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SL provided players with 5 Main Factions: The Ascended, Court of Harvesters, The Undying Army, The Wild Hunt, The Avowed, and Ve'nari. Gaining a high reputation with each can become both a challenging and yet profitable task. Their traders offer you to buy items that need a specified level that gives you an opportunity to acquire different types of collectibles, including pets, mounts, or tabards, or things you can put to good use on a daily basis, like some legendary recipes or gear.

Gaining the needed level of reputation with 4 of these Fractions is quite a repetitive task that has many in common features. It is not that simple with The Avowed and with Ve'nari you will have to be mindful of several special features.

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Main fractions

For these 4 Fractions world quests in their assigned zones award you with needed points for the corresponding Faction that is located there. Tasks of this type of quest will lead you to defeat some rare, elite, or significant amount of normal mobs, in some rare cases you will have to do your best to win a pet battle. A small boost to your reputation here can be provided by Contracts. You can get 10 more points for world guests with Contracts with a specific fraction. Another factor concerning this type of Quest is the Event Bonus that gets you a 50% bonus reputation.

Another constant way of gaining reputation is represented in Weekly Quests and Callings. Each week you have an opportunity to complete 2 weekly quests and gain 1000 points with the chosen Fraction. The task here is harder as you will have to go through dungeons with the aim of getting a specific item for the quest. Each day you can also complete Callings in the fraction’s zone for 1500 points each.

While storyline quests do not often provide you with reputation, the case with side quests is different. So if you want to both enjoy the story and gain some reputation, optional quests can help you with that.

Darkmoon Faire also provides you with a 10% boost buff to your earned reputation in the duration of 1 hour.


Ve'nari is a faction that consists of one NPC in The Maw. In this case, you will work with a system of Trust instead of the regular and more common reputation. 

During all time spent in the Maw, players must be mindful of the debuff The Eye of the Jailer that gets even worse for the activities in any way providing any number of reputation points, like the slaying of certain mobs and completing various quests. The level of danger is divided into 5 tiers, each consequently even more dangerous than the previous. When you gain the final tier debuff it is wise to leave the Maw till the next day when the debuff resets. Ways to get a reputation:

  • Unlike the case with the previous fraction here you have an option of dealing with the repetitive dailies and weeklies. Every day you can get quests in various spots in the corresponding map and they grant you 75 points, at the same time you get 50% to the tear of the Eye of the Jailer. Ve'nari provides you with 2 quests each week that award you with 850 points, you also get the next tier of the debuff.
  • Another way of earning the points is through the event Wrath of the Jailer, but it can be quite challenging due to the fact that you must face very strong elites. It can only be completed once every week and awards you with 250 points and significant progression of the debuff. In this case, you have to arrive at the area where the event takes place and slay mobs until they manage to complete the objective. When this is done they will face a very powerful lieutenant that can give a real challenge.
  • Another way of gaining a reputation is through providing Ve'nari with various Maw lore items, 22 in total. Each can get you from 100 to 150 points based on the rarity. These items drop from various enemies, so you will have to get back to the monotonous work of searching for and defeating any Maw Events or Rares when you finish all the previous tasks. Defeating Rares also awards you with from 80 to 100 reputation points, depending on their strength. Special encounters award you with 40 points and in this case, you need to manage to defeat the elites. All this work ends at the moment you achieve the max tier of debuff until the next day.


On the whole, the task will make you face a lot of repetitive routine work and in some cases, you will need a powerful squad due to the fact that the game can provide a real challenge of your abilities and skills even in this aspect. In some cases, you have to consider the specifics of both fractions and the location to get the best and most useful items along the way.

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5 min read 2021-02-03 00:25:00 0