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The Mage Tower Challenge 9.1.5 Guide

The Mage Tower Challenge 9.1.5 Guide
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WoW Mage Tower Challenge is back! If you find yourself wondering what is the Mage Tower challenge, it is a collection of solo class-based encounters that first appeared temporarily during WoW Legion. Players could complete those scenarios to acquire exclusive cosmetics. Now, as the premier Legion Timewalking event of the 9.1.5 update begins, this opportunity has reappeared, bringing novel twists together with extra prizes. Early feedback suggests considerably tougher fights than before. Fortunately, CakeBoost’s WoW Carry Services can ensure that your adventurers shall not miss out on anything. Continue reading and discover how to do Mage Tower challenge, plus what CakeBoost can do to help!

How to Start Mage Tower Challenge

The Timewalking Mage Tower will be around in 07.12-21.12 this year and as part of all subsequent Legion Timewalkings. On such occasions, daring adventurers could undergo this trial after visiting the Mage Tower 9.1.5 location. It should be trivial to discover where is the Mage Tower challenge launch point, as it remains unchanged since its debut. Fortunately, the earlier prerequisites such as construction tasks have been removed. Simply head for Deliverance Point in the Broken Isles and step inside to speak with the NPC in charge. Your hero must attain level 50 at minimum to take part in this event. If underleveled, CakeBoost’s powerleveling carry enables adventurers to catch up without delays.


List of Challenges, Abilities/Gear in Mage Tower

The exact tasks adventurers must undertake are determined by their current class specialization:

  • Closing the Eye (AWarr, FDK, HDH, SH, SR);
  • An Impossible Foe (ES, FD, FirMa, FWarr, OR, UDK);
  • The God-Queen's Fury (AMa, AR, DWarl, ES, RPa);
  • Feltotem's Fall (BMH, DW, DPr, WMo);
  • The Highlord's Return (BDK, BMo, GD, PPa, PWarr, VDH);
  • End of the Risen Threat (HPr, HPa, MMo, RD, RS);
  • Thwarting the Twins (AWarl, BD, FroM, MH, SPr).

Successfully fulfilling any quest shall yield Mage Tower appearances Shadowlands. Though inspired by a vintage class-specific equipment set associated with the zone, those armor skins are completely fresh and distinctive. They can be “painted over” any other gear by means of transmogrification. Finishing further challenges with other types of heroes is necessary to claim account-wide achievements, along with other prizes like an animated spellbook mount.

However, earning those signs of distinction will not be easy. Each encounter features dangerous bosses wielding complex mechanics that must be overcome alone. Furthermore, you shall be forced to do so while dealing with numerous restrictions on both abilities and equipment:

  • Statistics for equipment above ilvl 50 are downscaled and fixed at that cut-off point;
  • Legendary items from Shadowlands, Legion, Warlords of Draenor, and Mists of Panderia are disabled along with their abilities and effects;
  • Any advantages from completed tier sets do not apply;
  • Your character’s abilities, statistics, etc. are downscaled to level 45;
  • Shadowlands features (Covenant spells, Soulbind talents, Conduits, socketable jewels obtained in the latest raid) are blocked;
  • Everything connected to Azerite is blocked.

Mage Tower Challenge for Every Class

The trials heroes face in the Mage Tower vary strongly based on their classes by design, even when they are up against the same bosses:

  • Priests must go beyond their specialization’s focus and use their entire skillset to compensate for lacking teammates;
  • Hunters must outlast their bosses without any allies to hide behind;
  • Shamans need to wield all their powers to overcome a variety of complex combat scenarios;
  • Demon Hunters have to counter several synchronized mechanics in each of their two challenges;
  • Death Knights need to turn the tables on enemies that threaten them in several ways at once;
  • Rogues have to outmanoeuvre and defeat superior numbers;
  • Mages must suppress multiple strong enemies with careful timing;
  • Monks are up against the ultimate tanking and/or crowd control test;
  • Paladins must use all their abilities in conjunction to overcome tricky mechanics;
  • Warlocks must apply their full kit to contend with several bosses at once;
  • Warriors must deploy careful positioning and cleverly timed tactics to defeat enemies that might easily move out of their reach;
  • Druids can face up to four such scenarios, all of which test the capacity for counteracting complex enemy mechanics.

Whichever sort of adventurer embarks upon this task, a tough battle is guaranteed. The dangers here call for participants to adjust to solo gameplay, demonstrating a thorough understanding and control over their entire powerset. Collecting full Mage Tower rewards before they are removed again until next time could very well require more effort than some are willing to commit. In such a case, CakeBoost has player needs covered thanks to our WoW Timewalking Boost offerings. Whether you desire to seize prizes from one, several, or the full collection of encounters, our boosters will deliver this result swiftly if you purchase Mage Tower Challenge Boost at cheap price from our site.

5 min read 2021-12-20 10:37:00 0