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Covenants of SL are 4 different organizations that share spheres of influence in the afterlife. There are 5 zones in total in SL. Maw is a kind of buffer between the other four and is a neutral territory, not influenced by any Covenant. Influence on the other 4 zones is divided between 4 organizations (Covenants): Kyrians in Bastion, Night Fae in Ardenweald, Necrolords in Maldraxxus and finally Venthyrs in Revendreth. Each of them is unique, differs not only in aesthetics but also in-game mechanics, as well as in many nuances.

After the player reaches the maximum level 60, he can choose one of the four presented Covenants. This choice will greatly affect the further development of the game, so you need to make it consciously, weighing all the pros and cons. You should not choose blindly, it is better to listen to your own desires, conduct information preparation and make a choice in accordance with your personal preferences. Despite the fact that Covenant can be changed, if you suddenly change your mind, it is better to do everything in order to immediately choose exactly what you need and not waste time making up for a lost time.

In order to make an informed choice, you need to take into account many details and nuances. In this guide, CakeBoost tells you what to look for when choosing your path, what information to learn. By matching the findings with individual preferences, you have a complete picture, which will reduce the risk of error. Therefore, our top advice is to think about choosing Covenant in advance to protect yourself from wasting time in the future.

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How to choose covenant

So, after your character gets to level 50, you get into SL. As you level up your character from 50 Lvl to a max 60, you will consistently go through all 4 zones and learn some details about the philosophy, history and characteristics of each of the Covenants.

What is the difference between Covenants besides lore and external aesthetics? Each Covenant has its own Class and Signature ability, unique Soulbinds, different Zones, different Campaigns and key characters, various Weekly events and of course specific Mounts and Armor Sets. They also differ in their playing style and philosophy.

As you progress through the story and approach the maximum level, you will have the opportunity to test some of the Covenants' skills. Our advice is to make the most of them understand your attitude towards them. They act as testers through which you can gauge how well a particular Covenant's playstyle suits you.

If you want to know more about how the 50-60 leveling process works, as well as read a brief description of Covenants, check out our WoW SL 50-60 Leveling Guide By Cakeboost.

When choosing a further path, we recommend focusing on three aspects. By understanding your attitudes towards each point in correlation with each of the Covenants presented, you can get a comprehensive picture of the benefits that each of the four organizations will give you.

Abilities and soulbinds

The most important thing is, of course, skills and talents. Each Covenant has 2 types of skills: Class and Signature Covenant Abilities. Class abilities vary depending on the class of your character, while the Signature is universal for all members of the organization. However, it should be borne in mind that regardless of the possibility of the class specification, different Covenants are more or less suitable for certain classes and specializations. For example, many skills provide benefits that may be meaningless to your character, since he already has a similar bonus; at the same time, on the contrary, some skills may turn out to be so inconsistent with the game mechanics of your character that it is not worth making a choice in favor of them: for example, if they go against your playing style and your usual role. At the same time, you can discover new possibilities that will make your character more versatile; or it is possible that the Class ability is perfect for you, while the Signature is completely useless.

That is why we strongly recommend testing the skills that you will receive during 50-60 leveling as actively as possible. This will help you get a preliminary idea of ​​the opportunities each of the Covenants provides you.

In addition to abilities, when joining Covenant, the player gains access to Soulbinds, which are mini talent trees. You can get information about them on the Internet and form an opinion about their usefulness for yourself. Think about the specific benefits that this can give you and how you can use these benefits in PvP and PvE.

As you explore abilities and Soulbinds and find the right balance, ask yourself these questions: How beneficial will it be for my character's development? What new opportunities does this open up for me? What is the opinion of other players of the same class and role? How satisfying do I find my experience with the test abilities?


Each zone is unique, with style, atmosphere, architecture, aesthetics and more. Since you will have to spend a large amount of time in your Covenant's Zone, it makes sense to consider how much you like the Zone, since being in a location that is not interesting and unpleasant for you can significantly reduce your motivation for development. This is where you will run campaigns, Weekly events and take part in various other activities.

Also, each Covenant and, accordingly, each zone has different key characters who died during the previous expansion, BfA. If you have a special sympathy for one of them and would like to follow the development of his story, then you should be by his side, on his side.

It is possible that you will be faced with a difficult choice between the optimal set of Abilities and Soulbinds and a more pleasant location. This is not an easy choice, but in this case, you need to proceed from your own priorities and decide which is more important to you: combat mechanics or aesthetics and atmosphere.

Mounts and armor sets

These elements are mostly cosmetic, but this does not mean that they are not important. You constantly see your character on the screen, so how he looks and what he moves on is very important for the player's sense of self. Besides, we all want to realize ourselves through the prism of our character, right? :)

Cosmetic aspects such as Mounts or Armor may not seem overwhelming, so we've put them at the bottom of the list; however, they are an important factor for many players. Each Covenant has its own unique Mounts and Armor Sets, so this aspect is also worth considering before making your choice.

Last but not least

Final tip: don't neglect the gaming community experience! No matter how cool you are, there is always someone cooler and more experienced in WoW than you. The gaming community is very communicative, and many players spare no effort and time to express their opinions, collect different opinions together, analyze and discuss them. The experience of players, especially those who participated in the Alpha and Beta, can shed light on many nuances and aspects. You can find the experience and opinions of players exactly by their class and build. Also, you can form your opinion on the development of the various Campaigns of each of the Covenants by studying the experience of players who have advanced further in the Covenant storyline than you.



Let's repeat the main advice: we recommend conducting information preparation in order to make an informed decision. Of course, even if you take into account all aspects, you are not insured against the fact that in the future you want to switch to another Covenant, but preliminary data collection, deliberation, balancing and questioning will help you increase the chances of choosing the Covenant that suits you best.

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