapons or armor created by other professions, may be sold along with other crafting ingredients and remain in demand at all times;
  • Fae Revel Masques, cheap cosmetic items that are disproportionately popular on some roleplaying servers.


Last but not least, Alchemy remains a reliable source of income due to the wide range of consumables it provides. The standard health, mana, and stat-boosting potions and flasks have been joined by weapon-enhancing oils and more specialized utility potions. While you may find sellers for them at any time, keeping an eye on the market and player activities like guilds preparing to take on Mythic+ dungeons can reveal opportunities for greater profits.

On a daily basis, alchemists equipped with a Philosopher’s Stone can also transmute certain crafting materials, including Shadowghast Ingots used in advanced Blacksmithing. While slow, this method can provide some dependable supplemental revenue.

The venerable MMORPG continues to grow. Throughout its many-year history, added content has always shaken up the economy. With a major update on the way, there will soon be more things to buy – and more opportunities to sell. People will want to stock up on potions for the upcoming dungeon and raid, as well as try out extra Legendary powers. If you want to play a part in this scramble, now would be a good time to pick up one or two of those professions and hoard materials and currency for the big push ahead.

6 min read 2021-05-17 08:47:00 149