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Allied races have become an integral part of the game world: almost the entire expansion of "Battle for Azeroth" has been infused with the addition of new allied races, coupled with a ton of new content. Players spent a lot of time and energy in order to persuade new allies to their side, enlist their support and make an attempt to shift the balance of power in favor of the Horde or the Alliance. In SL, Allied Races will also be present, however, there are some nuances that have changed. Despite this, Allied races remain accessible and important to the game, so the efforts you put into during BFA were definitely not in vain! Basically, the changes will make it easier to unlock races, change the requirements for obtaining traditional armor and introduce some new options appearance settings. This article lists all the changes that occurred to Allied Races in SL.

Beginners level

Since the maximum level in SL dropped to 60, while in BFA the max level was 120. Therefore, now the characters of the Allied races start the game not at the usual 20th, but at the 10th level. After the Allied Race characters begin their journey, they can travel to any of the 8 expansions with the help of the Chromie NPC. This is a great opportunity to experience old add-ons in a “new skin” and feel the content a little differently while getting a bit of nostalgia.

Changing getting access

Gaining access to allied races in Shadowlands has been noticeably easier compared to BfA. If during the previous expansion players had to achieve a certain level of reputation with the corresponding faction for a long time and persistently, now you just have to go through the questline of the corresponding location, after the completion of which you receive a special achievement that opens access to character creation of Allied Race.

Heritage armor

Previously, players had to take part in challenging activities in order to become the owner of the Heritage Armor set. Now characters of allied races will receive such a set immediately after reaching level 50.

And here, too, the developers followed the lead of the players who wanted more variety for their characters. Players now have more freedom in choosing the appearance of representatives of the Allied Races. There are a lot of changes that will definitely find a positive response among the audience. First, now characters of any race and gender can be bald. Most of the changes will go to Void Elves, which will take over the skin tones and some of the other appearance options from the Blood Elves and will receive many new eye colors. Zandalari jewelry will be divided into several separate categories, such as piercings, ear jewelry and necklaces, so players can use several of these items at the same time. The properties of Highmountain Tauren tattoos will be divided into several separate categories, which will allow for more detailed customization of their appearance, and the characters themselves will receive new ear jewelry.

The Mechagnome skin options will be split into several distinct categories, and they will also receive skin tones that are available to regular gnomes. Draenei will be able to change the tentacles on the face regardless of the face itself.

Vulperas will also get new eye colors, and they will also be able to choose the texture of the skin. Mag'Har Orcs will also receive new eye colors, as well as accessories like Orc-like earrings, nose piercings and necklaces, and fang jewelry. Nightborne will also receive new earrings.


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