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Here we are going to describe the most effective way to acquire Grateful Offering. That currency is necessary if you want to buy armor, cloaks, or various collectibles, like transmogs, mounts. It is also a great way to get the Chronicle of Lost Memories, and as a result, some Legendary power that has not yet managed to obtain it. This currency may look easy to gather but still will require some investment in the Anima Conductor if you are planning on maximizing the effectiveness of farming, though it is possible to succeed even without that.


The main way to increase your number of Grateful Offerings in possession is through getting new stages of Anima Conductor. In this case, the player is able to get the needed currency from dailies and other similar activities. At the first Tier, you can get up to 8 Grateful Offerings every day by slaying 4 Enemy Champions. At the next one, it is possible to acquire up to 9 almost every day from two Dailies and one World Quest. The final Tier provides an opportunity to earn the needed currency from killing Powerful Foes rewarding you with 3 Offerings. But there are some complications. You can get your loot only once a day from a Foe or a Champion, though it is not necessary to be the summoner of the mob.

That being said, you do not need to invest in Conductor at all if that is not something you wish to do. You can just stick to the slaying of all Champions daily, farming 8 Offerings each time. You do not necessarily need level 60, but the Champions will be level 61 in any case, so it will be safer if you take some time to level-up beforehand.

This farming will be quite an easy PvE activity compared to raids or dungeons, though. Champions are quite regular mobs that you will not need to summon and do not belong to any Covenant. Powerful Foes will give some trouble and only the summoner will be able to get the most out of the encounter.

Goods for Grateful Offerings

Usually, any items and gear that require the Offerings also will need another currency like Reservoir Anima or other similar, or some reputation-related things. The vendors you will need to visit will be Quartermasters that focus on your Renown and Reputation as well as those selling your Covenant's Armor.

The special place among these items takes Chronicle of Lost Memories that can result in significant improvement of your character’s powers. The Legendary power you can get leads to the fact that you will not have to go to as many dungeons and raids for the same purpose. But if you decided previously not to spend your time on Conductor, you will have to upgrade it to the second Tier to be able to get this power. Also, 1 Chronicle would not be enough, you will have to gather 35 of each copy.

To get access to other goods for Offerings you will have to visit your Covenant, though Ardenweald's vendor is a bit different as you do not need a high reputation only with the Court to get the right to obtain the items. Cloak, Weapon, and Armor Transmogs can be bought from any Renown Quartermasters but you need a certain level or Renown. There is also a choice of some special transmog for each fraction.

There is also a wide range of other collectibles available for purchase. Mounts beside Offerings will also require Anima. Some of them can be dropped from very rare mobs with extremely low drop rates, so if you wish to cut the work on this, you might just use your Offerings. Also, each Covenant can provide you with a unique battle pet for the same currency.



High-damaging weapons and protective armor will be of good use in this continuous farming. CakeBoost can offer you help in various aspects of WoW Shadowlands. If you have any problems with achieving high results in the game you might also want to consider Coaching services that will make your adventures in WoW much more fun.

4 min read 2021-02-26 06:08:00 0