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Sire Denathrius is the most interesting and challenging Boss of the whole Castle Nathria (CN) Raid. He has interesting and varied combat mechanics, has many different effective skills, so a fight with him will become a serious challenge even for a team of experienced players.

The boss fight takes place in 3 Phases with Intermission after the first. The second phase begins after the Boss's HP drops to 70%, the third begins after reaching 40% HP. Each of the phases is different from the previous one and requires a special approach. Thus, the battle with this Boss will be a real test of attentiveness, the ability to quickly adapt to a changing situation, and also requires well-coordinated teamwork.

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Phase 1

This is the easiest phase of the battle with simple combat mechanics, but you need to act quickly and not delay.

At the very beginning of the phase, each member of your squad receives 5 Burden of Sin Debuffs, which stack. This debuff interacts with some of the Boss skills. This will be discussed below.

The first boss ability you have to deal with prevents tanks from kiting him: if you are too far away, he teleports you closer to him, thus not succumbing to the provocation to change his position.

Also, during the first phase, you will have to deal with Ghostly Images, which attack random players. You can understand that you have come under their attack if you find your character in the center of the urkg, and a beam will be directed at him like a laser. After 6 seconds after being targeted, it will fire a powerful shot along the trajectory of the beam, the crown from which will most likely be lethal, especially for supports. In addition, each shot heals the Boss.

How to counter this? In order to protect the player marked with bu Ghostly Images, squad members can get in the path of the beam, however, please note that you should not hit the crosshairs of the two beams, as this will most likely kill you. In order for all players to receive as little damage as possible and in order to increase the chances of survival for those players who have fallen into the circle, it is necessary that as many players as possible be on the path of the trajectory of each ray.

Kada Boss reaches 100% energy, Blade in the middle of the room casts a powerful frontal cone covering 1/3 of the room and causing huge damage to all characters within the radius of the position. After the attack, the floor of the room in the affected sector will be covered with a substance (goo), which deals with minor damage but makes you immune to incoming healing, which significantly increases your risks of being able to do it. The first blow will be directed towards the Boss, however, the sectors do not overlap, and the subsequent blow will strike a new space, so after the third hit, the entire room will be covered with goo. Avoid touching it carefully! Thus, players need to move into the next phase of the battle (lowering the Boss's HP to 70%) before Blade can land the third hit.

Now let's talk about an important aspect related to the Debuffs that you received at the beginning of the phase. We already mentioned that it interacts with some of the boss's skills. For example, one of them, Blood Price, is expressed in the fact that the Boss lifts players into the air and throws them to the edges of the room. Here we come to an interesting nuance that requires your close attention: The more players have the same burden of sin as you, the more the damage will be. Therefore, you need to make sure that the number of Debuffs for each player is as diverse as possible. How to do it? There is a way to remove 1 Debuff: for this, your character must be affected by Denathrius's Cleansing sin frontal cone, which deals damage but relieves you of one Burden of Sin. Note that after every even impact, the Boss casts Blood Price. In order to achieve the maximum variety of the number of stacks, we recommend dividing the squad into 2 groups, one of which will receive an even, and the second - an odd number of cleansing effects. So, you can reduce the damage done by Blood Price. Each hit with a Cleansing cone summons 1 Add, which must be quickly eliminated.

After the Boss's HP drops to 70%, the first phase ends and you move on to a short intermission.


Instantly after reaching 70% HP, the Boss picks up all squad members and knocks them back to the edge of the room. After that, your characters cannot use their skills, and their movement speed is reduced by 20% for each Sin Stack they have. The purpose of the intermission is simple: you need to get to the Boss (center of the room) before the cast is over. If you succeed, you get rid of all Debuffs and you survive. In order to have a chance to move to the next phase, your character must have a maximum of 2-3 Sin Stack, otherwise, your speed will simply not be enough to get to the Boss.

After the end of Cast, you'll fall through the floor into the final room. Players who do not get rid of Stacks will die instantly.

Phase 2

The second phase boils down to using the red mirrors that are located around the periphery of the room, as well as evading the deadly ability called Hand of Destruction.

Denathrius now fights with his sword, which is mostly taken care of by the tank. In order to survive, the tank must take care of being attacked by EITHER the Boss OR his sword, as the simultaneous effects of both are most likely to be lethal to him. The sword delivers powerful blows.

The DPS should focus on attacking the Boss, however, the damage you inflict on his Sword will also be taken over by the Boss.

From time to time, the Sword will mark three random players (you will recognize this as you find yourself in the center of the circle). After he has marked three members of the squad, he will teleport to each of them in turn, inflicting a significant level and leaving some Goo on the floor. Players who find themselves the target of such an attack should move to the edges of the room as soon as possible so that the Goo puddles remain where players are not walking. Conversely, players who are not hit should move closer to the Sword.

As in phase 1, the boss will periodically teleport to the TANK if he attempts to kite him, however, this is now more dangerous as Sire Denathrius carries a sword.

Upon reaching 100% Energy Sword casts an ability called Massacre. You will learn about its beginning, how the whole room will be penetrated by beams similar to lasers. It is necessary to dodge the indicated trajectories since a bunch of sabers will fly along with them, causing monstrous damage. If you get in their way, you will die instantly, leaving behind only a puddle of goo on the floor. Thus, you need to move quickly and clearly. Keep a close eye on the energy level of the Sword!

During phase 2, you need to deal with Kabala Stads: these are Adds causing ticking damage. 2 of them will spawn near the boss, 2 on the main platform and 2 more on each side. The damage done by them is not so terrible, but you need to deal with them as quickly as possible for two reasons: firstly, at the end of the battle, even a small amount of HP can be significant, and we will talk about the second reason below, as it becomes important in the final part of the current phase (or, more precisely, at the beginning of the next).

In order to kill Kabala Stads, you need to bring them under the influence of the Boss Frontal cone Ability Wracking Pain, which is usually directed against the tank: it deals huge damage, inflicts Debuff, and also increases any incoming damage by 1.5 times for 24 seconds. Kabala Stads affected by it die. However, be careful: at the moment of death, they emit swirlies towards the players, which will knock you back. Be sure to dodge them! Otherwise, you may fall off the platform, causing immediate death.

Finally, the most destructive ability you will have to deal with during this phase is called Hand of Distraction. Denathrius creates an Image add (holographic projection of itself) that attracts players, and after 6 seconds after the start of the action, a powerful explosion occurs. The damage you take is inversely proportional to the distance to ground zero at the moment of the explosion. There are two ways to reduce the damage done by this cast. The first is to run in the opposite direction, as far from Image Add as possible. The second is more interesting: on the periphery of the room, you will find red mirrors. Upon entering them, you are teleported to the opposite wall with the same mirror, so we strongly recommend using mirrors for avoiding the Hand of Distraction.

After the Boss's HP drops to 40%, the first phase ends and you move on to the final part of the battle, Phase 3.

Phase 3

This phase is the most intense, which is especially difficult in light of the fact that the previous one was also difficult and required a speed of reaction. Remember we talked about killing all Kabala Stads before Phase 3 starts? Immediately after it started, Kabala Stads is pulled to the center of the room, and for each of them who were not killed, all characters in the squad receive -15% to the effectiveness of incoming healing. This can significantly reduce your chances of winning, especially if you made mistakes during the previous Phases.

Once started, the entire room will be surrounded by an Indignation Goo ring, so you can no longer use Mirrors. It also causes high ticking damage.

Sire Denathrius continues to use Hand of Destruction, but now the situation is complicated by the fact that the mirrors are out of range and you cannot use them, so you need to use a different tactic: try to keep the boss closer to the edge of the room so that when he casts Hand of Destruction you have the ability to run a greater distance.

Also during this phase, Denathrius will use the most powerful abilities in its arsenal:

Fatal Finesse debuffs a random player, dealing splash damage to anyone within 9 yards. Also, using this skill summons a Smoldering Ire Orb. To reduce the risk of death for a character that has been tagged, other players can enter the affected area to split the damage. Stay close to each other so you don't have to run after the Smoldering Ire Orb.

Shattering Pain are 3 individual hits that target Tank. After that, a blow to all the players in the squad occurs, which cannot be avoided: this blow, like a blast wave, throws you away from the Boss. Care must be taken to ensure that at the moment when this happens, you are between the Boss and the center of the room: otherwise, you will be thrown onto Goo or you will be thrown off the platform.

After the Boss has 100% energy, an Image add appears in the center. He has two possible attacks: either he casts Massacre from Phase 2, which requires quick evasion from a cloud of flying swords, or Ravage from Phase 1, which covers a third of the room with each hit. After each such attack, the area available for battle will be reduced. The most important thing is to finish the fight before the third strike occurs, otherwise, you will have to start all over again.



This Boss is a worthy opponent with a bunch of different mechanics and tactics. The fight with him will become intense even for a squad of experienced players. There are many nuances to be taken into account, and also to remain alert throughout the fight, since the slightest wrong move can cost the life or even victory of the entire squad! However, it is this tension that makes Sire Denathrius such an interesting contender that will be exciting to fight many times.

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