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PvP is the classic game mode that has accompanied WoW throughout history. This mode is attractive because players are not competing with AI, as in PvE, but are trying to prove their power over the same live player. PvP combat is less predictable due to the fact that the players are very different in contrast to the algorithms that control mobs in PvE.

In order to show a decent game level in PvP, you need to think over a lot of factors. You must not only be thorough in choosing the most suitable equipment and weapons, but you must also not only train for many hours, honing your skill in assessing the enemy and making the right decisions swiftly. At the moment, it's no secret to anyone that some classes have a certain advantage in PvP. Moreover: even within the framework of one advantageous class, there is such a specialization that is optimal for PvP. By playing for them, using their skills and specifics correctly, you can accelerate your progress up the PvP ladder.

In today's guide, we present a list of 8 classes that we believe have great PvP potential. We will explain why we think the specifics of the class are suitable, as well as tell about their special skills that are beneficial to use in PvP.
CakeBoost provides PvP Coaching services. Our course is developed according to the specifics of each client. You will receive an individual Coach and will not only be able to deepen your understanding of the PvP mechanics in general but also learn the features of a particular Class and Spec, get an understanding of how to properly develop a character for PvP, learn useful practical methods and skills.

It's no secret that the behavior of Melee and Casters in PvP battle is radically different. Therefore, we divided our top list into 2 groups: Melee and Casters. In each section, we'll give you a quick overview of the best classes and specializations, and at the end, we'll name the leader according to CakeBoost. In total, we will review 10 classes.

This list was compiled taking into account the latest changes in the latest beta patch this means a lot of what you see may be subject to change. Please note that sometimes specific specializations are balanced. However, the principles by which one should choose classes and specialization for PvP remains unchanged.

Best melee classes

4 place: fury warrior

This class is traditionally one of the most popular in PvP, and despite the fact that they have lost ground compared to the previous expansion, BfA, this class and specialization still perform very well in various PvE formats. In SL, however, they might get some beneficial skills back, such as Intervene Shattering Throw and even Ignore Pain to the warrior class as a whole and the return of the option to run with dual one-handed weapons again.

The main drawback of Fury Warrior, as before, remains low consistent damage. One of the most used and effective PvP talents in this specialization, Thirst For Battle, has disappeared; instead, there is Blood Rage, much weaker in comparison and lacking a mortal strike. Despite this, Fury is highly effective in both arena and BG and has many useful buffs that increase survival. Suitable for beginners, has practically no special development nuances. Makes mistakes when building.

3 place: demon hunter

Usually, this class was quite popular for PvP, but in SL the power of this class will be reduced compared to BfA - many players considered the significant bonuses of these characters to be practically unfair. Now this balance has leveled off. The reason we include Demon Hunters on this list is that by choosing the appropriate covenant and skillfully using the appropriate special skills, you can significantly increase your character's PvP potential. As you know, the weak aspects of Demon Hunters were weak positions in terms of damage and defense. It was a physically rather vulnerable class, the advantages of which were always the speed and number of attacks.

Nevertheless, if you think about developing your Demon Hunter for participation in PvP in advance and start making a number of decisions from the very beginning of the passage of SL Content, then, as the expansion develops, you will gain former strength, and your character will become just as deadly in PvP like your best BfA times.

In Sl, they have a Mortal strike attached to their flush in the form of a pvp talent. The main disadvantage of these characters is still vulnerability. In BfA, you could be killed by one accurate hit and were forced to dodge every attack. The additions of Cleansed By Flame and Mortal Rush + still having access to mana rift means that demon hunters have great potential, and the work you put into perfecting such a character's PvP potential will surely pay off over time. The complexity of this class is considered above average due to the many aspects that must be taken into account for competent development, so we do not recommend it for beginners. It is necessary to pay great attention to the correct development of Build.

2 place: arms warrior

In general, the Warrior class is quite popular both in general and for PvP in particular. However, Arms Warriors have always been favorites for PvP. Arms have a serious basic PvP kit of skills that are useful in battle, causing great damage; in SL, Arms not only were not nerfed but practically retained their positions. Moreover, it is likely that their potential as PvP fighters will only grow as the expansion develops. All cool Abilities remain Duel, Disarm, War Banner. Etc. In addition, we will also see the return of abilities that disappeared in BfA, such as Shattering Throne, which now works on shields as well.

These characters will benefit any team in a variety of PvP formats. They do good damage on a single target and are able to maintain attack pressure. Have a Mortal Strike effect. One of the main weaknesses of Arms is low mobility. In SL, this flaw has been fixed, now Arms have a new PvP talent Overwatch
Thus, this class will be a solid choice for PvP development. It needs careful attention to Build Development, but it is suitable for both experienced players and beginners due to its initially high PvP efficiency.

1 place: survival hunter

Survivals have received powerful new abilities in SL that significantly increase their potential. Overall, Survival is more suited to melee than Marksman. In the new expansion, Survivals can receive purges for using tranq shot and extra finishing power by firing kill shot, and this specification significantly surpasses Marksman.
Survivals also have the indispensable PvP ability to kite melees with steel trap, tracker's net and sticky tar. This specialization also works well when paired with a strong Caster: for example, the bundle's Survival + Shadow Priest and Survival + Subrogue perform best.

Difficulty mastering specialization: medium. Experience is required for the correct and timely use of skills. At the moment, the Survival Hunter has a lot of potentials and we can see his position strengthen further as the Expansion develops.

The best: sub rogue

Finally, we got to the best, in our opinion, set of class + specialization for PvP in SL. Sub rogue is the strongest PvP melee right now, even with the monstrous nerfs they've been exposed to. At first glance, these amendments seem insane: for example, their Legendary weapon was nerfed by 75%, so now their go-to legendary, Akari's Soul Fragment, now has a stat of 25 instead of the original 100. But even after that, Sub rogues are still mastering positions among melee both in the arena and in other PvP formats.

In addition to the already existing effective combat techniques, Subrogue will receive many interesting new abilities. For example, high control is bounded with absurd burst or poisons rupture. Joining the Kyrian Covenant will also provide some bonuses: you can enhance your already deadly attacks with shadow blades, which significantly increases the damage done.

This class and specialization are not suitable for beginners, as they require careful attention at every stage of character development for PvP. However, it is currently the best choice for PvP Melee at the moment, and will likely remain so for a long time.

Best casters

4 place: arcane mage

In BFA, this specialization was significantly inferior to the other two - Fire and Frost, however, apparently in SL Arcane Mages they will once again ascend to PvP Olympus.

The obvious advantages immediately include the temporal shield, which was preserved exclusively by this specialization of Mages. This increases their survivability compared to other Mages, which is very important in any PvP format.
Arcanes got the opportunity to inflict more significant damage and received an arsenal replenishment in the form of Fire Blast Frostbolt.

Arcanes can absorb Mana Gems, thus preventing Mana from depleting; the more mana you have at your disposal, the stronger the attacks you get.

The Arcanes also received a significant improvement to their mastery savant PvP talent: now it works with all available spells, and not just with Blast and Barrage, as before. A new PvP talent will also be added, enlightened: passive 7 damage increase with a sufficient supply of Mana, which is also not a problem for this spec if the traits are used correctly.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the Arcanes get some very powerful PvP Legendary weapons like Arcane Harmony, which increase their damage output, then multiply the damage done by Barrage Burst.

Thus, with good survivability potential and a powerful arsenal that allows for significant damage, Arcane Mage is a strong Caster for PvE and is very effective even against well-defended melee. Development difficulty - medium, recommended for players who already have experience in PvE Casting chars building.

3 place: shadow priest

Shadow Priest has great advantages for PvP right from the start. They have abilities that reflect a certain amount of incoming damage, which increases their survivability compared to other specs in this class.

Shadows have incredible instant cc from Psychic Horror and Fear Silence, which have already proven themselves to be powerful tools.

Shadows have defensive abilities and can also deal a lot of burst damage.
A special advantage of this class is that the player can choose Covenant relatively freely, and regardless of his choice, there are talents and skills in each of these organizations that can be used to their advantage in any PvP format. This class is suitable for beginners.

2 place: marksmanship hunter

This is the second time this class has entered our top list, however, if in the case of Melee Survivals they perform better, then in the case of Casters Marksman definitely has an advantage. In case you join a Kyrian covenant, you will get the Resonating Arrow Covenant ability, which allows Marksman to ignore line of sight. Combining their incredibly high burst, great instant cc + new ability to go through the line of sight makes them a really strong addition to any PvP team and adapted to any format.

Difficulty: Medium. Combat mechanics can be difficult to learn, and build is fairly straightforward. Consider the benefits that will be given when joining Kyrian covenant.

1 place: elemental shaman

These characters deal with the HIGHEST DAMAGE of all Casters featured here. In SL, this was achieved through a new PvP Talent - echoing shock, as well as making One Shot, which in combination turns out to be an effective and very destructive attack.

One-Shot combines newly buffed ascendants with the control of lava PvP talent, you can also complement this combination by joining the necrolord covenant and learning a special skill. With all of this, you can make devastating attacks, casting a primordial wave followed by lava bursts.

Previously, the Elemental of these shamans has been criticized for being of little use and not dealing significant damage; now, compared to previous versions of this spec in SL in the context of PvP, Elemental has better disruption and survivability and also deals much more burst damage, which significantly increases its utility.
Difficulty: with careful attention to the development of the build, it can be suitable for beginners.

The best: affliction warlock

Finally, we got to the first position of our list: we consider AW the best PvP Casters Class + Spec. Their main flaws were always being slightly frail, having global bloat and being countered too heavily by dispel. In SL, these and some other shortcomings have been compensated for. Also, AW received useful buffs, which can significantly affect the balance of power in PvP.

The biggest Buff is the new PvP talent Rapid Contagion, which grants AW a very impactful burst on top of their high consistent pressure. Also, an important change is a buff to fix the dispel flaw, this heavily punishes healers who are consistently dispelling you. This does not mean that you no longer have to lose all Dots immediately after you apply them.

Finally, it's worth noting that AWS can now use Howl Of Terror as an INSTANT cast.
All this allows AW to be effective PvP fighters not only against other strong Casters but also against Melee. Difficulty - Medium: Recommended for players who already have experience in developing PvP Caster build.


Based on the foregoing, even without further immersion in the truly inexhaustible topic of PvP, we can conclude that the choice of class and character specification can predetermine the player's behavior in pvp, as well as increase the chances of success.

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